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Setsura14 years ago#3337238I posted a comment on your profile ;P

4 years ago
Setsura14 years ago#3322858I have de-virgified your profile. You're welcome.

4 years ago
Setsura15 years ago#3066214Hello, sorry for the late reply. You messaged me the day my graphics card decided to die and I just got a new one today. I honestly didn't have any parameters set when I found her. eBay has a built in feature to display relevant sales currently happening based on your searches and purchases in the past on their homepage when you are logged in. One day I just went onto eBay and there she was, just her and the soundtrack to the game brand new for 11.99 Buy it Now +shipping. Just got really lucky I guess. I can give you a link to the seller's account but thats all I can really do unfortunatly. I wish you luck in finding this amazing figure of this amazing girl!

It's okay. Hope your graphics card is fine now. I see. That's some really good luck you got there. Thanks for that helpful information. I'll try to check in at eBay from time to time and if I can find myself one.
5 years ago
Hi! How were you able to get ITEM #179925 on ebay? What search parameters did you use? I've been looking for this for a while now.
5 years ago
Setsura15 years ago#2635077My latest figure came in. This will be the last one I get for a good while.
ITEM #198436

Nice :3
5 years ago
Setsura15 years ago#2537959More than me >.>

5 years ago
Setsura15 years ago#2536268Last time I saw your profile you had 28 figures! Stahp! xD

That is still not many! xD
5 years ago
Setsura15 years ago#2534897Stop ordering figures, it makes me envious and poor! xD

It's only 4, that isn't many!
5 years ago
Setsura16 years ago#2226026*pfffffffffffffffffffft* Sup man?! XD

ahahaha sorry if that for disturbing you :P
6 years ago
hmmm look I know who is this user :P
6 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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