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05 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!

11 year agoMikuNyaMikuNya
Ticklemepeace (1 year ago) #3503700Hi thank YOU! :) I love your YouTube channel. I hope I have as many figures as you one day :)

It's no problem ^_^ I'm happy to hear that you like my channel. You can get there if you keep collecting over time :)
01 year agoMikuNyaMikuNya
hi :) thank you for the FR
11 year agojessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you so much!!:D U made my day :3 Ticklemepeace (1 year ago) #3465190Love the Go Figure Channel! :) You and Mia are so fun to watch!
12 years agoKamisama-DollKamisama-Doll
Yo Drina!!! :P

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