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Doing some spring cleaning lately; please check out my eBay listings if you're interested!

will buy anything cute regardless of usefulness or practicality help

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---Touhou. Hina, Koishi, and Sekibanki in particular. And Beat Mario's 'Locked Girl'.
---Kagerou Project/Mekakucity stuff.
---Code:Realize (。・ω・。)ノ
---Otome games in general

Lulu avatar is by tofubell! twitter.com/tof...


tee hee yeah Victor caught my eye on the boxart, but when he first shows up, omg that moment and the cg just blew me away. Fran fans ftw! Lol I am never sure what to call him, since the way I say Fran is totally without the Japanese accent so it's kinda weird XD. I liked how the Queen called him Stein-hakase. XD yup he's the best, I'm just biased towards Saint since his VA is possibly my favorite VA ever.

Yeah Impey is so ridiculous. And everyone is like "why did you pick him??" Cardia doesn't buy into his love talk right away which was nice, since I'm just like "ok dude you're nice but seriously I'm not gonna go super love mode" XD but he's great in the end :3
Yeah poor Van... I was surprised there was more than one guy in glasses. Usually they just do one, if any.

thanks for thoughts on the calendar. Lol the numbers being tiny. Yeah sounds about right haha. You gonna get the Drama CD's coming out this year? nevermind I can see you have them on your list lol I usually don't get those, but my Japanese is getting a little bit better so I might.
4 years ago
A fellow collector of Code:Realize! 8D hello

Do you have a favorite guy or supporting character? I like Victor and Saint Germain :3 but really I liked everyone in the whole game, good story isn't it? Although I only just unlocked Lupin's route so I technically didn't finish! XD. Delacroix II grew on me and Finis is so wonderfully creepy!

Ooh you have a wall calendar too. You like it? Been on my wishlist but a lot of other things on order, you know?
4 years ago
Shinigamiyoko5 years ago#2777090Thanks for your FR!! Your profile is super cute~Thank you so much! <3 c:
5 years ago
Shinigamiyoko5 years ago#2569276Hello GodYagami, sorry it took so long, but here's a picture of the 3 lovely posters midnighteve sent me!!
(sorry, that cube in the middle is just to weigh the corners down so they wouldn't curl, it's not part of the gift!)

Sorry I took a while! Thank you for the picture! :D
The posters are beautiful!!
5 years ago
Shinigamiyoko5 years ago#2559295Someone may have already told you, but maybe you'd like to enable comments on your recent blog? I think you'd get a better response that way ^^

Sorry, I screwed that º////º But yeah, It seems like all of them are bootlegs just as I thought.
5 years ago
Hello! How are you doing? Please take a look BLOG #14563 >‿‿◕
6 years ago
Shinigamiyoko7 years ago#1666518Thanks for the FR! :3

7 years ago
BTW, have you heard this ver of Locked Girl? X3
7 years ago
Shinigamiyoko7 years ago#1474742Yup, sounds good!
Looks like shipping would be around $10 as well, if that's okay.
Awesome, sounds great! Send me your PPal on PM and I will send you payment.
7 years ago
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!


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