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First of all, thank you for the 50000 views!! (50.000!!! Whaou!!) I'm really, really fun!! :)

All this deserved a little presentation here!
I am a young French girl passionate about manga (mainly books, I'm not too anime ..) since 9 years now and I have over 2000 now.
I started my collection of figures end-2008 and everything went very quickly. ^^" In the end, it is a true refuge for girls in PVC home!! :)

My favorite characters are Kan'u Unchou from "Ikkitousen" and I totally cracked on the mascot of Nitro Super Sonic: Soniko!! And my two favorite illustrators are Shunya Yamashita and Tony Taka. I love their artworks and I hope in the near future, further changes in PVC their artworks.
Otherwise, what I love most are my pets who love to pose with my figures!! ^^

Thank you for stopping by!! ;)
See you soon! ^^


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