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Trying to offload some figures to keep myself from getting homeless again.

Amateur artist, slightly less amateur webdeveloper, passionate plant keeper, and even more passionate Adachi fan. Red is my favourite colour.

Figure Twitter

The below information will only temporarily be placed here.

View spoilerHide spoiler- Refrain from doing holds. The majority of people I've done holds for drop it right at the end or don't answer at all after the deadline. I hope you understand.
- I try my best to keep the pricing fair but mind that the shipping costs and custom fees are included in the final price.
- When you are interested, you get a day to reply each time I send one. Otherwise someone else may buy it.
- Any sort of transit damage or loss of the package will not be any of my responsibility. I will not accept refunds or returns. I will try my best to contact the post office and ask for at least a partial refund, but this will unlikely succeed. If you're afraid of this, just ask me to add insurance fees to the shipment. Of course, you need to pay them yourself.

Payment and shipping
View spoilerHide spoilerPayment is done in euros through Paypal. The buyer pays the Paypal fees unless the money is sent as a gift. You get one week to pay unless stated otherwise.

I always give you all possible options of shipment to your country. Tracking is optional but I won't be responsible if you lose the package, as described in the rules.

I put the figure in a parcel and fill it up with protection. Air cushions may be used depending on how far the package is going to travel. All of this is free since they're all recycled.

Shipment is done the next day to a week after payment.

Edit: Due to my current circumstances, shipment might be delayed. I always try my hardest to ship as soon as I can.
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None of that weeb shit"

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