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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
3 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1895701haha XD
it is isn't it? ^^
aaaah Christmas is in 4 days EEEK XD

ha ha ha yes...it mean holiday XD
anyway i got my packet today
finally dicided bought this figma XD
ITEM #160994
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1894232i've missed a whole bunch of figures but i didn't start collecting until this year. I think it's a good thing not to live in Japan but at the same time it's bad that i don't get to live there :P

same with me too
*laugh* well it like a big dilemma XD
hope next week i can pick something for christmas
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1889650haha^^ the price wasn't too crazy, well for a bootleg it was though that was when i started collecting nendoroids and had no knowledge about them.
i think GSC should re-release the old and popular figures
XD doesn't help that the colossal titan nendoroid was just released in Japan yesterday, Japan is a very lucky country to get all the awesomeness first :3

yes the bootleg almost like similiar with the original ver =v=
agree i missed many figures
yup but i feel glad stay away from japan too
if i live in japan i guess my money always gone for figures XD
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1888643^^ even if i found a authentic Rin i don't think i'll get it since i have no idea what to do with the fake and i can't simply throw it away it wasn't cheap! I fell into a trap *sigh*
And a rin figma that can buy 2 figmas!? and she doesn't come with much...but it's probably because it's quite old and somewhat rare, almost like the first Rin and Len nendoroids?
and there was a voting list for choosing which figma to make next!? AAAAAAAA what have i been doing all this time!? Though a figma i'm waiting to see all painted and completed will be Armin from Shingeki no Kyojin :P though i won't manage to get my hands on it ^^haha~

ha ha ha i'm understand that feeling too =v=
yes..the price really crazy right?
yup almost like that =v= *like limited product?
ah about the voting GSC did it before
GSC celebrate their 10th anniversary and made a small polling what items do you wish to re-release and what item do you hoping become a figure
as the result this

ha ha ha i'm avoid all shingeki no kyoujin figure too many charming figure
i'm afraid can't stop myself XD
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1887972hm i dunno about finding the authentic rin, since the cheerful version is a bit hard to find in stores and i can't really order things off the internet.
a rin figma eh? haha, even though it's one of the old figmas i think it's still pretty easy to find...just take a look at AmiAmi either buy a brand new one of get a good pre-owned item. i wish they mad more kagamine figmas though, miku takes all the spotlight!! AH MIKU give the other vocaloids some spotlight as well!!

ah in local shop maybe hard to find but amiami i'm sure still have stock =v=
yup i found at amiami but i don't think i will buy her..her price almost like buy 2 figmas =x=!
yup my wish too more vocaloid figma, it took a long time MF made kaito. i wonder when they will paln re-release all the voting list =v=!
still waiting kagamine re-release ;A:
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1886327yeah i like vocaloid since it's so interesting on how they write and sing their songs/music! I'm happy that i have a rin nendoroid, but i'd b happier if i hadn't found out that is was a bootleg, well it explains why her right arm keeps falling out XD

yup it's true how amazing of vocaloid
ah i see...do you have plan will buy the original one?
i still looking kagamine rin figma *sadly she hard to find =x=
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1885490thanks, even though it's not much ^^'

me too
i only have miku nendo but feel proud with what i have XD
do you like vocaloid too? i looked you have rin kagamine :3
4 years ago
Shi-Zerolaaa (4 years ago) #1884260^^

nice nendoroids collection XD
4 years ago
welcome to MFC :)
4 years ago
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