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Hey, it looks like your inbox is full. Are you still interested in Tsuyu?
12 days ago
hello! hindi po ako maka reply kasi full na po inbox mo, waiting pa po ako reply ng philpost if how much yung shipping :) pwede ko po e order si tanjiro pero next week pa po arrival.
18 days ago
Hey, ya you messaged me about her earlier, and sorry she's been sold.
18 days ago
Hello! I saw your post about tanjiro final selection version. I can help you get him for 80-81USD, I can send proof that his around that price until Nov 18 only
18 days ago
Hi there, you're looking for Tanjiro final selection ver. Nendoroid right? He's still available!
Your inbox seems full I can't send you messages
21 days ago
sefarix asuna appreciator
Thanks for the comment - you're a great seller!
1 month ago
Awww thank youuuu and right back atcha! (∿ˆ◡ˆ)∿・✲゚*。
2 months ago
MattyRoshi Weak to Enuma Elish
Thank you for the positive review - I appreciate the kind words (and your business!)

Looks like everything arrived fast and safe. Happy to hear that... I hope you enjoy the nendos!
2 months ago
Thanks for the comment, enjoy your nendoroid!
3 months ago
Thanks for leaving a review! I'm glad Genos arrived safely :)
3 months ago
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