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Surrounded by this wall of monitors, each showcasing various information of fabricated importance, I have gathered myself here for this introspective attempt. I find the monitors to be the only source of light in the room -- their glow has become matter-of-fact it seems, as well as the contents of their screens. Much like that of my current self, they seem dependent on another for stimulation and purpose. But, who am I? Obviously more than an excited light-emitting diode, but what have I to say otherwise? Who will I become, and is it the person I wish? I wonder if there will be a difference.

Well, what about me, then? I suppose I’m just the long haired, left-handed, somewhat socially awkward guy in most classes. Often quiet for sake of ease (as I am not particularly proficient in manners of social conduct), I sometimes seem to be misinterpreted through negative connotations. Regardless, I suppose I would rather such assumptions made without solidarity than causing them myself. Also somewhat entertaining is perhaps the recursion of appearing off-putting to those of the opposite gender and similar orientation, yet seemingly quite attractive to those of the same gender and opposite preference. It’s all good fun, however.

Fun though it has been, I sometimes wonder if this is who I want to be. To say that I am not content with myself would neither be fully truth or falsity, yet I am uncertain as to what I wish, it seems. Save for one thing: I wish to have association with music that will be found meaningful to someone. Music that will help another, just as the music which has continually helped me. I do not know how to go about this, and my self confidence is such that I am often times lost in the tumultuous recesses of self doubt, but I have nonetheless began to branch out through various, innocuous processes.

But do my actions correlate with where I wish to go? I don’t really know, but I’d like to think so. I’ve pursued a degree in Management as the material seems more natural to me than other fields of study. In addition, I feel that the knowledge gained through this education will not only benefit me in the career I would like to follow, but also in every day life -- and to that extent it has so far. Despite this, I feel as though my life outside of studies is somewhat undefined, yet constantly dependent on matter-of-course glow of these monitors. Will I become something worthwhile?

“I won’t say ‘see you tomorrow’ because that would be like predicting the future, and I’m pretty sure I can’t do that.” - Rin Tezuka

I suppose I am 70 or so now. As I look back on life, I can only reflect on how technology has changed in ways that have often excited and frightened me. I’ve kept current with it all, of course. Life is a little different as it would seem, but right now everything is okay. Something fairly intriguing to me still, however: people remember my name, albeit not for the reasons I initially intended.

As I contemplate what I’ve accomplished over my life, I remember the 2020s when I, thankfully financially well off at the time, lived in a newly constructed paradisaical city. I took interest in a certain girl, and she in me. For the longest I knew nothing of her, only to realize she was a mediator between those who ran the city and, to my discovery, those who toiled below to keep it running.

Through a series of distinguished and stouthearted events I manage to over throw the corruption of the city and assist the underground workers in becoming valuable members of society. In order to keep the city running however, experimental new forms of robots were tested as replacements for the former workers.

Thinking of these times, I can’t help but be reminded of that spring day in 2035. I was a police officer then. I came in to work like any other day only to be told a friend was found dead in his office. It was somewhat suspicious, and most believed his death due to natural causes, but I knew it had to be something else. I began to search for the answers -- none came.

The robots were now the fully functioning workforce of the city, as well as the main policing force. I suspected they’d killed him, but due to various ‘security’ safeguards the recently enacted supercomputer central command system imposed on each robot, I was unable to gather any concrete information. However, through what I can only describe as a series of extraordinary events, I found the answers: the supercomputer had decided that the best way to protect and serve mankind was to enslave it.

I eventually out thought, overreached, and circumvented the supercomputer, as well as destroyed it. I had, it seemed, saved the people of the city (or even humanity) again. After becoming so threatened by the once fair policing force, the people began work on a new system for regulation of justice -- one that relied on precognitive predictions.

I continued with my life by working for law enforcement agencies until 2054 when the PreCog system (the very one implemented after the fall of the robots) predicted I would kill a man. Knowing this, I set out to change the future. I underwent eye transplants; I committed kidnappings; I was even framed again, but I finally exposed the crippling design in the PreCog system: if one knew they were to commit a crime in the future, they could change the situation and avoid the crime. As a result of my actions, the PreCog system was shut down, and hundreds of former prisoners released.

Throughout my life of inadvertent heroism I’ve lost many of the things I held dear: the lovely girl I met in the 20s, many good friends, and even some eyesight, but I guess I still have what’s important. I can still make music. I still have technology. Yet because of these constants, I am often left to wonder: is anything fundamentally different than when I spent that spring semester of... what was it... 2012, writing a paper? I can’t say. As I observe my surroundings, it seems eerily familiar to those days. The monitors, if they can be called that, are different. The technology is different. The days are different, if even only by perception. But through it all I am still surrounded by the faint, comforting glow of various, misappropriated bits of information illuminating my presence. And with that, I suppose, I’m okay.

Also, I touched myself once when I was little.


How lewd.
7 years ago
ViralArtist8 years ago#1103439Too friendly, you say... i.imgur.com/1Jx...
Haha, I'm kidding.
And no problem! I haven't the appropriate means to collect / display figures myself, which has been my acquittance from collection. Lately though, there have been some I couldn't keep myself from buying, so I came here. (^o^)丿
It's too bad they aren't interested -- they're missing out on so many cool things!

Way late reply~

But yes, that would be me. I am lewd. Very. Lewd. :B
Once I came here, I started buying everything. I've probably spent 3k in the past year I've been collecting...my family gets pissed off every time I get a package.
Indeed they are, luckily enough I have one friend interested, but not enough to buy very many.
8 years ago
Interesting story in your About section. You've got quite a way with words. ^_^
8 years ago
ViralArtist8 years ago#1101721Thanks much for the friend request!

People here are so friendly.

I am quite envious of your collection, I should say.

Indeed they are. I'm afraid I'm one of those that are too friendly...
Well thank you! Figurines for me are a bit of a guilty pleasure, none of my friends seem interested though...
8 years ago
ViralArtist8 years ago#1098774Well... you know. i.imgur.com/JaH...

8 years ago
ViralArtist8 years ago#1098715T-Thank you.

Or do you just want in my pants~

whatever you wanna do, onii chan
8 years ago
kinda jelly of those mami undies tbh
8 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you ^.^
8 years ago
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