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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Mikumo - 05 - Traveling Mood (Hobby Stock, Kaiyodo)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Miku ★ Punk (Atelier Hiro)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - mebae Ver. (Max Factory)GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Thailand Ver. (FREEing)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Trick or Miku (Union Creative International Ltd)


Hi there!
Feel free to just call me Milk or Mama Meeks!
I'm a huuuuuuge fan of Miku and just VOCALOID in general! I'm a collector and also a cosplayer! If you can't tell, I only really only collect VOCALOID merch!
I am always on the hunt for new Miku merch to add to my collection. ^_^


A little more about me!

- I've been to Miku Expo 2016 & 2018 and now planning a trip to Magical Mirai 2022!

- I've been into VOCALOID since late 2009!

- Where to find me!

♥ Twitter - mikuismyqueen
♥ Merch Insta - snowmeeks
♥ YouTube - Mama Meeks
♥ Miku News Insta - mikugerms
♥ Miku News Twitter - mikugerms

Artist: KEI


Your collection is beautiful!! i aspire to have a similar collection dedicated to my beloved Kaworu Nagisa, thank you so much for showing your collection and inspiring me to start my own collection towards my favorite character :) ❤︎
16 hours ago
your collection is so beautiful, i keep showing my mum your room as inspiration for mine when im older! thank you for following me
1 month ago
i got motivated to start my own miku collection because you inspired me! i love your account and i hope you can continue to share more lovely pictures of your collection
2 months ago
Your Miku collection is breathtaking!! Hope your collection grows more in the feature!
3 months ago
OMG AMAZING COLLECTION!!!! So many rare and kawaii mikus <3
3 months ago
"Your compatibility with Whtupmydudes is 20%
You both like Shiteyanyo"
4 months ago
incredible collection!! *u*
4 months ago
Aww thank you so much! ^^Lun7 months ago#92134763WOOAH, your miku collection is huge! I’m so inspired 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
7 months ago
WOOAH, your miku collection is huge! I’m so inspired 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
7 months ago
Hi! I'm a girl too and I love Miku as well as Project Diva! I hope we can be friends here and grow our collections. I'd love to hear about your favorite pieces, how you keep everything stored (I can't tell if I need shelfs, some sort of fancy book case, a display shelf or what!) and how you take your pictures. Personally, I can't stand to take mine out of their boxes either so how you grapple with that would be interesting. I hope to go to my first Miku show in 2021, after having my hopes dashed this year, too!

Hope you are safe during this Covid and to hear from you soon
10 months ago
Your hassle-free Japan shopping proxy .


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