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Happy Birthday :)

I hope you are doing well!

1 year ago
:) I love your collection! Great variety! I'm still hesitant to get the Free! figures cause all my scales are all female and all colorful (not too sure if Makoto or Haru would fit in too well ahaha ~ It would be cool if I could keep up the theme). But Makoto is my absolute favourite <3 :) How do you personally like Alter's Free! line?
1 year ago
Unliterary (2 years ago) #3238740I'M WATCHING IT AND IT'S SO INTENSE. I FORGOT HOW MUCH IT MAKES MY HEART BEAT OMGOMGOMG I LOVE KnB SO MUCH OMG. I went to see how much Midi's figure is now and was like elohel do I ever regret not preordering him xD. I want to get the rest but I'm going to have to wait a year or so ;-; my dad convinced me to quit my job so I looked at my ordered list and was like oh sweet baby BBQ. He did say as long as I helped out around the house he would pay for what I have ordered but we'll see if he sticks to that >_> September is going to be a terrible month. And then in August I have been so tempted to preorder Rin from Free! who I wasn't going to get because I wouldn't have Haru and that would forever bug me but I didn't want to spend $120 on him lolz. Such lolz. Aftermarket. Lolz. But then... I won't have job. My dad will give me some money every month but that is def coffee, food, and bus money. (IF YOU EVER COME TO THE US OF A AND THEN TO SEATTLE FEEL FREE TO HMU I WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE A MEAN HAIRCUT)
Omg I just got so sidetracked with that. Anyway I LOOOOVE my Kagami figure, I know that a lot of people don't but I mean it's Kagamiiiiiiiii. I want to hopefully get the generation of miracles ;-; my display shelf for them just looks empty without my purple, green, and red heads xD I'll have to take a picture so you can feel my painz. Did you see about the DRRR characters getting figma?!?!? I might get Izaya's scale eventually but I am SO getting the figma. So much enjoyment to be had with them omg.
Did you see the Jean RAH that's available for order now, I'm just here like ._____. pls make a scale for my JeanJean. Hopefully he'll get a figure in the Brave Act line because I'm accidentally collecting those.

It's really fantastic isn't it!? xD What episode are you on, or have you maybe finished the whole season already? ;)

Yeah, I thought the same about Midorima, hopefully I'll be able to get him somehow... It's the same with Akashi, I want him so bad but he's sold out at the cheaper places so he just costs ridiculously much... :')

Oh, that's quite the dilemma you've got there! ^^" I hope that your dad will keep his promise and that everything will be sorted out so you don't have to cancel any of your orders, that's the worst! Yeah, Rin looks really nice but I don't have any money left for the Free! boys, I prioritise some other figures before them tho.. Although I admit that it would be nice to have Haruka.. :3

I also really like Kagami a lot, he looks really good compared to the other figures of him out there so I'm really pleased with how he looks, especially next to Kuroko and the others! ^^
Feel free to take pictures! I would love to see how you've displayed your Kuroko figures!

I did not know about the DRRR figma! :3 That's amazing news, I can't wait to see how the figures will look like and what figures they will choose to make! ^^ I would love a figma of the figures from KuroBasu as well, that would be perfect~ (Although a wallet killer... ^^")

Unliterary (2 years ago) #3238740I looked at my ordered list and was like oh sweet baby BBQ.Btw, This comment made me laugh way more than I should.. xD
2 years ago
Unliterary (2 years ago) #3202442IS THE NEWEST SEASON OF KnB FINISHED YET. ◕‿◕✿) I am waiting.
My sister knew about Itachi's True Form (lololol) and wanted to tell me so badly when she saw the figure about him and I was like spoil me and you die. I liked the feeling of finding out the truth about him... but at the same time that figure tho. I did almost get him for giggles but he was $92 USD and that was like....... ಥ‿ಥ (I used to have this really cool Itachi/Sasuke wall scroll but I gave everything away to my friend at the time because I wanted to be cool and anime wasn't cool and omg why Rachel why. Now I could literally care less about what people think of me, and I guess that doing the last three years of highschool online helped a bunch with that).
Kagami was one of my first scales! I don't know who was technically my first scale since I got my first three for christmas (Rin and Yukio from Blue Exorcist -- if you haven't seen that then WATCH ITTT) but technically Kagami did arrive last of the three. Like right before Christmas too I almost hugged my mail man. :'D
I saw your review!!!!!! I wanted to get him but then literally 300000 figures came out in July... none of which I ended up preordering. Like, wtf. Mostly because I injured my finger and couldn't work and then found out I'm starting school soon but... wtf. None. Literally nobody.
I think for AoT I'm going to get the figma and the Brave Act series. Except with how much Erwin costs, that route may not be the cheapest after all... ಥ‿ಥ
I was originally going to get all the RAH for AoT and was like "one every month or two would be okay" but I would have to stop any other figure buying and when I added up how much that would cost... Ugh. Nope. I do want ITEM #264439 though bc I mean it's Levi and he would look fab next to my sebastian RAH. .. who I still have to buy Ciel for. What is life.

YES! It's finished! Go watch it, NOW! xD
The last moment of Sasuke and Itatchi's battle just hit me right in the feels... His smile against Sasuke in the end was just so filled with emotion... :'(

I got Kagami today btw, he looks fantastic both by himself and next to the other scales on my KnB shelf! ^^ I actually started watching Blue Exorcist but I stopped after about 10 episodes or so, but I plan to pick it up again sometime soon in the future! :3

Thanks, hope you liked it~ ^^ Takao is probably one of my favourites (I can't pick one favourite, they all look so good... ^^"), his face, pose and sculpt is just stunningly good! xD I also know how you feel, I had to choose between Takao, ITEM #287781, ITEM #287777 and some others but I finally settled for Takao, but I WILL GET IZAYA!... Sometime in the future, hopefully.. ^^"

Yeah, I really like the RAH but they are just too expensive for me... But they really look nice! ^^
I really want to get the rest of the Kuroko scales that I'm missing, but I have already exceeded this summer's figure budget... ^^"

Hahah, no worries! ^^ I know how it feels and I would also like to write as much as I could to everyone! xD Also, I'm sorry for the late reply once again... ( ≧Д≦)
2 years ago
Unliterary (2 years ago) #3169667That's exactly how I felt! And then I went crazy with wanting to know what happens so I was like weeeell I will see if I can wait and then binge it all so I get that "instant" gratification. I did that with The Walking Dead and it worked out until I went on facebook and got my socks spoiled off so I learned my lesson to keep up with it week by week. Some shows are just better watched at once, you know?!
I always loved Itachi when I was younger and then once...
View spoilerHide spoilerI found out that he wasn't actually evil and hated Sasuke my heart melted and I loved him even more
... and was heart broken because ITEM #269726 pre orders closed like right after I watched the episode. Mammoth tears were shed.
There are so many figures that I want and while I would normally be able to get all the figures I wanted (which is like 2-3 preorders a month so not crazy town) I start school next week and have to tone it down a bunch. It's just beauty school (I say... but it is the most intense beauty school I could have possibly chosen... kill me??) but all that cash money will be heading towards paying that off. Again, mammoth tears. I finally bit the bullet yesterday and preordered ITEM #198335 because I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I also have my Ken Kaneki figure for that month but I ordered it on TOM which means he's already paid for which means I can justify Erwin. RIGHT? RIGHTTT??? Okay, I know I'm horrible. (seriously Erwin is so expensive I don't get it)
YES! WATCH AoD! I held off for awhile because I didn't think I would like it but it's the perfect amount of witty with fabulous characters and great plot. And I have seen some of DRRR up until the episode of Shizuo's past and I liked it but... I am really bad at finishing shows and also sort of scared because I don't want to want all of their figures that just came out omg. e.e

First of all, sorry for the late reply... Second of all, Watch it now!!!! (If you haven't already, in that case.. Watch it again! XD)
Yeah, spoilers is really annoying, especially when you're just catching up to a series that you really like, and then you suddenly know what happens in a bunch of episodes... ^^" It's really annoying!

Yeah, I went trough the same phase regarding Itachi, at first I thought that he was just a heartless jerk but he's grown to become my favourite character, hands down, in Naruto! :')

Yeah, I always wanted that Itachi but then they announced him to be both limited and exclusive... that shattered my soul for like a week, same with the tsume version ITEM #176200, in that situation it was the ridiculous price that was the deal breaker... (And he had his edo-tensei cloak and everything...) I guess that for now I have to be happy with what I have... x'D ITEM #99873

I got some kind of frenzy so I went ahead and ordered both Kagami and my missing two Kuroko half age figures, now I have to wait patiently for them. Anyhow, my Takao just arrived and I love how he looks~ I've written a review about him that you can check out if you have the time! ^^

I had my eyes on a lot of figures from AoT but I decided to try and hold back on them, I succeded but a full set of Eren, Mikasa and Levi from Kotobukia had not been wrong... ^^"

I still haven't gotten to watch AoD but I will as soon as I can! ^^
And yeah, I really want the re-released Izaya-kun, well, I hope to get him sometime in the future since I've already gotten two figures this month... xD
2 years ago
Unliterary (2 years ago) #3137650I AM SO BEHIND ON KnB LIKE OMG. LEGIT I AM ONLY ON 62, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. (I was actually waiting so I could binge it ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) to be honest).
I've been watching Naruto Shippuden and I'm 220-ish episodes in. Kakashi is my everything, I love him so much I just omgomgomgomg. I'm waiting so hard for ITEM #269720 I can't wait and then there's the 1/6 scale of him coming and I just omg. Fangirling, fangirling everywhere.
And then I just started Ace of Diamond not thinking I would like it and I............ love it. fml.

Shit, I don't think that I would be able to handle knowing that there are episodes that I haven't watched yet.. ^^" YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO WATCH THE WINTER CUP FINAL, it's amazingly written and fantastically animated! xD
I actually was up to date with Naruto Shippuden for about half a year ago, but then the like 100 (or something) filler arc started and I just read the manga and hasn't watched the anime since... ^^" Altough I'm planning to watch all the recent "canon" episodes! ^^
I also love Kakashi but Itachi is my personal favourite from Naruto, his character is just perfect! ^^ My favourite figure of Kakashi has got to be the one by Tsume (ITEM #204788), I would love to get him but I have other priorities right now... :')
I'm thinking about starting to watch AoD but I haven't gotten around to it yet, a lot of people who like similar anime that I do seem to like it though so I'm definitely going to watch it sometime! ^^

Have you watched Durarara by the way? I started watching the first season and blitzed trough it in one and a half day... I still haven't started on the next season since my social life probably wouldn't be able to cope with me being completely gone for another two days or so... ^^" If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! ^^
2 years ago
Unliterary (3 years ago) #2698411OMG OMG OMG AOMINE -- I love him more every episode. What's funny is when we first "met" him I was like ugh I'll never like him. I HAVE A FEELING WHAT HE DID IS GONNA BITE HIM LATER AND I'LL BE SO MAD, OMG. (I was ambiguous in case you havent seen the second newest episode.)
I've rewatched some of the episodes so many times and I've made my mom and sister watch my favorites -- luckily they're good sports about it. ;)

Haha, yes! He's become one of my favourite characters recently, View spoilerHide spoiler especially after what he did to Haizaki.. Although I felt so much satisfaction in that scene... ^^".
I've done the same to my family, I've forced them to sit down at watch my favourite episodes... ^^"

But yesterday was so painful for me!! I was sitting there, waiting for the next episode and the start of the Kaijo-Seirin match, and when the episode should have been released, it wasn't... About four hours later I couldn't just skip it so I found the raw japanese episode without subtitles. I tried to understand what they were saying based on my limited japansese knowledge but it was so worth it! OMG, AFTER JUST TWO MINUTES OF THE GAME I'M ALREADY HYPE! Especially Kuroko in the beginning, that was just unreal to me how awesome that was...! ^^"
3 years ago
Unliterary (3 years ago) #2658540I have... Failed miserably in regards to waiting. I couldn't help myself, I was bored and it was JUST THERE, WAITING FOR ME. This game is so intense I'm dyingggg!!
Hehe, ok! ^^ Don't worry tough, it happens to all of us... xD
I know! I can't wait until the next episode! I've already seen the first four episodes seven times each or something... ^^"
3 years ago
Unliterary (3 years ago) #2632000SEASON THREE IS GONNA BE SO INTENSE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE MYSELF... I watched the first episode but I think I'm going to wait for the season to finish before I watch it.
I KNOW! I'm so hyped for the next episode! ^^
Ok, good luck waiting! I tried to do that but I can't contain myself when a new episode is out! ^^"
3 years ago
Unliterary (3 years ago) #2603919I am so ready for KnB season 3 you don't even know. :)))))))))))))))))
Haha, yes! Me too! ^^ xD
3 years ago
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