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https://pm1.narvii.com/6430/2d2fb7f21e6c4b62b4084523ab821401f24611ab_hq.jpgHi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm a gamer that's also super into pro wrestling/puroresu, the MCU, Disney, and (of course) anime and manga. As far as my collection goes, I've been focusing on Love Live, Sengoku Basara, Vocaloid, and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a huge weakness for straps, clear files, and anything Wario.

Favorite Video GamesBy SeriesAce Attorney • Animal Crossing • BioShock • Code: Realize • Danganronpa • Elder Scrolls • Fallout • Fire Emblem • Hakuouki • Kingdom Hearts • Legend of Zelda • Project Diva • Sengoku Basara • Sonic the Hedgehog • Tales • TWEWY • Uncharted • Wario. Anything with Wario. • Yakuza • Zero EscapeFavorite Anime and MangaHide 20th Century Boys • Clannad • Code Geass • Daiya no Ace • Dragon Ball Z • Fairy Tail • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun • Hokuto no Ken • Idolish7 • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure • Jujutsu Kaisen • Katekyou Hitman Reborn! • Little Witch Academia • Love Live! • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica • MonsterOne Piece • Pandora Hearts • Welcome to the NHK • Yakusoku no Neverland • Yowamushi Pedal • Yuri!!! on Ice • Zombie Land Saga
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Yeah a lot of people in general were skeptical because it's a 20+ year old cult-status underground manga and now there is going to be a mainstream(ish) animation from it?! But man, did they pull it off, I am so happy!

I watched Houseki no Kuni a while back and it's definitely interesting. It's not something I would otherwise watch at all, as it's too slow paced for my liking, but it was definitely an unique experience I would also recommend to others. The CGI is very well done and quite pretty at times. I wouldn't call myself a fan though. I did meet a lot of people that were instant fans of it.

Beastars has been on my watchlist on Netflix for a long time, but I realllyyyy don't like the furry style although people tell me it's good. :') Something similar also held me off for a long time to watch Zootopia, although I ended up loving that movie. xD

Oh man, I have not even watched Golden Kamuy, but t h e b e a r instantly became a meme in my local anime community. But from what I heard budget and quality of Golden Kamuy is increasing with each season, so this stuff was only in S1, right?

Aww, that's so kind! Over here, gift does not change much for customs, only if you 'fake' the value to be very low, but both sender and receiver can get in trouble with that, so I rather not risk it. :x

LOL they are 3rd place, and there are lower ranked ones? :') But I do think the whole Ebisu signing up to wanting to be Fujita's partner is adorable!


Sometimes as an European wanting to watch all the anime people from the USA are talking about feels like:


With the anime-specific companies being so limited, I actually rely a lot on Netflix here. ^^'' And purchase physically if I loved something (I am still contemplating which physical release from Dorohedoro to get).

Hehe, I never thought about their ship name! But you make me think...because so much are 'confirmed' couples in Baccano! people never really use the name 'ship' within the fandom. I do think I have seen JacuzzixNice used more, sorry haha.

Oh yeah Tanya was a love at first sight. I was already afraid she would be that even before I started the show and it all came true. :')

Apparently a bunch of them are region free and certain devices can play all regions (iirc loose blu ray players or the ones built into computers and laptops are better at that than consoles). So yeah I guess almost (?) all the BR releases in English language were from the UK. :/ I do regularly see the JP BR being sold on Suru, Amazon.jp and similar sites, so I am not sure if that one comes with subtitles? In theory it should then play on your PS4.

I really don't know why they are so stingy with the Baccano! license, I guess because they know the niche group that likes it pays big bucks for whatever they decide to release. X_X Some of the English printed books also go for crazy amounts now.

So many flight and booking companies are on the brink of bankruptcy that they grasp every bit of money they can keep from cancellations. :/ Although I am sure once everything opens again they will ask HUGE markups for everything because then everyone wants to go on vacations again.

Hehe I regularly think like "how long will it take for me to not feel paranoid when in crowds when this is all over"? Pictures of full venue concerts and convention halls seem so dystopian at the moment. xD Just before the pandemic hit I moved to a very crowded city with extremely crowded public transport to get to/from work, which before I did not see as an issue, but now the thought of going in crowded transportation to one of the main streets of the biggest city here just makes me frown. Also for the apartment I have now I was originally very excited for it as it's close to one of the biggest shopping centers in the country (so there is always something to do, tons of good restaurants and every type of store you can imagine), but nowadays that is like ground zero for catching corona so you do not want to be there. :')

But anyway I hope I can shake off those feelings quite fast once the vaccinations are taking place and corona infections numbers are going down. I want to finally explore this place I moved to!!! TT^TT And don't want to feel panicky whenever I go outside and have to avoid people. And yes! I love rollercoasters! Well basically any attraction I like, also slow rides that just have decorations and stuff. And I can also spend way too much time admiring all the themes and looks from the decorations outside of the rides. About that, there is one park in my home country I would really recommend if you like fairy tales, it's called the Efteling. They have rides as well, but the main part of the park is the fairy tale forest and it's full of cute houses like this you can walk through:




I never thought of it like that, but I guess there is quite some similarity between Murder House and Hotel, but the biggest difference is that Hotel is troubled people in 'bulk' rather than 1 family going mad.

Originally when Jason and Freddy were announced I really really did not like Freddy's design and it seemed kind of odd to only get Jason, so that's why I skipped. I had a chance to buy Jason for ~$100 (iirc) at a convention shortly after release, but did not have space for her in my suitcase, so I skipped getting her...OH THE REGRET. After that her market value exploded, so I jumped on it right away when they did the second release (although I would have preferred the first release, but oh well).

Did you play GTAV? I would say the torture scene there is definitely worse than Manhunt's scenes. I do remember that back then there was a lot of backlash at GTAV having it in such a mainstream game, it was also unskippable and made a lot of people uncomfortable. However, there is still the difference of it being only 1 scene in GTAV versus all of Manhunt being about hunting and getting hunted. :') But Manhunt was always meant to be a kind of 'smaller' release I guess and not of the quality/size/marketing-plan of being like a GTA. The first game also has a lot of re-used assets from the GTA's that were released around the same time, so in that way it feels like they just set up a small department to try something different from what they normally do and see where it goes. They definitely got quite a following from it, but it remained more niche...well, except for the media keeping on complaining about the game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's definitely not something you want children to play/see, but I see no issues with adults that know what they are getting into to play it.

It does make me wonder how well received Manhunt would have been if it released now rather than back then. It might still have sparked some controversy because if you combine the whole game, it's still worse than that single torture scene in GTAV. xD

Every console race confuses me, I had lots of people around me wanting to get that new xbox too. One of my close friends that rushed to get a PS5 only played that new Demons Souls version on it and since then it's catching dust, LOL. I don't get it. :') But I guess because I also have so much backlog in games that I also don't feel the pressure to have the newest of the newest to continue playing. The only franchise where I pre-order every new release is Resident Evil and I can play those on the PC, so I don't have to panic-buy consoles for that.

On the other hand, I would say that the way the prices of games have been rising is quite slow if you compare it to almost any other thing that has been rising in price (I mean look at the figure hobby lol). When I was a kid I remember games being 40eu always, then they became 50eu with sometimes 60eu in my teens/young adult years. Nowadays they are 60eu with sometimes 70eu. I mean, well, it's a lot of money but if you are willing to wait everything will go down eventually. I only pay those full prices for Resident Evil LOL, because I want to play them right away after release and mostly even take time off when there is a new one releasing. xD
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I think I have a harder time liking Johnson because his introduction is..in the sewers and then he gets distracted by a cut off foot that is hurled at him??? :') I did love seeing tiny Johnson in the past, but man what a random character he is.

If there is something the anime succeeded at it is comedy timing of so much moments, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at an anime as the 'blerg' where Ebisu pukes in that garbage bag in the car. :') I can't wait to see the whole duct-taped/split-head stuff in the anime as I was already choking up from laughter just seeing that happen in manga panels.

I love that sticker! And from that same artist I had been contemplating getting that 'Gyoza Crazy' design maybe as a pin. :) Unfortunately any purchase from the USA overwhelms me with a ton of customs charges so I always have to wait until I want to buy a bulk to make it worth it.

I mean this moment (tears are flowing back):

They had some really good conversations here and seeing Caiman so sad was really heartbreaking. </3

Or maybe you shoulnd't re-read it so that the anime is more of a surprise when the things happen? Haha.

Fujita and Ebisu are probably my #3 favorite pair in the show. On first spot it's Shin & Noi, second spot Caiman & Nikaido. <3

UGH if something gets me riled up it's the CGI haters. Of course, there is tons of horrible CGI in anime out there, regularly in cringe worthy quality as well, but multiple studios have been doing some great CGI that is absolutely not worth it to complain about. I always get sad when I look up reviews/scores from Dorohedoro and people will be saying things like "CG art sucks, so 4/10 there, but story is 8/10, so the series becomes a 6/10". Just, wtf??? The CG in Dorohedoro is far from perfect but it is definitely watchable and can be quite pretty at times, so why the fuuuucccccck do you burn down a whole franchise just because "you would have preferred it to be 2D". The reason why we didn't have a Dorohedoro anime for 20+ years is because it's way too hard and expensive to make it fully 2D! KDJFKJDSFDKSFSJ

But maybe I do have to add here that there are quite some 'ugly CG' anime that I can enjoy, as long as the story is good I can forgive lower budgets or lesser animation quality (the original Higurashi and Ajin come to mind).

Haha, so you do think it works with Zombie Land Saga as collaboration? Man, then I really should watch it, huh? I am not sure what to expect when Funimation and Crunchyroll merge. Funimation barely has coverage in Europe, while Crunchyroll has more. It maybe could mean our Crunchyroll availability here becomes a lot higher! Let's see how things turn out!

Same here, even if I would focus on Europe only there are too many countries and cities I want to visit! And about the cancellation, well the reason was that 'flights are going', even thought they did not give VISA's to anyone and at arrival you would be put in a quarantine hotel for 2 weeks (for a 10 day trip OTL). So because the flights themselves were not cancelled, we got middle fingers and lost a lot of money. :( And man, theme parks is something I am also hugely missing due to the pandemic, I'm looking forward to when we can go to places like that normally again.

Hrmm, Hotel is more about the dark past of the hotel and ghosts that are stuck to the building. So you explore the current alive people, the past and how the dead are still there. Murder House is also very very good. Freak Show has it's ups and downs, but is overall decent I think.

Oh man same same same my phone is full of panels I thought were cute in Dorohedoro and Caiman has so many funny and cute expressions! I do like CG Caiman, but he probably looks the most different from all when comparing to his manga look.

LOL not hate, but you never want to see him again? Ok ok, cool. :') Dumb characters can be a type! I guess my main type is cute looking characters that are not cute at all (either they're (secretly) evil, or they are older than they look, or they are very strong etc.) and tomboyish girls. So hey ABOUT THAT because I will try to put something in every message to convince you to watch Baccano!...that character that is included in a lot of gifs on my profile?


The blonde one, Nice she is called. She has the same voice actress as Noi. Maybe that also caused my attraction to Noi to increase by 100000x. Anyway, man do I love Nice and her boyfriend Jacuzzi! Baccano! also has multiple character relationships that make my heart go:


I don't want to spoil too much, but Jacuzzi and Nice are really a couple that greatly compliments eachother. *swoon*

LOL yeah it does influence my buying speeds, like sometimes I can buy a big thing pretty fast and at other times you can go weeks without a sale (which is what is currently happening to me OTL). But with everything being surface shipped and ultra slow I guess it does not matter much if an order is placed/paid/shipped a month later LOL.

And jep, jep! I got her as a pre-order but then I waited to group her together with some other orders in a surface packaging and since then I am waiting on her. According to my estimations she should show up around mid March...which is actually already quite soon! Man, I hope I will really get her by then, the wait has been so long! And yeah the Horror Bishoujo are in general great. I skipped the original Jason and Freddy and oh boy did I regret it when I saw Jason about a year later in person. Since then every Horror bishoujo that is from a franchise I really love has become one I instantly pre-order.

Yeah the controversy around Manhnt can make it quite a hard game to recommend because a lot of people will go like "Oh, that banned game?" or "Wait, wasn't that crazy violent and messed up?". And yes, quite some horrible stuff is in there, but I have definitely seen wayyy worse in horror movies. But I think the fact that your character does it, is what makes it 'extra bad'? Even with the outdated graphics some of the animations are quite...oof, even now. Especially when it comes to executions. But all those things are skippable movies and you can even decide to play most of the game without executions if they bother you. You are only forced to do a couple of them for the camera in missions.

The gameplay is mostly stealth, but the whole setting and uneasiness definitely pushes some moments to the horror side. The main difference is that in most horrors you are being hunted, but here you are both hunted and have to hunt. If that makes any sense. ^^''

I mostly play PC, but when it comes to consoles we mostly have the latest Playstation, yes. :) We did not get the PS5 yet though, we mostly wait until there is some kind of slim/pro/ultra/etc. variant. But my backlog in games for the PS4 (and actually still also PS3 lol) is still so big that it's fine to not get the 5 for a while. xD
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Hey, I just remembered you liking the whole 'home made' looking stuff in horror and we didn't really talk about horror games, do you play any? I would really really recommend you to play Manhunt if you did not do so yet.

The plot of the first one is in short that a snuff film director wants you to act out specific scenarios so he can get them on tape. Then in general the game has a VHS effect and lots of things to make everything look very home made. Heck, the boxed version of the game that I have is even a faked VHS box! Here: a.allegroimg.co... .

If this has not convinced you, here is the intro video as well:

There is also a second Manhunt, but it's a lot less interesting both in story and gameplay. Still, it's interesting enough to play if you would really like the first one and want more.
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Hi! That is great to hear! :D And haha, a friend I got into Dorohedoro also got Johnson as her favorite character in the end which had me:


Maybe people liking him because instead of reading it you can now hear him saying GYUTCH?! :') She couldn't even explain to me why she liked Johnson so much LOL.

The ending is unfortunately very open but I was at peace with it. Especially those last scenes with Caiman and Nikaido are so cute. I'm seriously going to cry when we get to the hot springs scene or the general 'Caiman being depressed' moments who will hit us in season 2 like a brick probably.

Oh yes I definitely recommend the OVA, it's very cute! Although it pretty simple, a bunch of short animations at basically 1 FPS (LOL) that are based on some of the 'Extra Evil' chapters from the manga. Pretty randomly selected as well, not in chronological order any way. Still I'm happy Netflix managed to add them because they were supposed to be BR release exclusive animations.

Hehe Fujita does have his charm, but sometimes I do wonder if it's a bit of a plothole why for such a 'low ranked employee' he gets such special treatment from En? At first I thought it was maybe because he was tasked with looking after Ebisu, but Ebisu also isn't necessarily taken in high regard by En, so yeah this part of the franchise confuses me a bit. That does not take away that I love the inclusion of both Fujita and Ebisu in our main group, though!!! Just something I have been wondering about.

I did see some people posting here and there that they are scared of Mappa being the next Madhouse when it comes to huge amount of licenses and high quality stuff and basically them taking on so much that they can't meet quality demands anymore at some point. I am really patient for good content though so for me they absolutely don't need to rush with Dorohedoro S2, but from some licenses Mappa has the type of people that follow them seem to demand new seasons faster, so eh...let's see where it goes.

Ah! I looked up a couple of the items for you, so here is some:



And well, then I'll definitely try out Zombie Land Saga! Although I have to admit, I'm not hugely into idols, but I thought the idea of this franchise was very unique! :D I'm not sure where to watch it though, I haven't seen it on any of the European streaming sites and unfortunately what I can watch from USA streaming sites is a lot more limited for me. :(

Not want to brag, but as an European I have seen quite a lot of European places as a quick 4-5 day trip to another European country can be quite affordable. I've been outside of Europe twice, once to go to NYC and once to visit a friend in Florida. I had originally booked my first trip to Japan for 2020, but R I P . Had to cancel it of course and lost a ton of money on the cancellation, ugh. It's super uncertain when/how we can rebook it, but the canceling has definitely made me loose a lot of motivation. :( It was supposed to be for our anniversary as well.

Oh yeah Coven...definitely one of the least interesting seasons. Super high in drama and extremely low in horror. Things get a lot better right away in the next season (Freak Show) and the one after that (Hotel) might be my favorite.

Yeeeeaaaah that Dorohedoro statue is going to make you open your wallet for sure. ^^'' I might do it though, unless the final item does not convince me paint-wise. My buying has slowed down a lot in the last 5 years in the hobby so I'm happy I now got into a franchise that is actively getting new items. For most of my other favorite franchises items are either low quality, hard to get or I basically bought almost all that is there and have to be lucky to find some new fanart stuff every once in a while haha.

No no, it seems that you line up with all Japanese fans that have Shin as their #1 character LOL. I guess he's just not my type haha. I get more fuzzies when Caiman goes like:



Or my best grill:



I see, hrmm. I don't know much about KnY actually because their fans mainly seem to talk about the main girl everyone finds cute or about how cool the action scenes with the yellow haired guy are haha.

And yes, it's true, everyone has a type. :D Like my friend being obsessed with Johnson lmao. Jokes aside, sometimes very good characters can make me completely drop whatever normally my type is. I'm normally not really about the super buff and masculine characters, but see me swoon about Caiman and Noi, haha.

I see, I see! But good to know! It won't move Re:Zero higher on my watchlist, but it's good to know that it's definitely above average then.

I can't imagine Baccano! would disappoint you. :) The only people I heard about disliking Baccano! is because they find the story confusing (it's not told chronologically and there is a ton of characters), but lmao if you like Dorohedoro you can DEFINITELY handle Baccano!. :') 

For me my shopping has moved to trying to only buy from the money I get out of selling items. That means that sometimes with bad selling months it can take long before I can place a new order somewhere. I re-opened my selling again late last year (had it closed for over a year because of my emigration) and my first new buys from Japan are being surface shipped, so I'll see them in March or April or something LOL. Looking forward to the items though (it's the stuff in my ordered list)! :)
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Poor Ebisu, although I have to be honest, the moment in the manga with her split head and then later Fujita taping it probably made me laugh out loud the most in the whole franchise. xD She is great comic relief. I also can't wait to see that part animated. :')

My opinion on Fujita keeps on switching. On one hand he feels a lot like a self-insert for the reader, on the other hand...he does have very good redemption moments especially in the manga when it comes to being part of En's family. Sometimes he is very whiny...and at other times he is super cool and caring. xD

Yeah Mappa is making SO MUCH that I really wonder if they are expanding their studio super fast as well or if everything just gets put in a long waiting line. And ah! I did not realize Zombie Land Saga was from Mappa! That explains the Dorohedoro x Zombie Land Saga merchandise I see popping up every now and then. I am not familiar with Zombie Land Saga, would you say it's good? On the collaboration merchandise the art style clashes too much imo.

Ducks can also be pretty violent, but geese and swans are the worst!!! It's mainly if there is a nest or babies nearby they get super territorial. Ah, so you live in New York City? I visited NYC once and really loved it! I would love to go again. :) Which countries in Europe you went to?

And haha! I don't have visitors right now because of the Corona, but once all of this is over I hope the ducks get a good laugh out of them when they visit our toilet. xD

Oh! Do you watch American Horror Story? Their Roanokee season (all seasons are their own story and can be watched separately) is split up between first half fake reality show and second half fake personal recordings. I thought it was a really cool season!

The Annabelle movies are...mixed. Like most of these horrors is once the franchise drags on the follow up movies are not bad, but their quality won't beat the first one.

I never read the Shining book, still want to do that someday though. I wonder if it would make me dislike the movie then hehe. I never heard of Noroi, I'm going to check out if I can find it somewhere to stream.

But yoooooooooo did you see this yet??? ITEM #1137976 if it's not too hard to get and/or too expensive I really really wanna buy it!!! But yeah back to Gyoza Man...it's just...idk...indeed seems like a lazy choice, because if I would have to point out a mascot why are we not having a ton of Kikurage trading figures? Gyoza's nendo comes with quite a bunch of accessories and seemingly an additional lower body for his fillings spilling pose, so I am expecting he's going to sell for full Nendoroid price. I don't think I will pre-order him especially because multiple manufacturers are now slowly making more Dorohedoro merchandise so I feel less like it's a 'must' buy to support the franchise this way.

At least within my group of online and IRL friends that like Dorohedoro everybody seems to be on team Noi haha. People think Shin is cute? Maybe young Shin, but adult Shin??? Idk... I do love how he behaves towards Noi, but I do find him creepy at some times. ^^''

Yeah I also expected so much more of BNHA...I also like superhero themes and I thought One Punch Man was surprisingly fun, with OPM season 2 disappointing I was hoping BNHA could fill the superhero anime gap for me, but nope. :/ And LOL the cliffhanger of season 2 was them being in the shopping center and the bad guy that always wears a hand on his head 'stalked' them and was threatening a bit and then just left. LOL. And then they were like 'oh no so scary the bad guy looked us up'. :') Like, I don't want to shit on the series too much because I also see it like something enjoyable for teens, but what does rile me up is the high scores everywhere and the recommendations making it seems like it's a masterpiece everyone should have seen... It seems to be a very good entry level anime and anime for teens, but that's it in my opinion. Unless there is a huge quality increase with season 3 and up, but it seems like the scores stay similar for each season.

I had a good friend with similar tastes to me recently telling me he tried KnY, he also entered with high expectations, but I think he only managed to get to episode 10 or something? So yeah my interest to try out KnY is especially low because of that as well. The popularity for KnY in Japan is insane though!!! At least it should be better than BNHA then? LOL.

As it seems we like similar series, did you ever try Re:Zero? It seems to be better than the average fantasy series because of the time travel/time loop subjects, but I am afraid it is an over hyped one again, I feel like at least 2 times a week I see a new Ram figure added to the database LOL.

I went on a search for you and I was surprised at how hard to find the Baccano! DVD/BR is!!! I personally would always pre-order any release when it was announced, so I never checked their aftermarket price. I did find the BR on Amazon: www.amazon.com/... for $35 and also on Zavvi us.zavvi.com/bl... for $40. Personally I really recommend Zavvi, I got too much items from Amazon damaged...

But yeah anyway seems like you were hoping to buy it for ~$20ish? Seems like then you would have to wait for some kind of new budget release and maybe even wait to see them second hand, I did not get any of my releases for less than $40, even the more basic DVD releases. :S The series seems to not be popular enough for big prints, making the base price for them higher than the average series... :/ But yeah the last release they did was I think 1,5 or 2 years ago the limited edition BR, so I would not be surprised if it's only 1 or 2 years away to get some kind of anime legends/SAVE/otherwise budget release. At least to me it seems like they keep on doing: normal edition ---> limited edition --> budget edition ---> repeat.

Man, you are now making me scared for the direction the LN would go in LOL. But yeah it might have been something from the publisher really pushing for the isekai part from the writer. Sometimes they go pretty far for certain keywords and tropes to be included in a new franchise.
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Right? Like if Eren can use the Founding Titan's powers as a human just by touching a royal blood titan, why can't Historia do the same reverse?? DOESN'T COMPUTE! Also that new episode this week, I was like WTF IS HAPPENING??! Suddenly Historia is pregnant?! This show keeps making me question everything and why is Eren imprisoned? I thought it was the plan, and suddenly they're hostile towards him? Love the discussion on who will inherit Eren's titan lmaooo I'm all up for Mikasa but I also don't want her to die soon cause she's a fave... then I realized that Armin's clock is ticking as well ;__; But it would be nice for Mikasa to be a titan so it's still the trio! TvT I've wanted to watch Hypnosis Mic, too!

We can only just hope that Given becomes mainstream sdfsadf ALSO OMG I WATCHED THE GIVEN MOVIE and I got so emo T___T Damn, did people hate the movie? I loved it despite that yanno... scene with Haruki and Akihiko... but I'm glad it didn't really pull the R-card OTL Did you also get uncomfortable watching that part? AND THAT END CREDITS SCENE OMG I CAN'T DEAL DSFSDFSDFSDFDSf I'm sad they didn't kiss but it also made sense for them not to kiss cause it would've been so out of place in that scenario wherein Akihiko was trying to be a better person worthy of Haruki's love. So no kiss-kiss yet until HE IS WORTHY!! OMG? Those were the only male nendos back then? DAMN. We have come so far! Now it's like companies would rather make male nendos and not much scales... I wish they treat it the same ;v; Yeah, apparently people weren't liking the animation in S2 and I'm confused because it's not even bad? IDK, man. It's that thing again like Mappa doing the final season of SNK and people were bitching about it. SIGH.

OMG Yuuji's girl lmao She should be honored to BE Yuuji's girl! ALSO THIS WEEK'S JJK EPISODE I WAS SCREAMING!! Inumaki was soo amazing, then Maki-senpai, then Toudou and then Yuuji appeared and I was in tears because I missed him so much and then Megumi being all "If you die again I will kill you myself" LMAOOOO Channeling his inner Sasuke, I see. AHHAHAHAHHA I want to rewatch this episode again, the animation was just so glorious. Everything was perfect even Inumaki bleeding and him taking meds while running lmao INUMAKI NENDO WHEN?!

We are such video game graphic snobs I love it HAHAHAH I've never really had a Wii so I wasn't really sure how some people even play using that aside from sports games lmao Does it actually have a normal controller like how PS and Xbox do? Cause for me Wii = Sports games XDDD I actually even took out Chinese Megumi today to do some photography ;v; PICTURE #2640516 PICTURE #2640517 PICTURE #2640514 He's so gorgeous I can't even. OTL I hope Myethos makes more males, cause I'll most likely get them if they're as pretty as him XD YESSS!! Go get the Nier figures/nendos!!! I'm definitely getting the 9S nendo now to pair with my 2B and I finally ordered the 9S Flare fig to pair with 2B as well AHHAHAHA XD I think they're just wonderful 1/6 scale and such a good price too!
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LOL, well I remember also going "omg, is that her face ripped off???!?!?!". :') Poor Ebisu in general LOL. I am curious how they are going to do everything with her in S2 when she is in her "can't stop laughing" phase. :D

Me too! I think the anime did bring in a lot of new Dorohedoro fans and pleased the already existing fans. It's hard to say how much of a financial success it was though, so if it is ready for a S2. At least I am ordering tons of merchandise to show my support and hopefully get more content going! The anime is so great with perfect comedic timing for so many things. There are so many funny moment in the manga where I can't wait to see them in the anime, especially the part with En's gang going underground must be hilarious. :D

Oh no, this is probably going to be pretty mean, but...my home country has way too many ducks and they are extremely territorial and basically everyone that is from there got attacked by ducks at least once at some point in their lives. xD I remember very clearly when I visited my friend in Florida and we were in a park and heard people aww-ing and ooo-ing and calling people over to...see 1 loose duck. And I was like..."I have already seen too much ducks in my life, no thanks". xD But it's interesting how in other countries/cultures where they are not so common (and apparently less vicious) people like them. :D

But anyway, back to the rubber version of those ducks. I did always like the cuteness and shape of them and I used to have a friend that hugely collected them, but idk, haha. My bathroom is pretty small and I don't want them in other places of the apartment I think. Where do you keep your rubber duck collection?

You aren't reading the Chainsaw Man manga I think? From what I heard as the series goes on it becomes more absurdist and big parts of the plot line get forgotten for trippy scenes. But this is just from me reading reviews and hearing from other people, I have not read any Chainsaw Man manga myself and am doubting if I should be picking up the early manga volumes or rather wait for the anime (which I will watch anyway). :)

LOL, I got you there. Same here, even b-horror can be a lot of fun and there is quite a lot of 'bad' and low budget horror I watch and still enjoy. It's a very interesting genre where with the set rules/tropes with not much budget quite a bit can be accomplished. As for favorite horror I mostly like horror/thriller combinations and stuff that is set up in a way where they are very good re-watchable (especially if you know the conclusion). So it's mostly 'the older' stuff I like haha, like The Shining, Silence of the Lambs and such. :) More recently I decided to start watching the Annabelle franchise and almost completed it. What about you?

Yeah wtf is that with Gyoza Man...I mean, is the guy that popular in Japan?? Because also before the Nendoroid he had like 1 million garage kits and trading figures. Tbh it feels like it's an easy cash grab because it's simple sculpt and paint and Dorohedoro fans that are longing for more merchandise will buy him anyway. :') And yeah same for me, I contemplated it for a bit, but I think I will skip buying that Gyoza Man Nendoroid. I am currently setting up a Dorohedoro display and he literally would not fit with his look compared to all other DHD items I have. Maybe one day I would think one of the tiny Gyoza Man like ITEM #429791 would be funny to hide in the corner of my display, but an in comparison h u g e Nendoroid of him? I don't know...

But anyway, make any of the actual people in the franchise and I will buy LOL. I have a feeling if they go for it, our first one will be Shin probably. By the way, what do you think about Shin? He wins all popularity contests in Japan, but in the West people don't seem to be into him as much. I love his relationship with Noi, but I don't like him individually much to be honest.

LOL I won't be offended if you want to name and shame them. It's very similar for me. More recently I decided to finally watch Boku no Hero Academia because people had been hyping it to me for years and I was just...so disappointed. Season 1 was bland but people kept pushing me season 2 was so much better. So I also sat myself down to watch season 2, but ??? I don't know if you watched the show, but the cliffhanger of the season is absolutely not interesting lmao. At moments like this I feel old because I don't know why this series scores higher than a 8 out of 10 on every review website... Man, it's scored higher than many of my favorite series and that pisses me off a bit LOL.

For me it would definitely be like that if it was 10 or 20 years ago. One of the earliest franchises I got heavily obsessed with in the early 2000's (and still have a display shelf for and occasionally add something to the collection) is Chrono Crusade, which by nowadays standards would be a kind of generic action/supernatural series. It is still a nice series, definitely above average, but it has not aged that well, next to certain tropes that bug me nowadays being a big part of it. So yeah even though I have a display shelf of it, buy merchandise of it and am super nostalgic to it, I am not really recommending people to watch it nowadays haha. So yeah if I would have gotten into anime 5/10/15/20 years later (or earlier!) that display shelf for Chrono Crusade would have probably been some other franchise.

Yeah that is the hardest part about recommending Baccano!, it's just so hard to stream anywhere legally... I own multiple of the DVD and BR boxes so to IRL friends I would just borrow them. I have no clue if it's in scope to ever get on streaming services, but surprisingly it gets re-issued on DVD/BR every ~3 years either in Japan or the West, so it seems like they just want to keep it sort-of exclusive in such a way.

I have no clue why they even made Tanya an isekai unless there is going to be something in the plot later that is related to it. I wish she was just a child prodigy instead as that would have been cooler I think. Anyway, let me know what you think of Tanya as well when you get to watching it! :D
21 days ago
No worries! I also wanted to have you in my friend list so that I remember to bother you to discuss the Dorohedoro anime when you have watched that as well! Hehe!

Ah! And yes GeekStore recently changed their name to JustGeek, they are the official seller. And it is indeed their US branch. I'm not necessarily into ducks but I am loving these. All the tiny details are great, like you also pointed out in my recent blog as well! :D

I am a lot more picky with merchandise nowadays but I also already got vibes that the Chainsaw Man Nendo (and possibly other CM merchandise) will go up up up. I definitely love the aesthetic of CM, but I also read that the story can be a bit too...abstract? And it loses focus later on. So I should probably not be buying merchandise of something that might only be good for the aesthetics, I definitely burned myself on that with collecting in the past.

Hehe that can be pretty hard then at times to find good horror without the gore, then I think you mostly like thrillers and such? :D

But yeah the mystery in Dorohedoro is so so so soooo good. It was the main reason why directly after the anime I bought all the manga because I just n e e d e d to know how it unfolded! And then the 2nd one being the character relationships, oh gosh how I adore Nikaido and Caiman + Shin and Noi + Fujita and Ebisu and and and and ALL OF THEM. <3

How long have you been into anime? What you describe to me is what happened after my first 10 or so years of watching anime. I basically watched almost everything that I had the time to watch that released from 2000-2010. It got to a point where I had consumed so much anime that there was this kind of switch that since 2010 and up I got a lot more picky. I think on average I only watch 5-7 series a year nowadays and I watch them based on friend recommendations or very positive reviews. It doesn't happen much anymore nowadays that I watch a disappointing anime or I drop watching an anime, unless I decide by myself to just put something mediocre/mindless on because I feel like it. :P

If you had not seen yet from my profile, my #1 franchise is Baccano!, so if you have not watched/read that one I highly recommend it! One of the reasons why I like Baccano! as well is that is has very good and unique characters. Also a lot of them are couples (or become couples in the series) which is super unique for an anime/light novel franchise to have mainly couples as main characters.

The fact that you actually know Tanya is an isekai is basically a spoiler, haha. The series does not even reference that much to her previous life. Yes, Tanya is too smart and has too much knowledge for someone her age, but they could have just written it off as something child prodigy-like if they made some small changes to the plot. But I do have to say here that I am a couple of books behind on reading so I am not sure if they are making the isekai-part heavier later on. The anime barely references her previous life. Anyway, just talking about the Tanya anime: It's great and I highly recommend it! I also currently got a bunch of new Tanya merchandise on it's way to me to make my display shelf for her fuller. :3
24 days ago
Dude, same. I was confusion all over the place. I was like "Wasn't ape bitch dead? Why the fork is he in the airship? ??" What I got from it was, Historia has to be a titan so Eren can use the Founding Titan power to command cause he was only able to use it when he touched his Dad's first wife who was of royal blood. Can't he just... idk touch Historia's hand or let Historia ride on his back when he's a titan? LMAO Is it so necessary for her to be a Titan? asdfsafdsf DUDE LIKEWISE ABOUT YELENA BEING ARMIN! I said "Hey, Armin has become so tall. What a babe." XD I still think Zeke is gonna kill them all though. Once a bitch, always a bitch. Use torrent for Sk8! AHHAHA I'm hoping we get figures for it because the character designs are great and it would be super cool to have male figures with colorful skateboards ;v;

Omg whut sdfasdf yanno Japan really makes a lot of weird anime shows, that at least we know. That's definitely not an anime I'd willingly watch. XD UGH. I'm still sad about Given not having any figures whatsoever, meanwhile Ten Count boys have? WHAT GIVES? Yes! Those two are super good, in fact all of them are. I once had them all in my Wish List because I wanted to complete the set then I began thinking "Well shit man. Really? That's gonna cost a lot." I want these too ;v; ITEM #331504 and ITEM #464613 still refreshing everyday on Solaris to see them go around 5k yen XD Maybe one day we'll eventually get them all HAHAHA I also recently finally caught up with S2 of One Punch Man and it saddened me that it may not get a S3 because apparently OPM isn't popular in Japan and I'm confused??? Because I thought it was a hit. XD

The girls in JJK just keeps stealing out hearts ;v; First the Panda episode, then Nobara being amazing and Maki-senpai a goddess amongst us mere mortals! This series just keeps giving! TvT A young mangaka? That's so cool, because that's also one thing I noticed, too, about the girls. <3 Makes me appreciate it even more. Honestly, it's super refreshing to just see something so down to earth despite it being anime and in a fantasy setting? Like everything doesn't revolve around love interests irl? The only thing we see close to that is Toudou's love for the idol girl and Yuuji with Jennifer Lawrence lmao I love how we love this show. I just... appreciate and adore it so much, but not to the point I'd read the manga cause I still want to be surprised lol YES FINALLY SNAGGED THAT BEAUTIFUL LANKY STICK. XD

I've only played 1 and 4 XD Hmmm, I actually usually start at the current ones like for DMC i started with 4 then 5 XD Then I decided to heck with it and bought the DMC Collection only to hate the graphics HAHAHAH Sometimes I wanna grasp the whole story from the first game, but I'm a graphics snob so that's such a big hindrance to my experience and I hate myself for it. B( How about you? Gods yes. SENTINEL LEVI TOOK ME 42 MINUTES! Those wires were killing me. ALSO! I GOT MYETHOS BOY TODAY. I think he is my favourite????? Like out of all my boys?? This is too beautiful, I felt like I was ascending to Valhalla or some shit? Why is the quality so great? And his lower limbs and his base felt like polystone??? Because it sure felt like the material my Iron Studios statues are made of. I CANT. I'm gonna ogle at Chinese Megumi bb and cry. TvT
25 days ago
yakushining your Highness
Wario5427 days ago#91739301Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one! :) Also I see you appreciate Nozomi and that warms my heart. <3thank you so much! and yes, i can't seem to get off the LL train as of late! nozo's my best girl and she brings me so much happiness, i can't seem to see how i wasn't able to enjoy the series from the start haha. her and eli together are just <3 <3 <3
26 days ago
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