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    ^v^ You're a very awesome lady, amazing collection, idolmaster rocks, cheers.
    8 months ago
    Thank you~ Hopefully I'll do a decent job.
    8 months ago
    Have a great birthday!
    10 months ago
    Thank you for being a moderator.
    11 months ago
    Tenma (1 year ago) #25832082Happy Birthday!
    Have a gre@t day
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    Daww, thanks a lot! ;A;
    Cute Anzu over there <3
    1 year ago
    Tenma (1 year ago) #25565920Wow 7 weeks now i feel bad for only waiting 3 weeks..
    I thought Goodsmile was trustworthy, i would think twice before i order there again
    Yes you definitely should that is outrageous did you use EMS as shipping method ?
    You could also contact PostNL about it to ask were it might be they might help you as well
    I recently got packages from Japan who were delivered by normal postmen instead of the package service, PostNL can be such a mess when it comes to delivery.
    Nice! I could have sworn your were from Japan or Germany XD

    They emailed me today! They were sorry for the late reply^^;;.... They said that they will start an investigation @ JPpost and will contact me again as soon as they have news.. fingers crossed. I picked SAL registered, I know it can take a bit longer, but never this long ^^;; I lived in Japan for 3 years :)
    Where are you from? EDIT: Oh, you're from NL as well! O__O hahaha what a coincidence!
    1 year ago
    Tenma (1 year ago) #25544957Hello,
    I thought i might as well reply here,
    Have you heard anything from your package?
    Still now sign of my Amiami packages and it has been over 3 weeks already i think i will choose a different shipping method from now own.

    Hi Tenma (^-^)/
    Still no reply from Goodsmile.. Think I will call my bank next week to get my money back.. as next week it will be 7 weeks without any info.. :(
    Never had problems with AmiAmi however. Usually takes about 3 weeks (I live in the Netherlands btw).
    So you might still get it this week?
    1 year ago
    Tenma (1 year ago) #24298689Thank you very much for the nice compliment :D
    I agree a 100 % with you i was hoping there would be some new announcements for some more 765 idols or new Nendoroid Co-des but sadly there wasnt.
    I see we have a lot in common with our collections i love Oreimo too
    Im so jealous of your Neptune Nendoroid she is so expensive now

    I was definitely hoping for more new announcements too, but there are at least a lot of nice im@s things out there and we can hope to see more! I know there's a lot I really want to hunt down for my personal collection ahaha ;;;
    Good taste! :D I actually paid quite a bit for the Neptune which I would never usually spend on something so small like a Nendoroid, but I really love Nep ><;;;
    1 year ago
    Nice IM@S collection!! It's rare to see a really big fan around but I'm happy to see the series getting some love :D It's definitely my favourite idol related series, the games are just too fun and the characters are so interesting and varied!
    1 year ago
    Tenma (1 year ago) #22241898I will definitly buy her when i have the chance i still do not have a scale of Anzu so this would be a great first 1.
    Thank you, i watched a few episodes but you are right i still think the original anime is better, Did you watch it too by any chance?
    Im glad you liked it
    Im really sorry about replying so late

    Don't worry about it!
    Lately I've been very busy too orz

    I hope you'll get her for sure in the future!
    Worth it, for real~

    Yes, I also watched the original 765pro anime. It was quite good, and loved a lot the animation by Nishigori Atsushi. I think that's one of the reasons I didn't like very much Cinderella girls anime.
    1 year ago