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I'm Tyjos, I've been on MFC for a long time and I have collected figures for most of my life and lately it's winding down to a point to where it's time to get finished with collecting Anime figures by the end of 2020.

Update 5/29/20: Primary Objective reached for 2020 and can now close down shop for selling figures and can relax, over the next few months will begin the transition to being retired from active collecting and pick up something every so often and if all goes well by the end of next month should be to where I shouldn't have a problem with collecting Anime and can enjoy this part of the hobby again.

Update 5/27/20: Almost ready to close up shop with cleaning out figures, the collection continues to be managed well and down to focusing on finishing up with getting rid of figures and then spend the next few months taking a rest from being an active collector.

Still close to achieving my Primary 2020 Goals for finances but it may be July before I get there.

Update 5/19/20: After getting to where I'm finished with cleaning out the Transformers collection and finishing up with collecting Star Trek while shifting the room over to being focused on Trek I'm at a point I need to take time away from doing a lot with collecting and relax more.

I may work on clearing out a few more things from the collection and might get rid of a few Prize Figures but for now I'm tired of dealing with selling figures and after hitting my main goal for selling I need to rest.

I am focusing more on my mental,physical, and emotional health these days and with my interest in collecting shifting towards Starships and doing less with collecting Action Figures and other types of figures I'm happy to unplug from that part of collecting and focus on collecting something that is enjoyable to collect and those starship models are neat and look great with this collection so I'm content to stick to collecting that for a few months.

Update 5/14/20: After selling off a lot of the action figure collection I'm at a point I don't need to do much of anything else with collecting and picked up a few things that were remaining on my To Get List and after accounting was done for this month once the month's bills were paid and money banked from what was sold it's time to separate myself from collecting Anime for a while.


With things going as they are by the end of the month I'll be shifting my online focus to about 95% focused on Star Trek and Scifi and I don't feel like collecting anything Anime except Mobile Suits so I'm happy to unplug from collecting for a while and finish up with selling off what I have for sale....I will get back to watching Anime and not collecting it and if I do buy anything it may be a prize figure or a model kit every few months.

Update 5/10/20: Reaching the end of cleaning out the collection and should hopefully finish by the end of next week, not planning to spend much of anything this month and down to deciding on what to do for May and I don't feel like picking up anything else for the collection this month.

Update 5/8/20 As of this date I am just shy of reaching my primary selling goal plus achieving my Main Objective for 2020 and need to get rid of a few more figures, have cleaned out about 80% of the Transformers collection and have managed things to where it's essentials only.

I may take a long rest from selling after this and if all goes according to plans by July should be finished with spending a lot on anything during a month's time and will finally be finished with collecting Anime after 20 years of collecting Anime.

Update 5/7/20: After a successful cleaning out of Transformers at the end of last month I'm starting to move forward with settling into retirement from active collecting and my heart isn't in collecting like it used to be so it's nearing the inevitable end of my time hunting for anything new for the collection.

The collecting hobby has lost a lot of it's appeal to me and after 20 years of collecting Anime I am ready to step away from it and maybe this break might become permanent if I can keep from looking for anything new and the last things I'm still interested in collecting are Model Kits and that may continue for another month or two by my 36th Birthday in September I may no longer be collecting much of anything since my objective for this year is financial solvency and that can be achieved by not doing this hobby every month.

I am close to my main 2020 goals and the way to get there faster is to do nothing with collecting Anime for the next 3 months.

Update 4/27/20: Started to work on clearing out figures from this collection and will spend the next few months cleaning out action figures that are in storage and clearing figures from the collection here on MFC. -It's been time for a collection purge for a while so working on cleaning out and selling figures locally.

No longer ordering anything from Japan and now that my focus has shifted to saving up and cleaning out it feels good to not be obsessing over anything related to getting more for the collection, after going through lots of boxes to find parts and pieces that's helped to ensure I don't do a lot of collecting anymore since there's too much here in storage and I need to organize better so using this time to get things organized.

I'm not much of an Otaku these days and my time as a Anime Collector is just about up so moving forward at Warp Speed is my primary objective now and I like where I'm going since it's nice to not have to spend a lot of time hunting for figures or deal with collecting like I used too so I'm going to enjoy my retirement from active collecting and this hobby has become impersonal and it's not that exciting like it used to be so time to move on.

Update 4/18/20: MFC has finally lost it's appeal to me with the latest change to the website I don't feel like updating this collection anymore.

I'm shifting to blogging on my main blog that's linked here and these days my goals are to sit back and put my feet up and I don't feel like updating the collection here anymore so one less thing to deal with doing online and with things as they are collecting will be put aside now that the last chunk of the main To Get Items have been acquired for the collection so no need to look at Anime figures anymore.

Update 3/15/20: I'm done with this place.

No point in commenting on anything since my comments get neg voted to hell and you folks want me gone so I'm done with MFC and this place was fun but now it's not anymore.

Had enough with the behavior I've dealt with here and the only thing this place likes is to be negative so this isn't a positive place to be anymore. Like everywhere else I've been it's turned into a place I'm better off leaving no point in trying to share anything here.

This place was fun for a long time, the community was nice and fun to be around but now it's starting to get to where it's no longer fun to interact and I wonder if this place is even human considering it's reaction to emotions displayed here on this site in blog articles so I am one of the last 10 year users left here since others who joined when I did have moved on from this site and it's time for me to move on.

I don't get a good feeling from this site at all now.

I could tell you a few other things MFC should stand for with the behavior I have seen and dealt with but I'm tired of negative energy and this place has too much of it.

I thought if I could stick around to offset some of that negative energy with positive blogs and generate discussion about figures that would help but this site is getting to where it's not worth the effort anymore.

It's hard being a Fan who enjoys things these days because there are too many negative collectors and fans out there so I've reached my limit for interacting with fandoms/collecting communities.

I will be blogging on my old Wordpress Collecting and Scifi blog tyjos84.wordpre... I share my latest collection additions there and my opinions/viewpoints on things related to collecting and my blogs on Scifi.

I will be spending more time focusing my blogging efforts on Scifi since I prefer to watch more Scifi than Anime as of late and that's more enjoyable to me plus I'm more relaxed when I watch Scifi.

In the end Action Figures have won over collecting Anime figures and it feels good to return to the thing that got me started with collecting in the first place but I have only a few months left to collect the other series I'm interested in since I have acquired almost all the items I want for the collection.

I was an Active Anime collector for about 20 Years but I have reached my end with it and ready to finish things up with Anime by the end of this year.

Catgirls remain one of the things that keeps me interested in Anime because if there is an catgirl in a series chances are I'll watch it.

Tony Taka is still one of my favorite artists and I love the artwork from the Shining Series.


What Anime series do I like?

While I like Anime my main interest is in Video Game related characters and that's how I got sucked into Anime.

I started off with Anime watching Mobile Suit Gundam,went from watching Gundam to playing the Games that were available at the time in the early 2000's for PS2 and that helped to make me a Mobile Suit Gundam fan.


Muv Luv is a series that I came to like and enjoy due to the Artwork designs and when Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse came out that has me looking forward to any new M


Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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