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'Sup, I'm Ash.
An average NEET.
I like anime and video games. Oh yeah and cats.

I have too much time in my hands so I spend it on doodling stuff and getting angry at video games.


Sekiran9 years ago#2490369Aaaaaah, helloooo.
It's been a long while, yeah. I'm fine! What about you?
My collection is actually coming along really nice. I hope next year will be a slow one so I can mow down my wishlist a bit, haha;;
How about you? How's your collection?

I am fine too .. Haha I managed to filled up my second detolf and now I am thinking of slowing down all the order cause there is a chance that I might need to go to Singapore and work.

Still thinking should I get my third detolf or not...

I manage to start collecting scaled figures and are kinda happy that i started to collect em..
9 years ago
Hihi ~

How are you its been a while i did not hear from you ? how is your collection coming ? Any new figures ?
9 years ago
Happy Belated Birthday!! sorry did not get to greet on the actual day!!
10 years ago
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
10 years ago
Hihi, How is you figure coming ?? i just pre-ordered my second scaled figure and at the same time i am thinking maybe i should cut down on the nendoroid that i am getting. My detolf ran out of space now T.T i have 4 nendoroid that is still waiting for spaced so i can open them up .
10 years ago
Sekiran10 years ago#1827978Oh hey, I'm fine! How about you?
My collection is coming along nicely. I recently got some money, so I can finally get some of the more expensive figures I've wanted...!
How's yours coming along?

I am good. I order my officially first figure- Leviathan.. yay ~ oh ya today i just received my yukata miku and madoka XD so happy ^^ and i think more nendo are coming next week .. So cant wait !!
10 years ago
Ello ~ How are you ? How is ur figure collection so far?
10 years ago
Sekiran10 years ago#1709670I was severely disappointed with the nendo, not to mention it was for December as well.
GSC why. Why December for everything?
I might still order her, if she's in stock after December. Shinku is still one of my favorite characters.

i just dont get it why they made so many december nendoroid !! SO CRAZY !!! Just wish some of them will be delayed to december coz i really like a lot of the december nendoroid .. had u start to watch Attack on Titan ?
10 years ago
Sekiran10 years ago#1709660Heyo! I'm fine, what about you?

i am all good another. i just ordered the rozen maiden T.T another december nendoroid its crazy ><
10 years ago
Hi !! How are you ?
10 years ago


Bakemonogatari, Psycho-Pass, Cowboy Bebop
Shin Megami Tensei series, Phantom Brave, Disgaea 2, Dragon's Dogma
supercell, Shoji Meguro, 40mP, Aqua Timez




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