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Hello, I was see you selling your colection. And I very hope you still have goddess belldandy. Please let me take care her carefull for you. I was find her so long but the price is very expensive but your price look best for me.
8 months ago
are you still selling your collection? I am considering purchasing your IA figure.
9 months ago
Are you still selling all of your collection? I'd possibly like to buy your holo nendo
9 months ago
You have the Accel world figure for sale still? Thanks :)
10 months ago
Have you still got the scaled 1:8 lelouch, Thanks.
10 months ago
Saw you post that you were selling your collection, would you still be interested in selling your Kyoko Kirigiri? Cheers
10 months ago
I bought several figures from this seller and everything went very well! :D Well packed and fast shipped as well as in perfect condition. Also the communication was nice and very friendly. ^^ I would definitly buy here again!
11 months ago
knarf97 Empty wallet expert
hey man your inbox is full, is honma meiko still avail? cheers
11 months ago
Bought 2 figures and they arrived really quick were very well packaged and good condition. Excellent communication, a pleasure.

Thank you
1 year ago
Bought several figures, all arrived in perfect condition and were very well packaged! Fantastic communication, definitely recommend buying from them :)
1 year ago
PVC anime figure store.





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