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Selling entire collection PM if interested in anything.
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Fantastic seller (seriously best seller on the site), was always transparent, fair, and communicative. Highly recommend for anybody, you will have a great experience!
20 days ago
Amazing buying experience. He was very supportive and showed me the ropes. I got my figure authentic for a great price. 10/10
20 days ago
Such an amazing person to work with and purchase from, very helpful and kind with their figures and will make your day a good one! Bought the Ikaros-4-Leaves-1/6 scale figure and I would highly recommended this user for any future business. Thank you!
27 days ago
Thanks man!
3 months ago
Happy birthday bro!
9 months ago
Your inbox is full.
10 months ago
Scrimshaw is a pleasure to work with and purchase from! Highly recommended! Thanks for all the figs.
11 months ago
Bought Phat Company Jack the Ripper from Scrimshaw came in great condition, Amazing person to work with highly reccomended thanks a lot!
1 year ago
Hello there,

I see that you have the Konjiki no Yami Gift Plush and was wondering if you're interested in selling or trading the item with me. I have been looking for that item for almost a year now, and it would genuinely mean the world to me.

I am willing to pay high prices and trade rare merchandises from any franchises for her, it doesn't have to be what I have on MFC.

I see that your inbox is full so I decided to leave a comment instead.

Thank you very much,
A Fellow Yami Fan
1 year ago
Amb ....?!
Happy Birthday friend!

Stay inside where it's safe. There's political correctness, electric scooters and neckbeards everywhere *shudder*
1 year ago
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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