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Haha, thanks for your kind words, it's good to know I'm heading in the right direction with my collection.

I bought my first Detolf a month back in anticipation of my September and October hauls but I won't even be able to get my September orders in there XD I am currently in the process of designing a shelving set-up in the corner of my lounge that should in essence be able to house quite a number of figures. Only time will tell, I guess :)

I picked up Yagyu Jubei, together with Tokugawa Sen, from Plamoya a few months ago, and the quality of these figures just blew me away. I know people go on about how collectors tend to say Alter is arguably the best by default, but these scale figures go a long way towards confirming that statement. Now I have just had Momohime delivered this past weekend... what can I say, she is just a work of art, simple as that. She now graces the top shelf of my Detolf and I am one ridiculously happy collector :-D

SigSlayer7 years ago#2403433Hey! You have to start somewhere! And you definitely have good taste. I'm jealous about about your Momohime and Yagyu Jubei. Ahhh I know that feeling, I just got done filling my 2nd detolf and now I have no more room. Think its time to buy another one, my poor wallet!
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You are very welcome :)

Thank you! It's building up slowly but surely! Not many figures at the moment but those I do have I am very happy with. I have so many on pre-order that I am really looking forward to, all I am thinking about is managing the space I have to work with at home so that I can display all these future beauties XD

SigSlayer7 years ago#2399924Thank you! Also nice collection :)
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Happy birthday!!
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hi, how you doing. about this figure ITEM #142179 . I'm thinking about buying her, but I cant find any review or good pics of her, can you help me telling me if she's worth it, maybe a pic if you have time. thanks
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Daipyon Erina is my waifu!
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Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to MFC!
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