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Hello! My name's Star and I'm an autistic, trans nonbinary artist living in Montreal!^.^/ I use they/them pronouns please!!
I mainly collect figures and books; but I also collect dolls, plush, apparel, pencil cases, rocks/gems, prints/artwork, etc.
(Also I collect figures I have 0 interest in (ex; swimsuit figures) because I plan to customize them (meaning they'll be fully clothed and become different characters LOL). If you're interested in seeing which ones I plan to customize, check out my lists!^.^/ lol I just wanted to make it clear because...i hate swimsuit figures but they make good bases so... but some i just got from series i don't like/know cause they were pretty!)
I have many favourite series but my number 1 fav is Rose of Versailles! RoV has changed my life and has helped me in many great ways. So of course, I collect a lot of Rov related items.
Other than Rose of Versailles I am also very very passionate about vintage shoujo manga, especially from the 60s~70s; particularly the Year 24 Group.
They are one of the reasons why I want to learn Japanese so that I can not only read their works; but study the history and culture of vintage shoujo manga.
They also inspire me artistically as well and are one of the huge reasons why I want to make a comic of my own soon.
I am also very passionate about animation (from character designs, to colours, to backgrounds, etc) and they also inspire me! My fav animation era's would have to be the 70s and 90s.^_^
So if you're into these things hit me up!:D Though please note that I have a hard time with social media and get easily overwhelmed.;_; But I'd love to meet fellow RoV and/or vintage shoujo manga lovers!
As for my art I do many different kinds; but I mostly draw/illustrate. But I also write, digital art and graphics, make jewellery, sculpt, make customs (though I'm very new at these 2 things) and I'd like to get into sewing and doll making!^.^/ (I'll post my customs and gk's here eventually once I'm satisfied/done.)
And ehm that's it I guess?:") Sorry I'm bad at bio's LOL
Also I have a hard time with social media in general but if you'd like to follow my art you can check me out on instagram; [ext link ]

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01 year agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
StarNouveau (1 year ago) #13178867not sure if i can post a comment here cause idk how to join clubs or if u can just make a post w/out joining one? ///sorry i'm still a tad new here
but i'm in a bit of a pickle.

Hi, as stated in my The Question and answer club reply, I'm replying here.
You can make a comment on a club without joining it. Here are some of the clubs you may join for questions:

club #168
club #246 Pour tous les francophones et il y a beaucoup plus de membres

StarNouveau (1 year ago) #13178867i've been trying to make an account on Mandarake for like 20 min now. i live in canada and put up all the right info etc. then i put in my city/province (Montreal, Quebec); i enter it in and then an error message says;
"It's a mandatory entry: "State / Province"."
i've tried writing it in a bunch of different ways but nothing is working. i found a reddit post and they were having a different problem but they said when putting in a password, don't use numbers and it'll work. welp! i tried that but nothing,,,
then some ppl said to put a "0A" at the end of my postal/zip code but that was for ppl who were having problems when entering their postal code; so idk if that'd help me or make matters worse.
so i'm at a real loss here and i'm getting a bit agitated now,,,so if someone could help me i'd appreciate it.
i could email someone first but i just wanted to know if someone here knew what to do first. i get too nervous emailing ppl lmfao

I created my Madarake account years ago but the info on my address is repeated twice in address 1 and address 2; City Ottawa; Province Ontario and my normal Canada postal code: X0X 0X0
My phone number is entered 613-000-0000
01 year agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
StarNouveau (1 year ago) #13135211ahhh tysm!!!;AA; and ikr?? especially in places like the usa/canada cause it never aired here (not that i know of) so it's harder to find merch or fans for it. lol (i am extremely jealous of ppl who lived in europe cause they got all the good stuff aired + a bunch of merch available to them gthfrgfhrj)
it's nice to see more fans too!!:") honestly it's so hard to find fans of rov but when i find em (or when they find me) i get super happy!!!

Yeah it never aired in England either ;-; So jealous of countries like Italy that had it air and got their own merch cause it's actually known over there, but in the UK/USA I know it's barely heard of :( Honestly hunting for merch is SO HARD I spent like a year trying to get item #22232 that wasn't £100 on eBay
Always happy to meet another fan though I feel the same way! :D The rarity of it just makes it more special hehe do you mind if I send you a friend request?
01 year agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
I love your icon! Oscar/Rose of Versailles is way too underrated, nice to see another fan :D
01 year ago (1 year ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Seeing all your comments in the feed about GKs is amusing. You seem to be very excited lol.
01 year agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board StarNouveau! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^


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