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Thanks for linking that tutorial! The result looks really nice, I might use it in the future. :) Saved it for now.

That specific figure is that someone (from the USA probably?) hired a Chinese sculptor to design/make the prototype and it's getting made in Chinese factories without any involvement from the license holders. So yeah most people call it an 'original bootleg' as it's not a copy of an existing bootleg, but it's still a bootleg nevertheless. What I'm surprised about is that unless my eyes are deceiving me, she is wearing no panties and will be full on naked when looked at from the back??

I think that miniature Rem is not in the database, but this should be the manufacturer: ENTRY #182875 .
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I'm curious what exactly you will do to strengthen/change those sidebars of the detolf? Do you have a tutorial from someone else or pictures?

The glass itself in Detolfs is quite strong in my idea, I had shelves on which multiple coldcasts were standing fine. But if I were to ever plunge into 1/4 hell I think I would still play it safe and put them on the bottom shelf. ^^''

Well, there are quite a lot of talented Chinese sculptors and if they work together with high quality manufacturers (or have teams of people semi-handmaking them), the results can be pretty nice. Still, I personally stay away from them because next to the original makers not getting anything for their license, there is a lot of mystery and not much health/safety checking in producing those items so they could be harmful/toxic.

You mean this one?


It doesn't look very much different than the quality of most of her price figures from what I see in this picture. Unless they're passing it off and asking for the price of a scaled? :P

The linked one from Yahoo! is actually not that bad considering the tiny size of the miniature. :) I think it's pretty cute. And I'm looking forward to the pics of your finished Rem kit! :)
4 days ago
I used to be really into buying random merch, but I'm not really certain how and why I want to do it from now on. I dropped the idea of wanting/making itabags. I am still thinking about making display boards, but I am not sure if I would even want to display such things. Maybe I should just rid myself of small goods...need to think about it some more. Anyways, the figure collection always comes first. :) And yeah, I think every collector wants more than they can afford. I have quite a bunch of figures on my wishlist that could buy you 4-5 normal priced figures, so I doubt if I will ever get to a point where I have those figures as well.

You are specifically talking about detolfs? Those have the issue of the glass not completely overlapping on the bars and a shifted glass shelf could be an issue for items dropping down.

The one on eBay you linked is not the one you were talking about that you have bought, right? With the eBay ones they are unlicensed Chinese statues (so not allowed in the database). About the ones that are getting build for you: that is nice! I have multiple rare ones that I wanted to commission someone to build for me as well, but I have decided to brush up my own GK skills and maybe paint them myself in a couple more years. :)
7 days ago
Rem has a huge following, especially in Japan, so as long as people keep on buying, they will keep on making... :P Do you also plan on buying all her merch next to her figures and statues?

You are keeping up with a lot of characters though, you're super dedicated! :D Even if I had the money I wouldn't have the time to do that. :P I can barely keep up with all the merchandise announcements everywhere. :P

I'm also curious to how really heavy that 1/1 will be. Maybe she can't stand on an average glass shelf? It's one of my worries when I get the Tanya and/or Exodia busts. Probably going to have to put them in the bottom of my detolf as that is a wooden bottom.

Sounds interesting! I added quite some things on this website and can see where I can help. If you can drop me here or through PM as much info, pictures and text you have about it, I can see if it's enough to make an entry here or do some more research. :) Curious what kind of Rem it is~ You also paint GK's yourself or new to the hobby?
9 days ago
I'm looking forward to how that one turns out. :) I currently have two busts myself where I'm excitedly waiting on more info about them: ITEM #806156 & ITEM #862136 .

With her prize figures, a lot of them are nice ideas, but indeed lacking in quality. A separate cabinet or space for them would be better to keep them separated from the premium figures. :) How will you display the 1/1 by the way? I assume she won't fit in most regular display cabinets.

I think ITEM #929486 is impressive, although I don't like the shoes. :x I'm sure she will look amazing on display, though! And looking forward to your new shrine pictures! :)
12 days ago
In general I have a tough time with figures being very much over $100 (unless it's some kind of special statue or material). >.< But that Remilia looks so cool~

And yeah your devotion to Rem is impressive! The collecting never stops with such an character. ;) Which Rem figure is your favorite? :)
14 days ago
Cool! I always really liked that outfit and it looks good on you! :D Have also been thinking about getting the figure in that outfit, but the price is so high, it's holding me back. :( I see you own it, you think the figure is worth her price?
16 days ago
Nice looking icon! I assume that is you in cosplay? :)
19 days ago
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