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Happy birthday friend \o/
2 months ago
Kurumi44 Simp for the wifus
Happy Birthday!!! :)
2 months ago
Hey! Your inbox is full so I can't reply to you... Feel free to contact me again when it's freed up or contact me on Discord! toshki#0222 :D
2 months ago
Hi again! I was actually sad yesterday until my grail finally got re-released! ITEM #586507 Going to have my own philosophy thought haha. It seems like that Kotobukiya Lillie is my silver lining.

I'm planning to apply for Costco. However, I can't go there without a license. My other job in mind is the SeaTac airport. That would be a big leap in my life since I'm settling in a city far far away. (well, technically 2 hours plus something minutes...) Luckily, my dad said I could stay with his brother's family. However, I hardly know him and I have bad social anxiety. Excuses excuses.

Aside from that. I'm thinking of running an Etsy business. Eventually I want to strengthen my 3D modeling skills and try out other artistic mediums. Such as papercraft model building and making paper mache. My ideas are niche and could sell to a market similar to figure collecting.

Thank you for the kind compliments on my old profile! I finally decided to bring it back. It did spark me joy and I think it suits me well. Some lurker took a WayBackMachine screenshot of the aquatic themed profile. Thank God because I never saved the hex color codes and picture links in the get-go.

While satisfied with the design's current state. I might add some new touches here and there. Here are my idea down below for my banner. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/Polish20220909220630.pngNote the background is clouds with a seagull in the corner. I imagine Homura and Madoka at the beach.

As for context on why I left my profile blank. A month ago I got in a fight with an anonymous temporary user. They fat shamed a cosplayer on her own article. The pussy threatened I should go write a blog crying about leaving MFC. That was a sign I should take a break and I decided to privated everything for personal reasons.

Spent my break chatting on Discord. Ironically, I encountered some drama on a figure collecting server and migrated back to MFC. Been debating if I should change my username since I've done many embarrassing things in the past and my behavior has been unstable for a while now due to broken family and stressful job. Including mental health problems being a contributor.
2 months ago
Since you asked about the philosophy articles, here is one of them. BLOG #54028

OP did had another one, (it was more lengthy iirc) but it got taken down.
2 months ago
Woohoo thank you friend!!! <3
3 months ago
i’m so sorry i’m late but thank you omg <333
4 months ago
Thanks for accepting my FR ^_^ Collecting for over a decade, I salute your dedication! I started collecting about 4 yrs ago now and I always find it so interesting to see how things change over the years! I'm glad collecting has gotten more popular recently, but it's also triggering my whole "fear of missing out" because orders go so quickly now! (And QC and prices are all over the place nowadays!)

I totally agree about the "good fortune in weirdest places" sentiment, if it wasn't for a friend giving me my first figure as a parting gift because they were moving away, I don't think I would've started collecting. We aren't in touch anymore but that Miku Figma they gave me is still a fav of mine xP

And I love hearing about your experiences, the "hunt" for something is a part of the fun in collecting (even though it can be stressful too lol) I'm currently trying to get ITEM #597971 and Myethos Little Mermaid at a decent price and woo boy... It's a mess out there in the land of the aftermarket XD

I definitely need a site similar to MFC to help me keep track of Chinese figures because I agree with you, they have been more appealing lately with the prices and IPs. Getting White Rabbit for less than retail price (got lucky on ebay) felt like I committed a crime, the quality of the figure is sooo good!
6 months ago
Greetings, hope your day is going well! We have so many similar taste, that's really cool! My hat goes off to you for the dedication!

I so love the fact you were able to grab a super popular figure right before it even became rare, lucky XD

Do you have anything in your collection you would consider a "grail"?
6 months ago
Thank you its ok. I'm not really on here too much
6 months ago
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