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«Happy Trashy Fischi ~ Sonico-Chan is my wife <3»
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Hi there :)
Welcome on my Profile. I like Horror Movies/Games, Metal and Grunge and Kawaii and curvy Girls. So my fav Illustratiors are defenitily Tsuji Santa, Misaki Kurehito and NIO/Nishii. I have been a collector since December 2014 on this Day (the 24th) my boyfriend gave me my first figure (Sonico Gloomy bear the Taito price) I was so happy than Sonico is one of my fav Anime Charas and still my fav mascot. My other fav Charas are: Sakigami Toto, Balalaika,Super Pochaco, Revy (Black Lagoon), Takagi Saya, Marikawa Shizuka, Ryougi Shiki, Sonsaku Hakufu, Shimei Ryomou, Housen Ryofu, Takatori Kotori, Kuroha Neko, Kotegawa Yui, Deviluke Astar Nana, Jewelria Elsie Run, Maaka Karin, Hibiki Ryoga and a lot of Video game Charas. (Murphy Pendleton, Heather Mason, Ada Wong, Chris Redfield, Leon Scott Kennedy, Albert Wesker, Nathan Drake, Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan, John Marston, Elena Fisher.....)
I love it to go outside and take some pictures of my Figures.
I hope you enjoy my photos :)
If you wan't to ask me something or write with me just send me a PM :)

And for all the one who thinks I sell some Figures NO I DONT except they are in one of my sell artikel list.
Ajin demi human / Deadman wonderland / Highschool of the Dead / Black Lagoon / Super Sonico the Animation / Ibara no Ou / Gokukokou no Brynhildr / Ikki Tousen/ Karin / Ranma 1/2 / The to LOVEru series / Triage X / Kara no Kyoukai
all TV Shows I mentioned as Manga or Comics / The walking dead (only the Comic hate the TV show) / medicine books / Stephen King books / Zeroin / Resident evil and Silent hill comics /
Uncharted / Biohazard (Resident Evil) / Fallout / Silent Hill / More Horror and Indie Horror Games / Dating sims / Beat em ups / Animal Crossing
MOE Point(s)
slightly Chubby • oppai • swimsuits, schooluniform & gymuniform • kawaii & cute or mature & strong • Orange, silver & rose/pink hair
Linkinpark (only to the album Living things) / Seether / Nirvana / Korn / The Offspring /Soundtracks Anime & Games
Nikon 1 v1 / Ipohne 5 Camera


Hey! Happy birthday - just got the notice. Happy collecting!
6 days ago
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag ;D
7 days ago
Tabbytheblackcat (1 year ago) #24550605Hello ^-^
Nice to meet you and Thanks for the FR,
I really like ya collection :)

Thanks for accepting. You have an impressive collection yourself! I like many of them and wish I could buy them ^_^
1 year ago
Tabbytheblackcat (2 years ago) #20038903Thanks ^-^

Cute smiley *_*
2 years ago
Happy B *_*
2 years ago
Tabbytheblackcat (2 years ago) #19288281Hey,
Kannst du mir bitte eine PM schreiben, es ist wirklich wichtig! Leider kann ich es nicht da dein Postfach voll ist oder mein Handy blödsinn macht ._.
Grüße Tabby.

Öh okay, hab mal ein paar PMs gelöscht^^
2 years ago
Tabbytheblackcat (2 years ago) #16825071Hay, :)
Going very well and yours :)?
I'm so Glad to find you on mfc I'm a huge fan of ya instagram Blog (sorry auf it sounds like a stalker) (by the way I'm Nerdy croner/ happy trashy Fischi)

Ahh, no worries! Glad to see you on here too! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ
I'm having a pretty good week, got the day off work today so I'm just goofing around. lol
2 years ago
Hello, nice to meet you! ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) Thanks for the FR!
How's your week going?
2 years ago

And a very good day to you; I take the time and try and welcome almost everyone to the site. You may have arrived just a few minutes ago or a few hours ago but still I am here to say welcome. There are a few of us that do this. it is what makes this site interesting and welcoming to newcomers. MFC has the best database that you can ever hope to find relating to figurines and goods. The site adds items via users that take the time to do so and it is greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite parts of the site is how people customize their profiles. It is a chance to express our love for characters we see in anime's or game or elsewhere. Some do this via their avatar, others personalize their profiles to the max by becoming a donor. Being a donor does unlock certain feature that help you with personalization of your profile like a back image and a few other perks. For me I used some Jpegs to give my profile that little extra umph. There are many ways you can customize your profile and as you get to know the site features you will be able to make this site your home.

If you are new to this hobby and you have questions about a certain figurine that you do not know then please refer your questions to this club: club/99/discuss... Many people peruse it and the answer is usually found very quickly.

Enjoy your stay in the MFC community.

= )

3 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
3 years ago
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