Selling figures from japan, pm me
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Please check your PMs
3 days ago
PM'd you about a figure but your box may be full.
15 days ago
Hey your pm is Full im interested to buy your phat shiro
26 days ago
friday1 month ago#92887148hey! i’d love to reply to your PM but your inbox is full ^^
please try again now
1 month ago
hey! i’d love to reply to your PM but your inbox is full ^^
1 month ago
hi, are you still selling the killua figure? thanks :)
2 months ago
Hello Sunster,

I was interested in your Fire Emblem Tiamo figure, I couldn’t message you because the inbox was full.

Could you leave me a PM please when you see this? Thanks!
3 months ago
Kimhuat_00 Nezuko wo mamoritai~!!!
Hello, ur inbox is full. I can do EMS (aka speedpost) that you are asking about, it will take 2weeks.but the cost difference will be more (additional usd 55 to EMS). Are u ok with it?
4 months ago
Is your Mumei figure still available?
5 months ago
Bishle5 months ago#85298114Hello I am interested in buying your TPN trio that I saw you were selli by for $95 +shipping. Sorry i'm new to this so idk what you meant by pm so I just commented here.
I meant message any ways can you message me the mfc link where my comment is located in
5 months ago