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Happy Bday!
4 months ago
I'm so obsessed with your photos!
9 months ago
I got the Sepang Racing Miku today! She actually arrived mych sooner. But I've been out of town for work. She looks great.
10 months ago
I grabbed one of your business cards and google your presence on Social medias and found you on here.
11 months ago
Saw your photos at Anime Impulse and wow these are amazing works!
11 months ago
Thankyou! ☺️
1 year ago
Hey there! I love your photos, they're so creative. Also how did you get that picture behind everything on your profile?
1 year ago
Your inbox is full, fees would not be included. I'm giving free shipping which is around $75 CAD for me. I would accept payment by friends and family which would mean no fee.
1 year ago
Hullo there~ wish you a happy happy birthday~ :D
Hope your day is awesome!
1 year ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Happy birthday! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Hope you have a good one~
1 year ago