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My first figure was Jubei-Chan. I got her a couple of years ago on a whim after watching a battle in Jubei-Chan 2 in which both opponents effectively fling themselves off of a cliff and fight on the way down.

At one point I had a very elaborate system of rules like: "Only one of any given character", "only from an anime series I've seen", "every figure must be in an outfit seen somewhere in the show", etc.

But then I decided to relax my rules for video game characters since I don't have time to play *every* game and lots of games don't make it out of Japan but the characters are, well, really cool. And, of course, I had to punch another hole in the rules for Tony Taka characters.

The critical blow finally came when a friend gave me a second Belldandy figure for helping him move along with a copy of Figure Maniacs. (It's not a cheap magazine but get at least one for the experience; it's amazing!) The number of figures I *had* to have after looking through it exploded!

So with my entire system of rules in ruins, I now buy nearly anything. Usually I'll buy something solely because it's cute and/or armed. An unforeseen consequence has been the number of erogame figures I've ended up with. :-o

A little moe goes a long way with me but beautiful, armed women absolutely rock my world. I don't care if it's a gun, sword, scythe, dagger or paper fan but I really love strong female characters. It's tempting to say that I like tsundere-type characters but that's not quite right. What I love is the seemingly contradictory mix of soft and tough in a character, which is very appealing, but I'll leave the mean-spirited characters on the doorstep nearly every time.

As much as I've come to love figures in recent years, I've loved photography even longer. It took me a while to realize the perfect marriage between my two hobbies. Since then, though, I've had a blast.

I have a great camera and nice lenses but the rest of my setup is pretty basic basic. I first started shooting my figures from on top of an old microwave during the winter months when the sunlight would come into my windows during a certain time of day. The feet on it were perfect for sliding around the floor trying to chance the ever-moving light. These days I shoot from a table top and have dedicated lights.

Some day I'll get the last few bits of camera gear that will give me the most creative freedom but, new gear or not, I'm sill learning a lot. It's amazing that something so seemingly simple as figure photography can hold such great depth and potential after all this time.

Because of my technical background I'm pretty decent with the technical aspects of photography but my real goal is to be more creative. I think I'm slowly coming around but I have a long way to go. Whether I get there (wherever "there" is) fast or slow, the journey will be fun.
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Nearly Everything that's not Derivative Rubbish, Rap or Country
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naikousei no Tabi ❤️
ITEM #675822

I can't BREATHE.
2 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Tsunami3k (4 months ago) #29769023She's here!

Ordered! Honestly, I'll likely get 2.
4 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
I'm glad you're just as excited! It's Alter/ALTAiR, so the quality should be fantastic as well. He'll look really nice next to the Alvis scales, especially the aged ones. (By Kaiyodo, I think?)

Did you hear the news about Kino getting a re-release, along with a Nendoroid? I'm crying a little on the inside for purchasing her over the summer (still haven't even had a chance to open it yet!) but I'll definitely be getting this one, too. It's a "renewal" version, and if nothing else the colors are more vibrant.

4 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️

I'm not sure if a male figure would interest you at all, but I'm HYPED.

ITEM #520402
4 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Tsunami3k (7 months ago) #26138885Alvis still has to be one of the cutest kids in all of anime. I highly recommend ITEM #2434 and ITEM #72885 if you haven't already come across them. Of the few other figures, most are tragically small.

Agreed! I love ITEM #131032.

Ah, yes, I had a feeling you'd suggest those two. I absolutely love the first and have had both on my wish list for a long time.
7 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Tsunami3k (7 months ago) #26134020Oh cool, you found them! I never got much traction posting photos here because they'd inevitably get overrun by people spamming phone snaps of whatever. There are tons more photos on SmugMug (there's a link on my profile under "Homepage") but be aware that, while I'd consider it tasteful, there is a bit of NSFW stuff there (mostly big bins which, rumor has, you find acceptable).
Range Murata's designs are really cool. Before watching Last Exile (loaded with his character and mechanical designs), I was kinda "meh" about all things steampunk but his unusual take on the aesthetic in general blew that dam wide open. It's so neat that my pic of Muse is your wallpaper; I think that's a first that I know of! Thank you!

I actually went directly to your site to begin with! I'll have to look around more later; you really are very talented!

Ah, yes. The bins. No objections here.

Last Exile is in my top 5 series, for sure. Range Murata's style really resonates with me as well. (On that note, I'm PRAYING ITEM #520402 gets made.)

The only other figure of his I have right now is ITEM #91377 but I'd love to get a few more, especially some of his other original characters. Do you have a personal favorite?

Honestly, I'm not sure anything can top Muse. One of the very first figure designs I fell in love with. Even the box is gorgeous!
7 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Wanted to add that I just checked out your photography, and it's amazing! I ordered the Muse by Murata the other day, and I'm using your photo of her as my phone background now. Nice job!
7 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Tsunami3k (7 months ago) #26120576Thank you kindly. To be fair, I also don't know the origins of many of them. I used to have rules (mostly to keep me from getting too many figures [doh!]) but then I'd often find myself still wanting the figure but be stuck watching it rise in price and out of my reach so I did away with that silliness. I like BAMFs so I get the BAMFs that appeal to me, rules be damned!
Your collection is excellent as well (gah, even that impossible to find Kino figure!). I'm in the same boat. I have maybe 25% of my collection in Detolfs and other shelves and the rest are stored away in Rubbermaid bins, trapped in the figure equivalent of carbonite for who knows how long. I feel obliged to rotate them but that's a chore unto itself. First-world problems, right?!

Ahhh, that's how it started with me, too. "I'll stick to my favorite characters", I said! "I'm only going to get figures from series that hold a ton of sentimental value to me", I said.

So much for that, although I do admittedly want (and need) to cut down on the hobby eventually. Priorities call.

Thanks for the compliment, as well! Kino is the pride of my collection as of now. I'm really hoping the anime coming out next month will be popular enough to warrant a new figure entirely. She deserves it!

Oh, and I definitely feel you on the BAMF thing. One of my "moe points" used to be, "badass women who know how to wield a weapon effectively". I should just check honestly, but do you own the Canaan and Alphard figures from GSC? They're stunning.

I need to invest in some large bins, myself. ...A great typo just happened there; "bins" turned into "boobs". I've already covered that with some of the more recent additions to my collection, haha. I told myself I'd never need, or even WANT an ero figure/anything with a lot of skin showing. Whoops. Do you keep all of the boxes, too? That's the real problem for me but I don't feel comfortable pitching them, especially in the event I'd want or need to sell.
7 months ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
A massive collection, AND it's full of figures that I also have or find appealing? Almost unheard of, haha. Nice job!

Where do you keep the items you don't have on display? Almost all of my collection is sealed/new in box right now. I'm waiting to have a detolf set-up I'm really proud of to open them, but heck, my house is a mess of boxes. There has to be a better way.
7 months ago
Tsunami3k (1 year ago) #12188061They're all adorable so I'd be ok with pretty much any pair but my favorite would have to be Maki x Nico.

ahh okey. ^^
my its definitely honoka+eri. they are inseparable.* _____ *
1 year ago
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