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Hi all figurecrazy collectors!

I'm a 32 year old guy from Sweden who likes to collect scale figures, manga, anime, games and other sorts of paraphernalia.
I don't own a big collection yet but I hope it will grow a bit this year and years to come ofc.

When it comes to games I'm a big fan of Senran Kagura and Hyperdimension Neptunia.
Got all the Senran Kagura games and all the vita games from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series soo far :*) Planning to get them all because im enjoying them more then any other game I own atm :)

Have been a huge Ghost in the Shell fan since I was younger and always will be, and that have resulted in a kind of big collection with figmas, books, dvds, blu rays and more ^_^

Thats it for now folks ^_^ See ya around in the ether that we call the internet.
P.s Dont be shy, hit me an FR if you want D.s
Only read manga when I have the time for it :)
Rpgs, fps, VNs and more
MOE Point(s)
Pettanko, twin-tails, meganekko, meido
Kishida Kyodan The Akeboshi Rockets, BAND-MAID, Fruitpochette
Panasonic Lumix DMC gx7
Own build.

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Thank you :D xTachikomatic (6 months ago) #22912829Happy Birthday <(^^<)(>^^)>
6 months ago
Grattis i efterskott! =3
8 months ago
tack så mycket ^^ ja hon är nog en av mina favoriter i samlingen! Kan knappt vänta på tills jag har Elphelt brevid henne!

Tachikomatic (1 year ago) #17107470Riktigt nice samling du har. Och den där Ramlethal figuren O.O Hade totalt missat den. Riktigt vacker är den.
1 year ago
Thank you a lot <3
Tachikomatic (1 year ago) #15236760Love your roomtour video. Its awesome and you got it really organized as well! Thumbs up!
1 year ago
Hello and Thank you!
I just accepted :)
You'r collection is looking pretty nice too. Some really stunning figures in there :)
Tachikomatic (1 year ago) #15236706Nice collection you got ^_^ FR sent :)
1 year ago
Happy new year ! :)
2 years ago
Tachikomatic (2 years ago) #3347028Du har en FR btw ;)
Först nu börjar jag förstå hur sidan fungerar. Jäkla mobilversion... =P
2 years ago
Osu! ^^
2 years ago
DuchessBianca Lewd Loli Mistress
Tachikomatic (2 years ago) #3078231Yes got the funimation ones even though I dont live in the US.

Oh cool! Yeah they are nice sets ^_^
2 years ago
DuchessBianca Lewd Loli Mistress
Tachikomatic (2 years ago) #3077965It's a really good anime overall :3 Got both blu ray boxes but im thinking of getting the manga aswell :3

Yeah ^_^ I own the 2 LE funimation box sets and love them, not sure if that's what you have too or if you have something different. I own the english manga's and they are really nice too ^_^
2 years ago
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