Shimakaze & Mako they're mine, they're my WAIFUS..... @p@
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Hi, I'm a blogger, self proclaimed photographer, movie enthusiast(If there is such thing) and a not so rich Nendoroid collector. I see myself as an actor someday I really LOVE Movies(Hollywood Movies that is) and I wanted to be in one "someday" well that's my dream, no need to know more about me because this is a bio.

I'm a HUGE Seth Rogen Fan! He is my favorite Hollywood actor and comedian!!


I Wish that someday we can work together I wish to be in one of his movies! So, God! If that's possible, please make it happen!

Haha! Seriously, If you want some Nendoroid news, comics, reviews, and kinda anything related to Nendoroids you may visit my blog, I post my pictures, reviews, comics(which I'll start maybe after a week or so) and more so I hope you'll like it. :D


I also Love, LOVE! ~ <3 Shimakaze and Mako! They're my favorite Game and Anime characters! XD



Happy Birthday!!
3 years ago
Hi, there! Thanks for the FR! It's nice to meet another Nendo collector :D. So you're working in a comic strip with nendos? That's what I would like to do as well! I even have scripts written already, but I lack a proper camera and chibi accesories to use T-T... but sooner than later it will happen, hopefully! Maybe they can make it to your blog xD! BTW, I like Seth Rogen as well! A funny man indeed, but he better don't think about doing a Green Hornet part 2 xP.
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Shimakoze5 years ago#2486524Hallo! HAHA! ^_^
hahaha <3
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To everyone who greeted me,
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
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Happy Birthday !
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Happy B-day!!
Have a great collection and I wish you all the best in your life and the Kancolle's event :P
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Shimakoze6 years ago#2232375Yes sooo excited to get her! About the ending it's fine for me but I wished Senketsu really did stay such feels ;_; But yeah the last bits of it is cool they are all like normal now AHAHAH XD . Yup Shimakaze's from Kancolle and yes I play the game it's my fave game ever!! It's addicting you should play it too I'm pretty sure there will be a Kanmusu that will fit your fancy!(Collecting the girls in game is addicting and fun! So are to Nendoroids I really wish MORE Kancolle Nendoroids will soon come out there are like 130+ of them >.< )

By the way what did you think about Satsuki? I was a bit excited for her nendo, but I don´t like that she only comes with angst faces. I miss her smile x_x Did you order Mako by GSC? I believe that way you could get her punched-up faceplate. The last ending bit was pretty sweet, I really liked how everyone was happily smiling :)
So how exactly do you play Kancolle? I´ve seen the figures but I admit other than some of her names there´s not a lot I know. But wow there are more than 130 girls?? That´s a lot! Actually I really like Kongou´s design and this pose of her s1.tsuki-board.... I only buy figures of characters I know, but otherwise I´d be pretty tempted xD What´s her personality like?
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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