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AAAAAAAND... Lunar Toy Store changed their pre-order policy. You have to pay up front now rather than pay when the item is released. Business wise, it's a smart thing to do. Secure more orders with money right off the bat. For me that means I cannot reserve items right off the bat. Have to have cash first. I guess in retrospect it's going to help me prevent impulse purchases in the future. It already has actually lol.
2 months ago
TheBigU_0075 months ago#86769100So uhhhhh... What happened to my Sale notifications???MFC notifications on the website are gone for now (check one of recent articles about the issue BLOG #47037). The best what can you do is to enable e-mail notifications - they aren't broken so far.
5 months ago
So uhhhhh... What happened to my Sale notifications???
5 months ago
I own 69 figures! OH YEAH!
8 months ago
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