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Hello there have you already shipped out my UMP45 Figma yet? If you could please provide me a tracking number soon.
15 days ago
Please check your PM, thanks!
15 days ago
Hi! are you still selling the Midoriya gamma y costume nendoroid ?
22 days ago
Are you still selling the Dazai nendoroid doll? If so, for how much? Thank you!
23 days ago
Hello there I've sent you a messaging following up that I've sent you the payment on PayPal for the UMP45 Figma. Just letting you know.
23 days ago
Hello are you still selling midoriya izuku nendoroid gamma y costume?
23 days ago
Hey! saw that you had an ad for mai sakurajima and wanted to see if it was still available. Thanks!
24 days ago
Hello! I was interested in a couple of your figures but you inbox is full. If you could please msg me, I would love to ask you abt them.
Thank you
24 days ago
Hi are you still selling Erwin Smith figma? If so can you pls dm me the price?
24 days ago
Hello! are you still selling Victor from Yuri on Ice figurine?
25 days ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.




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