If I'm still sane by the end of this it will be a miracle...
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NOTICE: Languages

I'm aspiring to be a translator. Currently, I am learning Japanese and German so please feel free to speak to me in basic levels of these three.

Current languages; ENG-

Next language to learn; Spanish
After that: Italian
After that: Not sure. Candidates are; Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Norwegian, and French, feel free to suggest others though! I'm not going to learn Chinese, because of the tones and the fact I have a very monotone voice.





Hi, Please call me Meiko, calling me Vocaloid sounds silly, Meiko is my online name mainly. I'm not a big collector...
I'm from England, therefore I spell things properly, such as `color` being `colour`, USA prepare to learn from the tea grammar Nazi.

*No art is mine, credits go to the original artists for these artworks.

As my name suggests, I like Vocaloids. My favourite is Megurine Luka and my second favourite is Hatsune Miku.


"Scars are not a mark of weakness, they are a mark of a survivor, who got back up when they fell and survived to tell the tale"-Me.
So, some quick facts about me:
Religion: Atheist. Because that is now a religion.

Favourite Flower(s) in order:
1.Higanbana-Red Spider Lily- Lycoris Radiata
2.Red Rose
3.Cherry Blossom
Favourite song: Uninstall by Ishikawa Chiaki
Favourite Genre of games: Role Playing. Look on that information on the side at the top.
What people describe me as: Look on the side of my profile, down the task panes -------->(scroll up)
"Depending on which eye you see, you may or may not see the real me, can you see beyond the cold and solid barrier that separates the me reflected in your eyes and the true me?"-Me
Favourite season: Autumn
Height/Weight: Height=5"1 Weight=48kg
Favourite country: Japan
Favourite Instrument: 1st;Violin, 2nd; Piano/Harpsichord.
Favourite Colour: Red, well, black and red, they're like yin and yang to me, but if I had to choose one, it's red.
Favourite Animal: Cat
Favourite meal: Rice with soy sauce and hot (temp wise) prawns.
Favourite drink: Milk/ Milk Tea.
Favourite flavour: Vanilla
Dislike: Arrogant, extreme religion , dark soy sauce,currents (e.g. Raisins), alcohol, spicy food, pepper, Insects, the buzzing sound of a fly. Kids/Babies(Quiet ones may be an exception) SPIDERS:
Pray tell if I find a spider, I will turn into the most brutal person the world has ever seen. It. Shall. die.
Also known as me running out the room, and getting someone else to kill it. Emotionless of course.

"In war, both sides lose" "War is necessary, it is justifiable when it' the last resort, when the words and pleas have failed, action needs to be taken; the line is crossed when innocent civilians are killed, Nanking, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbour, London"-Me.


What do I look for in a figure:
What I collect are scale figures only.
I mostly look for figures that are of high quality and characters that I really like. So I'm very strict when choosing.
Opinion of Yaoi?
I'm a fan of Yaoi and Yuri, although in real life I'm either way, don't know until you find someone you like,right? I prefer my own company and don't plan to find someone. I love Yaoi, need more of this in the real world. I don't see how it's wrong.

What characters I like;

I am a fan of characters that are strong, don't show emotions, cold(but warm inside), Kuudere, Smart, are sarcastic and don't lash out at someone(e.g Tsundere's) but beat the person by using their wit, such as using witty remarks against them.
My first GSC figure was Hatsune Miku 1/8
My first Kotobukiya was Kuroneko 1/8
My first ALTER was Momohime 1/8
My first Gift was Saber EXTRA 1/8
My first Max Factory was Megurine Luka 1/7
My favourite scale is 1/8.

Unlike alot of people here, I am not learning it for the sole reason of liking Anime. It first started when I heard the word `Sayonara` and it just took my breath away, it sounded beautiful and elegant, Someone told me it was Chinese and so I became obsessed with China for a few years.

But I always felt `something is missing here`. I knew where China was on the map, but I was always drawn to that island next to it, until I learned that the word was Japanese, and now I have found my country to love, the culture, history, arts, and everything about it allures me.

No random FR please, PM me and get to know me otherwise I will harshly decline said offer, like a boss.
Thanks for stopping by;


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It's nice to be recognized...but then again, where have you seen me around....and things? Lol

Nice to meet yaz! Nice page too!
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Hey did you have that bootleg lelouch figure?
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you're welcome
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Happy Birthday !! :D
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I've seen you around, just wanted to say Hi haha XD

Haha hi, and thanks for the FR! :D
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Vocaloid9 years ago#1756485XD Sorry, just got back from a trip to York. I love documentaries~ Cat lover,tea lover, coffee hater, RPG lover, Thick English accent, vanilla and cinnamon freak, Asexual, Arachnophobia to the max (which is bad when you live next to a cemetery ;-;), Faithphobia to the max, linguaphile...Pale girl that can never get a tan , SUPER FRUGAL XD How are you?

Ooo, I have faithphobia as well. And I'm trying to be asexual like you, but that's difficult at times. ;) Cinnamon is VERY VERY good for you and you should eat it every day. And stay pale! Nothing wrong with that. I hate sunny days and I use a parasol like an old Asian lady and I even wear SPF sun sleeves (I got some really pretty ones in Japan earlier this year, way better than the ones I had been wearing for the past several years...at least the Japanese-made ones are fashionable). I have major sun OCD issues.

And in terms of being super frugal...explain. Because I'm the cheapest person I know. And how does that translate into this hobby? For me, I recently placed my FIRST two pre-orders, and those will probably be the last. I ALWAYS buy from the secondhand market and most of the time, I save a ton of money that way.
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Vocaloid9 years ago#1732062Sorry, forgot that MFC doesn't notify you of comments haha. Sooo, tell me about yourself! I read your profile, but just stuff like hobbies and all that jazz would be nice to know.

Me: Incognegro. Anti-socialite. Pluviophile. Borderline misanthrope. Animal lover. Perpetual foodie. Horn honker hater. Incessant rambler. Lexophile. Life and death of your party. Documentary junkie. Selfless hedonist. Obsessive recycler/compulsive composter. Not-so-dirty backpacker. Introverted extrovert. Conspiracy theorist. Nervous ponytail twirler. "How's my driving?" hotline caller.

You: ???

[Edit: I realized that I wrote misogynist instead of misanthrope! I am totally NOT a misogynist! Never! Girl Powah foreva!! Must've been thinking about something else when I wrote that. Jeez. :)]
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Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!


Learning 3 languages
Non-Fiction, heavy information based. Not `stories`.
MOE Point(s)
Long Hair,Red Colours,Thighighs,black colours,Hime cut,Katana,black wings,Red eyes, Cold personality, Smart, Emotionless,Kuudere, Pale Skin,Black or Brown hair,
Philosophical songs,dark and tragic songs, songs with deep meaning, ect.
Windows 7 System, Samsung Laptop, IC5.
Favourite Touhou characters:

1.Fujiwara no Mokou
2.Knowledge Patchouli
3.Yakumo Yukari
4.Kazami Yuuka
5.Izayoi Sakuya
5.Konpaku Youmu


What people think of me

-You tend to get irritated easily
-You work very hard.
-Your alone time is your 'happy time'
-You isolated yourself during childhood
-You became very successful in a short amount of time
-You are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the outside world
- You can seem cold/aloof to other people
-You need time to adjust to new people
- You like tea
-You're very sarcastic/ cynical+Witty
-You're polite
-You tend to call people idiots
-You have very strong Opinions about a variety of topics
-It takes you ages to come out of your shell
-You are intelligent
- You think too much about philosophical stuff
-You never stop thinking/never know what you're thinking
-You are graceful one moment and grinning like a maniac the next
-It's better to have you as a friend than an enemy
-Even friends and family find you mysterious, you still make decisions that surprise/you're complex
-Honest even if it offends someone
-Calm in tense situations
-when mad, the other person better run