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Hello, just a heads up I've sent you a PM for a Bell Dandy figure.
7 months ago
Hi! PM'd for Tamamo figure!
10 months ago
can i have your email so i can ask about items on your selling list?
1 year ago
Hi, I tried to PM you about an ad but it says your inbox is full. Could you please send me a message when you've made some room? Thanks
1 year ago
Hello! I tried to send a PM about an ad you have up, but I'm not sure if it went through as I'm now getting the notification that your inbox is full. Please let me know if you got my message!
2 years ago
Thanks again for the Jibril Nendo! By far the cutest in my collection~

Shourin was very fast and responsive! Nendo came as describe and package was handled with care ^^

Hope to buy something from you again xD
2 years ago
Liberty2 years ago#52102244heya your inbox is full!
Really random question, but is there any way you could help me get in contact with Sakuya? I'm trying to get an update on an item (Her inbox is full too!)
I saw you had a recent sale with her and wondered if there was any other way to get through to the user.
Thank you! ^^

hello again!
an update on Sakuya, she still has yet to clear her inbox ;-;

if you have time, could you kindly please 'notify' her again to alert her? im sorry to ask again but there's literally no other way I can find to get through to her, and i can't find her through twitter either ;-;
2 years ago
Hello, sent you a message about Nendoroid Iowa, don't know if you got it or not. Hope we can work something out soon.
2 years ago
Hi. I have messaged you about one of your sales. Hope to chat soon :)
2 years ago
PM’d for Neptunia dress figure!
2 years ago
Be proud of your inner child