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Hello There!!
I'm a Nendoroid collector with a strong focus on Medieval Fantasy and Video Games. I enjoy British Culture, Television and History.
My baby/husband/love of my life is Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) ENTRY #64044


My Collection thus far - with more to come!!

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Arthur \ Ita Bag21






Yes, I'm also hoping for an alternate pose option.
I'm hoping we'll see a Merlin prototype at the next Wonfest!
Dantes is kind of exclusive to Amiami (and Animate, but you'd have to proxy him), I also saw him listed on TOM, Crunchyroll, Rightstuf and Big Bad Toy Store, so there are some options, but that about three month wait and higher price, though (but a TOM promo/coupon could knock the price back). I'm hoping Arthur will have similar options, just in case.
My plan is to buy White Rose Arthur from TOM when a big sale/promo is happening and use some of the points from that to go towards Altair Arthur or Myethos Gilgamesh, but it depends on whose pre-orders open first.
13 hours ago
That's true. I've been trying to budget for him to be ready when pre-orders finally open (I'm not sure if I'm going to buy him from a store that requires upfront payment or not)
Between the pre-orders and the holiday season, my wallet is going to need some R&R afterwards lol.
I'm hoping that the Altair Arthur will be around the same price as the Dantes one.
Ooh, with two, you can do alternate poses! The more Arthur, the merrier lol.
15 hours ago
Speaking of pre-orders, I've been feeling impatient about the Arthur scale figures. I'm hoping we'll see at least one of them painted before the holidays!
(I've been lowkey watching the Aniplex JP twitter for updates, but none yet.)
1 day ago
Butler Arthur makes me weak in the knees! That would be such a good figure.

Time to buy another itabag lol because you know the next year's merch is going to look really good and hard to resist.

(I'm sorry that I'm late in replying!)
9 days ago
Crossing my fingers for Alter Arthur! And, Yay for more merch! I saw some of the merch from the CBC last year and it looked really good, so I'm hoping there will be some more this year.
I would love cool Arthur Alter Suit Figure, kind of like a counterpart to Saber Alter's and Jeanne Alter's dress versions.
14 days ago
I can picture Arthur confronting Gawain about that after he comes back to the Throne of Heroes lol.
I've been seeing some official art for Arthur Alter and he looks so good! I would love to see him as an option in FGO.
14 days ago
I need to check out fragments, I heard that it was really good. Hopefully, an anime adaption is on the horizon, especially if the Camelot adaption and the Babylon adaption do well. Protype could really make for a great series, especially really showing off the servants.

Yes, omg! I would love to see them together in action on a battlefield or like a cooking/kitchen interaction with him and Gawain.
17 days ago
I'm betting on the option being there, since the Edmond Dantes has interchangable poses/parts, I'm hoping they keep up the trend.
Same, I definitely want to see more of Arthur in action!
My dream would be that Type-Moon makes a game based on the original idea with Arthur, Proto Gilgamesh, and Proto Cu. I would import that game so quick lol.
I also want a full anime series based on that original idea, that 12 minute OVA was cute, but it definitely left me wanting more.
17 days ago
Good luck with your summoning!
The Aniplex one, I have a weakness for suits. I am debating on whether to proxy him or order him through one of Aniplex USA's partner stores, depends on the price and if the JP store has a bonus.
What about you, do you have a top favorite of the three?
17 days ago
I don't, my phone won't run it. Hopefully, by the new year, I'll have a new phone and cry over throwing my money at gacha/summoning trying to get Arthur lol! I'm also hoping a pre-order for one of his figures will open at least by December!
17 days ago
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