I have lots of Pokemon stuff to sell @.@
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I have a ton of Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Inazuma Eleven and a modest collection of Digimon... Actively adding to my collection if there are listings here! Wish I had more time to contribute listings, because there's just so much!

My ongoing merchandise sale: splash.livejour...
Pokemon figures/plush/etc sale: splash.livejour...

Most of my collecting time is spent sorting through the nice lots of stuff I get from Japan and selling off the extras to help even out the costs of getting those lots in the first place. XD Let's help each other out with our collections~

I have a write-up of my online shopping recs for JP stuff here, and always welcome input and your stories about shopping online for JP stuff!: splash.livejour...

Please at least talk to me in some form if you want me to accept your friend request!



Victorsaurus1 year ago#94449423Hi. Your Pan sticker shop is still active/updated, correct? yep it's open! ^^
1 year ago
Hi. Your Pan sticker shop is still active/updated, correct?
1 year ago
PlushManiac Pokémon Collector
Thanks for the compliment, my pleasure! ^^
2 years ago
Splash3 years ago#43761540omg thank you for putting up all the pokemon fit listings!! I made my order from Pokemon Center just a moment ago and can't wait to get them ahhhh xDD (Also I can't believe some of them sold out so fast wtf ... might need to see if Butterfree will show up on PC US with how things are)
You're very welcome. (o´ω`o)

I just don't know why they decided to release 121 at once...
3 years ago
Yes! :D Always loved checking out your collections over at PKMNCollectors!
4 years ago
Splash5 years ago#23050823Happy birthdayyyy :D
Thanks Splash (: Hope you're enjoying your 4th of July. I get the whole week off from work~
5 years ago
Splash5 years ago#22463423yooooooo good to see you here :D :D :D :D heee

good to see you tooo! \o/
5 years ago
PlushManiac Pokémon Collector
Splash5 years ago#19599993<3 Thank you for all the lovely contributions to the pokemon listings :D
My pleasure! :)
5 years ago
Splash5 years ago#17045522Thanks for contributing to Pokemon Moncolle entries :D! It's nothing. :) Though, I've only added the ones in my collection which are missing in the database, and my collection is only around halfway complete. For the non-Tomy figures, it's a bit more tricky since I'm not familiar where to search for reference, specially for candy figures.
5 years ago
Hi Splash, "P Guess I'm here now eh?
6 years ago
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