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07 months agoLovettLovett
TeTe (7 months ago) #18089775Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you so much :з
01 year agonazunanazuna
TeTe (1 year ago) #11694508Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you ^_^
04 years agoLeo_AkumaLeo_Akuma
TeTe (4 years ago) #1589753Hello,
Kirin Hobby is a trustworthy site. However, their items are a bit slow in stock. Sometimes they might even delay the figures a bit. On the bright side, their Kotobukiya figures are way cheaper than getting them from Amiami, Hobby Link or Hobby Search.
Hope my information helped. ^_^

The price of the figure itself is slightly more expensive than the price from amiami, but hopefully shipping from USA to the UK will be cheaper than shipping from Japan to make up for it ^^
04 years agoLeo_AkumaLeo_Akuma
Hello, I checked out Kirin Hobby for Tsukiko, they have her pre-orders in stock but it says the release date is October, but other places see it's released in September :S
Do you know if you have to pay upfront or when the figure is released? I'm pretty new to collecting figures so I have no experience using Kirin Hobby before.

Judging from the amount of figures in your collection I'm guessing you've been doing this for quite some time :P
05 years agoDynamiteDynamite
Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.

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