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Hi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm a gamer that's also super into pro wrestling/puroresu, the MCU, Disney, and (of course) anime and manga. As far as my collection goes, I've been focusing on Love Live, Sengoku Basara, and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a huge weakness for straps, clear files, and anything Wario.

Favorite Video GamesBy SeriesAce Attorney • Animal Crossing • BioShock • Code: Realize • Crash Bandicoot • Danganronpa • Elder Scrolls • Fallout • Fire Emblem • Hakuouki • Kingdom Hearts • Legend of Zelda • Project Diva • Sengoku Basara • Sonic the Hedgehog • Tales • TWEWY • Uncharted • Wario. Anything with Wario. • Yakuza Favorite Anime and MangaHide 20th Century Boys • Clannad • Code Geass • Daiya no Ace • Dragon Ball Z • Fairy Tail • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun • Hokuto no Ken • Idolish7 • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure • Jujutsu Kaisen • Katekyou Hitman Reborn! • Love Live! • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica • MonsterOne Piece • Pandora Hearts • Welcome to the NHK • Yakusoku no Neverland • Yowamushi Pedal
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You should play Ori on Switch! The music won awards and the game made me cry a lot, and Ori doesn't even speak!! My god. OTL It's like playing a movie with combat if that makes sense. XD People call it "The Dark Souls of platforming" lmao High Speed is definitely 100% NEW! Here is a link So you should watch it For the added scenes in the Timeless Medley movie, just watch this and you're good!

I'm actually really glad with Rin's character development because I hated him lmao But I also want to thank Sousuke for appearing because he mellows out Rin and well, he gotta be there for his boyfriend yanno? LMAO Also can I just say I love the contrast between the bff relationships of Haru/Makoto and Rin/Sousuke? Haru/Makoto are the sweet, understanding, always fluffy bffs, while Rin/Sousuke is like RACE YOU HOME, LOSER BUYS ICE CREAM LOL kind of bffs. XD I shall let you know! I wish I told you about it sooner cause Nagisa was available here for retail price a couple of months ago and they ship international too ;__; But maybe this is a sign you will find a cheaper one someday! XD

OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA POOR BANRI LMAOOO Banri reminds me of ITEM #460688 lmaoo There's gonna be a new group right? They HAVE TO BE BITCHES THIS TIME!! Or maybe they're also nice like Momo and Yuki AHHAHA Some group had to be the villain at this point sadfasdfsdf I actually heard of that, people thinking we're getting a Zoro backstory, since tbh he's literally the only one we don't know much about, especially his parents. But wouldn't that be too predictable that he's from the land of Wano? XD Part of me wishes he's not and it's totally different from what everyone thinks XD Even better! He's the son of Kaido LMAOOOOO JK HAHAHAHHA unless...

Damn, you're literally the second person who is also getting all the second years HAHAHA Am I in the minority that I prolly won't get Panda?? MEBBE. Depends on his nendo loool XD
3 days ago
Let me start with that during my recent shopping spree I saw the first batch of Dai Dark merchandise announced! pbs.twimg.com/m... I didn't buy anything as I'm not that much into the franchise yet, but that MBS Pan sweater is pretttyyyy gooood. :D

Haha well, I can say for sure Berserk is good, but it will leave you heartbroken. :') I rewatched Molcar afterwards to feel a bit happier haha.

And oh no! I think we are good with the trade, would only make things complicated, as now we are price-matched with both sides value of the items (and my earlier $60). :)

Haha yeah I kind of have this cheapness in me from before when money was more tight for us. We have as an always streaming service Netflix because my husband watches that as well, and every now and then we take a competitor a couple of months to watch some exclusives from them.

I love Kaworu, but I do have to say the piano scene was taking WAY too long! Also this made me LOL But my #1 pairing for Shinji would have to be therapy., poor kid haha. I do feel regularly with main characters from shows that I watch that they need some therapy. :')

Hehe YGO is a good distraction, I will allow it. :3 For me with Us the ending felt so rushed...like we were slowly building up to something and suddenly it was like oh yeah and here is the answer to everything in hyper speed. I wish that stuff was a bit more evenly spread out during the movie. I have not seen Quiet Place, but my husband said it's really good and we should watch it. So now I know I need to have tissues ready and watch Molcar another time???. xD

Yeah I mean we complain about BHNA a lot and there is definitely stuff in there that could be cut, but with YGO and some other older shounen you could literally grab sometimes whole seasons that just not add anything to the plot. :') In the part you are reaching now you will soon get a side-plot that a lot of people hate, but it includes my favorite YGO character haha. So I am curious what you will think about him. :) And nope! Even with the shows I like the most, highest I have rated is 9.5, because there is always something irking me a bit about it. Even with the franchises I love the most I have some complaints. :D

LOL as a kid it totally did not click for me, so I don't think I learned much about WW2 from Alfred. xD And haha with Moomin, well they are foragers, need to have tools in the forest. :D And yeah Finnish people are suuuuuper proud of Moomins. The Japanese people love them too by the way! The only places in the world with Moomin cafes are JP and FI. And our Moomin World theme park on my plan to visit once pandemic drama is over apparently has a lot of things also dubbed or translated in Japanese because apparently if Japanese people come here it's mainly for Moomin World. xD So for the Moomin souvenirs I have...oh...so much haha. On my first visit here I bought an adorable Moominpapa shirt and went to the Moomin cafe. That reminds me! I covered that in this blog if you want to see BLOG #46119 . Then all the band-aids since I moved here are Moomin themed. xD Many types of Moomin candies. I have bought towels and random kitchen stuff which I mostly gifted to others. And every time I visit the supermarket or some kind of general store there seems to be even more cute things with Moomins!!! Aaahhh, they're so cute!

Kotobukiya is weird with their releases, but they regularly do re-releases, so I wouldn't pay any big aftermarket amounts for their YGO figures. And yeah the sculpt of ITEM #1306076 looks fantastic! Makes my Kotobukiya one look like crap in comparison haha. But...with Megahouse I know their general QC and paint can be not so great sometimes, so let's see where it goes. And hehe, you will be getting Misato with Pen-Pen? What a perfect timing for you to get into Evangelion... :) I also really like those casual clothes figures they are making from the franchise, but holy heck are they expensive. But what isn't nowadays...

Oh! I didn't see that new Black Panther one yet! It's indeed great, including the unmasked face. It seems to come with 2 bodies, so that's why it's so expensive? Basically 2 figures, because I assume you can display both at the same time.

Haha it's kind of good POP is not easy to get here either so that I am not tempted by those Gingerbread figures. xD

I would guess the big difference is that IdolM@ster has been going on for ages and is a more set name with devoted followers? Iirc the first game is from the early 2000's. They'll probably have something for their 20th anniversary soon. Typing this makes me feel so old because I remember going to cons when IdolM@ster was a hot and new thing. :') And wow that Love Live card looks great! From which one do you want a figure, the art on the left or right? Both look like good figures to me. The one on the right reminds me of ITEM #144377 haha. And the one on the left would be a super cute prize figure imo.
6 days ago
I may have binged watched all parts in 2 weeks heck I even finished ishin today! So good. Part 7 made me cry and scream like a little girl when I saw old characters show up. The ending is also sad as well.

Thanks for the link! Will check others out as well
8 days ago
I am a fan of Kiryu, Majima, Saejima but also really like Mine, Akiyama, Daigo, Soyema, Nishiki,Date, Tachibana,and Kuze. There are just too many good characters to like, even the villans are well written and likable (most, I can't stand Part 6).

I will look up those books! But I suspect they also may be too rare and expensive just like the figures....TT

I am also planning to get the Duck Kiryu, it is too cute and looks so much like him!xD have you put him in the tub yet?

Ooooo, what kind of fan merch? I can't even find good doujins out there let alone fan merch.
8 days ago
I see you are a fellow Yakuza fan. I just got into the fandom and realized how little merch there is out there. If I may ask, what do you recommend getting and where should I start looking?
9 days ago
My friend has played it 75 times already, battled the final boss 25 times and every time she goes back to the beginning there is still more story and I went "Dude, what? When does IT end????" I was about to defeat the second to the last boss but I died TWICE right as I was about to kill him and it just pissed me off lmao so idk maybe I'll stop there cause my drops were getting shittier and you can't even upgrade your weapon unless you do your run, so all your upgrades will disappear once you die. Frustrating! lol I can just youtube it AHHAHAH but then again I didn't give up with the two Ori games and that almost made me rage quit and destroyed my controllers XD Have you played Ori? Not sure if I already asked you this XD

Oooh! So Yamato is still to be revealed! I love Carot and her Sulong form, too, but apparently not a lot of people like her and honestly? They got awful taste! Vivi joining though would prolly make me cry, but isn't it a bit too late for her? Straw Hats would be the weirdest bunch if Yamato joins them, however, it would also be so on brand with Luffy randomly picking up people he likes that tend to be super strong XD Oh gods, Sabo! The last time I saw him he was with Iva-chan in her kingdom but that's it. OTL I miss my bb. Let him come back. :'( I hope we get a big arc with him being one of the main players because he missed out a lot! Plus he needs to be with his bb bro again.

IKR 500 episodes dead and still the fave HAHAHHAAA I was so caught off-guard that it was Ace that Tama-chan was talking about. 500 episodes dead and Ace is still relevant to the plot XD I bet Blackbeard's ability to have two devil fruits will be revealed in like episode 2000 lmao Also full on insult on Blackbeard but like he's so lame with Whitebeard's powers and also where is he now anyway? They made it out that he was gonna be such a big threat after Marinefold but after the time-skip he was just merely mentioned. Also I found out Shanks doesn't have a DEVIL FRUIT??? and he's THAT feared? What a mad lad. But honestly, I wish they don't reveal he has a devil fruit and that he's just badass because he IS badass, just like Mihawk. <3

So this is more dramatic than ever Idolish season? OTL Please tell me Momo and Yuki are still there? I have this intense attraction towards Yuki and yet I managed to resist his nendo because I really wanted this outfit lol View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://www.anime-planet.com/images/characters/125318.jpg Yeah! It gets more tackled in the movies! There are some movies that are a summary of the seasons but they would always add new scenes and they even showed how Makoto started seeing Haru as his protector lol It's so cute! Let me know when you're done with S2 so I can link you to just those additional scenes <3

YESSS YESS! FINALLY LMAO See, I feel the same way about Rin in S1!! Everyone obviously loved Makoto and Haru, but then there are people who worshipped Rin and I just didn't understand because he was so mean to Haru and just UGH. I hated him lmao Like how was it Haru's fault that he sucked?? JFC BOYO GROW UP AHHAHAHAH But yes, he does indeed become mellow when he finally got Sousuke back. Dude, I was so mad as well that Rei-chan was so kind to give his slot to Rin like NO BOY. You earned that. You learned to swim for this club and we love you for that. ;__; I cried in that last ep not because of Rin but because of Rei ;__; Yeah, Nagisa and Sousuke are the hardest to find now and I honestly don't understand why? And only Haru and Makoto had a rerelease. OTL Oooh! Hobbystock, funny you linked that because Makoto and Haru were my very first figures and they were exclusive back then to Hobbystock site so I had to ship it to my friend's place in Japan to ship it to me. XD I didn't even know of Amiami back then so I wasn't aware it became available months later. YOU SHOULD 100000% GET ITEM #464652 BECAUSE IT IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVOURITE. It's also not expensive and you're paying for two figures! Make sure to watch High Speed movie where this is from because THIS scene... will make you smile and blush a lot which will prolly trigger you to buy this figure even more--MAYBE! AHHAHAHA It's just super pretty and just ahhh <3

IKR THOSE JJK NENDOS I ALREADY HAVE THEM ON MY WISH LIST AHHAHAHHA I was even thinking of getting 2 Nanamis but then later on realized wth am I gonna do with 2?? Are you getting all of them? And it's totally fine! I love our long convos about One Piece, Free and Jujutsu Kaisen and our constant bashing of other stuff AHHAHAHHA
17 days ago
Similarly to Made in Abyss, when I now see Berserk merchandise I think "I like the show, but I am maybe a bit too sad to buy merch from it". :') The artist where we got those new Dorohedoro keychains from also has a beautiful button set from Berserk: www.etsy.com/li... . Casca is soooooo pretty! <3

And yes I heard that about Amazon! I don't have Prime myself at the moment, but I'm waiting for a pile of exclusives I want to watch so I take it again for a couple of months lol. I heard mixed reviews of the latest movie, people seem to either hate or love it. Let me know what you think! For me my opinion about each of the individual movies differs, I remember some of them being quite slow, and I think the 3rd one I liked the most. But it's been so many years since I watched them, I really need to see all of them again before attempting the latest one haha.

Licensing wise, recently Netflix started adding a lot of specifically Korean movies here! I think Korean movies are become more cool/hip/popular since Parasite? Also just before starting to type this message to you I saw they added Hostel. I never watched it, but remember all the shock from people when that was released. ^^'' Basically similar to Manhunt (I hope you'll try the game in a while :D ).

I never watched those Nun spin-off(s?) from the Conjuring, did you? And about Jordan Peele movies, I loved Get Out! But that Us movie I found quite disappointing. I haven't seen his latest once Candyman yet, but it seems like it gets the lowest scores from all of his horror movies so far. ^^''

I never checked on YGO's MAL scores, but ouch a 7... Well in all honesty, the series has multiple arcs that could easily just be dropped. Most of season 4 for example, you'll notice. ^^'' Not that I think it's bad, but when you have shows that have big parts that simply could be...just dropped I understand why overall scores get so low.

I don't know why newer shonen all score so high??? Does it have something to do with the newer generations which are used to either giving something 1 or 5 stars, so scores in the middle never get given?? For me, even when I LOVE a show I give it an 8 or 9 at best, because nothing is perfect imo haha. And when I think something is average or a bit above average it scores a 5, 6 or 7. I barely rate lower than a 5 unless something really sucks and I want the time back I spent on it.

I am surprised Dommel reached the USA? Do you maybe know if any other of those older European collaborations were shown over there? And yeah that art style is so great for me too! Something like in the middle of Disney style and the anime we know nowadays. Regularly very simplistic, but relatable as well. About their dark themes, oh boy strap yourself in haha. For Alfred Jodocus Kwak, well the story already starts very rough as he is the only survivor from a duck family after an accident. A mole finds him and then he is raised by another species (people are so rough on the mole who is doing his best as single dad, DAMN!). Then when Alfred is older and has a cute gf, a Hitler-like character (I'm not joking) gets more power and starts race/religion-etc issues and as his gf is a duck from Surinam (Alfred is Dutch) the next subject of the show is basically segregation trying to get them apart? Why people think these were proper childrens' shows I don't know haha. When I was a kid all these subjects flew right over my head but then when I rewatched some Alfred stuff as a teen I was like OH...DAMN.

Here is Alfred his adoptive dad (so cute TT^TT):


Here is Dolf (yes, literally his name):


And here is Alfred with his gf:


If you're interested, I found this YouTube channel with all episodes and you could turn English subs on: youtu.be/J9VBZn... . It's now so weird to see for me because everything is so Dutch from the clothes to the nature areas haha.

Now for Moomins that is something totally else. Moomins are forest trolls living in the North of Europe. Most of the episodes are short stories about families of Moomins living together, but as a lot of stuff here is more pagan grounded/origin, I remember a lot of scary stuff from the episodes as well with monsters following them or Moomins coming in creepy areas while foraging and such. ^^'' Moomins are a HUGE pride in Finland and there is lots of merchandise from it everywhere, I buy a lot of Moomin stuff as souvenirs because even for people that are not known with the show, the characters are so cute looking. Also make sure to save this reaction image haha:


Oooohhh are you now getting a crush on Malik as well? O:)

If that stand had the rabbit fully included, I would love it. Now it just looks weird. I guess the Pegasus fanbase is not big enough for more merch. :( Most of the focus of merchandise and fans is on season 2 it's bad guys and events. My most favorite personally is 5, at least Kotobukiya gave us 1 scaled figure and 1 trading figure set from that season haha.

Hehe, when I do, it will be in upcoming loot orders! I am currently saving some money for a proxy order at the end of this month, so I hope at least one of the Donalds I have been eyeing will still be in stock by then. And yes the Donald Nendoroid is even cuter than I expected!!! But oh my, so expensive..I totally am outpriced on Nendoroids nowadays. TT^TT

Oh no! Why is it closing? Literally for pandemic reasons that it didn't have enough income?

I do have to say that sometimes Funko POP makes an interesting/cute line, did you see these gingerbread ones?


The Miku Tubbz is kind of cute, right??? Love the wink, haha. And I keep on giggling when characters wear shorts/skirts and then the duck butt sticks out at the end. :')

The lack of metal (or rock...punk...anything alternative please) Vocaloid figures has made me tempted to collect more from IdolM@ster (especially Cinderella girls). I started a mini collection many years ago of Anzu (lazy idol, mostly shows up in her pyjamas or loungewear) and wanted to start a collection of Koume (horror/spooky idol), Riamu (alternative fashion, mostly menhera and pastel), Suoko (metal/punk) and Sachiko (temptress/succubus), but yeah I kind of dropped the idea because most of the items from these characters are so expensive...their scaled figures are already more than I want to pay on release and then the prices get even higher in the aftermarket... At this moment I am considering completely giving up on IdolM@ster and also selling my Anzu stuff tbh. ^^''
18 days ago
So! I played Hades and I was in for a shock to know every time you die, you go back from the start... I've never played games like this so this turned me off a little. But the dialogues were hilarious and the more you die, the more you clear the story, the more you repeat the whole game, the more story unfolds. i found this absolutely weird but i guess, it is what it is. It's fun, i must admit but becomes repetitive. Kudos though cause every run you do, it's always different. XD i am not sure if I can even clear the game as I just did my 13th run and it's the farthest i've ever gone in the game and I am not sure if I can pull off such lucky drops again lmao a game based on RNGesus and skills were never my forte, but I'll try anyway, see how far I can go!

Damn! You are actually caught up, aren't you? HAHAHAH Let me know when Wano ends so I can finally binge again! I'm not watching seasonal anime currently, I am, however, waiting for Idolish7 s3 to finish though! Has it ended already so I can binge that as well? XD Dude, I'm so happy you're watching Free! It's just such a sweet anime, especially Makoto because gah! I think he's such a wonderful guy, with such fears! I love it especially every time he hides behind Haru-chan when he's scared lol He's so used to Haru protecting him because he used to be tinier XD Kou-chan is so adorable! I initially thought she joined the club to ruin her brother's ex-friends but ?? she's so supportive and precious! Rei-chan is so great, this boy ditched track and field which he was good at to try swimming which he sucked at like DAMN! I don't mind if you share more of your thoughts I just love this show a lot! what do you think of Rin so far though?

Friggin One Piece making us buy more than we usually plan dammit! AHHAHAHAH IKR It shocked me, too! I mean Luffy is one of my faves don't get me wrong but now Ace is reigning as I currently have 4 figures of him... like how did this happen? OTL I also find it amusing how Ace, despite being dead, is still one of the fan faves :') Funny story about Akainu, his preowned POP on Amiami is still available for weeks now LMAO GOOD. NO ONE WANTS YOU... BITch! HAHAHAHAHHA Now that I know you're caught up and you still think Big Mom is better than Kaido then DAMN. KAIDO WATER YOU DOING??!! Linlin still better XD I do love how in the eps I watched that she lost her memory lmao cracks me up! And Chopper is always like "DONT LOOK AT ME WITH THOSE HUNGRY EYES!!!" Also question, has Yamato already appeared in the anime? :O People keep saying he's gonna be the 10th member of the Straw Hats???

Right? ;v; When Luffy loves... he really loves hard! T_T I adore how One Piece may not have romance but daaaamn the amount of unconditional love towards family and friends is making my my heart soar. *sniffles* ALSO can I just say...View spoilerHide spoilerItachi: I will love you always.
Ace: Thank you for loving me.
Brothers loving their little brothers are my shit, man. That gets me so weak every time. T_T And yesssss Rei-chan!! Where did you get him? I only see him available on CDJapan and I'm contemplating if I'm gonna order him again as I reordered Makochan and Haruchan. Who are you planning to get next from the Free! boys? 8D
24 days ago
Just saw this and had to share i.chzbgr.com/fu...
27 days ago
I just reached the point in Berserk of the...pain. Oh man, they really take half of the show to make the characters layered and likeable and then start doing sad stuff to them in the second half, huh? I guess with how you described Made in Abyss to me, this series is not for you... ^^'' I am getting sadder with each episode I finish, but...well, it's well written for sure. ^^'' Dammit I thought this show would be more action and gore and not make me sad. :')

You can't just describe that and not tell me what your favorite Korean movie is??? LOL. But anyway what you describe, I think you'll like The Call! :) And about American horror, I've never been fan of the ones mostly relying on jump scares, although some of them are pretty good like Annabel, the Conjuring etc., I do prefer the ones that tell a bit more story and maybe just put a couple of jump scares in there for flavor lol. I recently rewatched Rosemary's Baby and it surprisingly aged well, no jump scares either. I've never heard of House at the End of Time, but unfortunately can't find it anywhere to stream either. :(

I don't know if they can just...do that though. I guess it is kind of stealing away what they created? ^^''

I'm not 100% sure if it was, but it might be! Back then the subs were mostly speech-to-translate messes which were called 'panda subs' as they were made by Chinese. I remember the name Kaiba regularly being translated as "seahorse" and Bakura as "castle". :')

I have no clue how good Shinzo/Mushrambo would be nowadays. It is based on the story of Monkey to the West, so it's kind of similar to Dragon Ball in a way. I see it's a 7/10 on MAL, so I guess it's kind of average/generic by nowadays standards? I think I should never rewatch it to keep the good memories instead. xD

I never hard of Wowser, but I googled it and...that's Dommel!!! Those are Belgian comic books and that anime is from the time that Japan did a lot of collaborations with European countries! Lots of great series came out of that the most famous one being the Heidi made by Miyazaki, which was a collab with Germany. In the Netherlands we had Alfred Jodocus Kwak, which was the story of an orphaned duckling. Finland had Moomins! Those late 80's anime are really special productions when compared to nowadays market! Lots of them also have I N S A N E dark themes that should probably not be in kids shows LOL.

I never tried out Fairy Tail, because people told it to me the other way around: I would be better off watching One Piece if I would attempt such a show LOL.

Well yeah, maybe you would like GX or 5D's, so if you're excited about YGO, why not try it? And ooooooh! Battle city arc!!! Did you meet Malik yet? :3 And yeah this is the moment in the anime where the card game rules get more grounded and no huge changes take place anymore although there are still quite some liberties compared to the real card game haha.

You'll see that shirt in an upcoming loot blog of mine then! :3 And wow! I like the depth of that stand! The art is more...rounded than I thought from the promotional art. Not sure if my description makes sense. They recently announced one item with that artwork ITEM #1257195 ! But I don't like the cropping of it. :( The little bit of bunny ears you see on the left make it look like a speech bubble was cut off or something. :/ But I guess beggars can't be choosers with Pegasus merchandise. Although I do think this might be his cutest item ITEM #47331 .

LOL I am still interested and might have some of my new sales stuff that would interest you as a partial trade! ^^ But I will PM you as to not let this drown in our huge walls of text. :D

Aw that's sad to hear. :( Yeah with the formal jobs I had I would be sad that my fun clothes were only for the weekends...but you got to do something to pay the bills, right? >.< I have no clue what the average person in the West wants, but seeing all those Donalds in cute clothes and themes made me very happy! I am also contemplating this pirate Donald plush I saw haha. But I think I will go first for the very R O U N D one. :D

Yeah I heavily prefer them over Funko's as well! What I think also helps is that although the base body has the same shape, a lot have unique posing because of item(s) they are holding. With Funko they become such a copy-paste army. :x Although I do own 2 Funko's though haha. A Gimli from LOTR because it's my husbands' favorite fictional character and Gimli is almost always skipped when LOTR merchandise is made, no dwarf love and the Licker ITEM #518248 from RE, so cute hehe.

Btw did you see this Miku ITEM #1128615 ? I told myself no more Miku's, but I'm really really liking her... ^^''
27 days ago
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