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I have fallen in love with the romance of anime, games and figures. I am constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve my anime room. Please do add me as a friend if you like my posts and do leave me a comment, ill be happy to answer any questions.

If you would like to use any of my pictures please feel free to, just let me know and give me a link :)

Here is a brief video about how I view the hobby, please check it out XD
[ext link ]

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09 months agorandomly_ren09randomly_ren09
Wing (9 months ago) #17097879Alright just let me know when you feel like getting it. I have tons of junk(key chains, books marks etc) lying around, trying to find a way to store or display them. What do you do with yours?
I usually hang them on my pencil case or bags to create an 'ita-bag'.
09 months agorandomly_ren09randomly_ren09
Wing (9 months ago) #16985062I have an extra copy of Persona 3 & Persona 4 World Analyze(NM to M). I am happy to sell it for B$20.00 if you are interested.
If you are into trading cards I have Persona 4 Trading Card Another World Ver Sealed Box. B$75.00 for one booster box, it comes with a promo kanji foil card ;)
Looking forward to Persona 5?

Hmm... I'll take note of that. I might be considering on getting that P3/P4 World Analyze book, but not now :D
09 months agorandomly_ren09randomly_ren09
Wing (9 months ago) #16968880Are you interested in persona 3/4 books?(surprisingly, not many are interested in Persona in Brunei -_-) I accidentally ordered extra copies for a few of their artbooks.

Which ones do you have? :D
09 months agorandomly_ren09randomly_ren09
Wing (9 months ago) #16673752Heya,
Thanks for the friend request. Great to see fellow Bruneians. Feel free to drop a msg anytime, if you want to discuss anything about the hobby.
Have a great day!

No probs! Glad to see another fellow Bruneian collector out here XD
02 years agopcaradactylpcaradactyl
Wing (2 years ago) #3015355Heya! I just posted my first tutorial blog.
(mfc link)
Please check it out! Thanks!

Whoa sorry! I can't believe I've gone this long without noticing your comment! Thank you so much for letting me know and for making the amazing tutorial! Sorry for paying my compliments so late!

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