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Money hah! what is that?
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lovely laurass!!!
5 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3728398It's been a growing collection for 2 years and most of it came from AmiAmi and EBay my faves are her maid outfit figure and Nendoroid so much so I got two!

I'm also using amiami. ^_^ And solarisjapan for the more expensive figures. I totally need Laura nendoroid and the maid figure.~ Best figures of her!
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3728371Fan??? She's my waifu for lifeu so in some form I guess haha!

Laura is one of my main waifus too. X3 Because she is AWESOME! I'm so so so jelly of your Laura collection. ;__;
6 years ago
Laura fan!! :3
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3612996Your so lucky!! To not have customs, hoping it won't affect my last order of the year that being the Love Live School idol movie Blu Ray it's already £60 on its own with postage x~x oh and the Kotori training outfit Nendoroid

Hopefully it won't be too bad for you. I definitely wouldn't be able to collect as much with customs >w<
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3540101Do you get trouble with customs? because if not I need to move my hobby to the US hah! worst fee I've ever had was £60/$93 for 4 items X.X

wow, that's so much D: We don't have customs here, but in reverse, shipping anything outside of the US is insanely expensive.
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3507203If it wasn't for Amiami I wouldn't be able to afford much, given their discounts are a huge help because of Customs liking to take my stuff hostage for a fee it usually works out to the regular retail price with customs added on. If I got them anywhere else it'd be way too much, Though the figures I wanted (which all but one I've pre-order now) are a must even if it means I'm surviving on Rice and Ramen for a few weeks hah!

Same! Amiami helps with the cheaper prices. It must be hard with customs too though. haha :) At least you'll have the figures you want.
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3473064I'm looking forward too the FREEing Plastic Memories - Isla, iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Anastasia phat figure and the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Sawamura Spencer. Just gotta hope I have the money for it >.<

nice ^_^ Yea, I've had to hold back on some figures lately. I feel like they keep getting more expensive too @_@ At least the scales are..
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3464418your lucky to have a whole book shelf I just have one long shelf that has no space left, I really need my own place to have a room for my collection. Is there any figures that are coming out soon or in awhile that you're especially looking forward too? :)

I'm mostly looking forward to the Touken Ranbu nendoroids and also the scale figure of Chitoge coming out ^_^ What are you looking forward to?
6 years ago
ThePool0fDeath6 years ago#3464343Thanks for accepting, love your channel and always look forward too your Amiami hauls!
I'm jealous of your collection especially your Love Live Blu-ray set! and curious where you find the space for all those figures!

It's no problem :) Thank you!! It's hard to find space sometimes. I'm in need of another bookshelf. heh ^^;
6 years ago
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