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Konnichiwa~! ^^

I've been a collector for almost seven years, ran an anime blog (currently on indefinite hiatus) during my college days and now pretty much lurk around sites for otaku stuffs when I'm at work (bad!). XD

My history of anime-related hobbies go way back to the days of DIC's horrible Sailor Moon dub so I guess I'm pretty old in that respect? Aha~ J/k. I'll always be a youth at heart, no matter what anyone says. ;)

As you can probably tell from my collection, I'm a big fan of the magical girl genre but I've had an interest in possibly everything the anime/manga industry had to offer for the past 20 years so my tastes vary from series to series. I also don't usually have favorites or make a habit of choosing favorites for various reasons but if there is something I especially love and obsess over, it'll probably end up owning a display shelf of its own in my collection once I can afford to buy a shelf.

That said, I'll probably make minor adjustments to my profile later on but I mainly come on here to edit my collection and maybe put up some sales in the future. Of course, I'm always open to chatting about collecting or anime/manga in general so if you want to send me a PM, please do! :3


Hi! Are you still selling the tanaka and nishinoya nendoroid combo? Please let me know, thanks!
1 month ago
thank you !!!!! have a nice day !
1 year ago
Your collection is so cute!!! :D
3 years ago
Recently purchased a Kamina trading figure; great communication and fast shipping!

My only issue was the fact that the box it came in was broken down and flattened and packed along with the figure itself loosely in a shipping envelope.

Luckily there was no damage to the figure itself, though as a collector, I am a bit sad that it was shipped this was as I enjoy having the boxes intact. Would've paid more for shipping costs if I knew this was the case, otherwise, a great sale!

4/5 stars.
4 years ago
fama226 Micronize me
The Year is coming to a close rather fast, before you know it, the final episode will be looking us straight in the face, though I already spoiled the ending somewhat for the plain fact that I own the artbook and have seen the light novels. I've never witnessed a series that could singlehandedly build up so much hype for a fight then completely skip it after everyone has been looking forward to it for so long, but from what I understand, the light novels also forwent Sabi's fight so you could say they were just staying true to the script hahaha (well, at least there was the preview for the episode that showed some of the action). Poor Chouchou.......he was going to get married.....then five episodes later his love interest gets gunned down in a blaze of glory....
9 years ago
fama226 Micronize me
Nisioisn's writing is brilliant to say the least, they put a lot of depth into their stories that would likewise be hard to find somewhere else. I think one of the main reasons the anime doesn't stick well with most people is because of the monthly airing times for a single episode, personally I think its somewhat awesome and unique to correlate the 12 swords>12 months>12 episodes thing, I think the lengthier wait adds more anticipation for each new episode. I happen to be learning Japanese at the moment as well; however, for some reason my instructor decided not to teach us hiragana,katakana, etc so I'm going to have to self-teach myself in the future.
so do you have a favorite episode? mine is a three way tie between the one with Zanki, Koyuki, and the Maniwa Bug squadron......which was actually really depressing to watch.
9 years ago
XiaoThanks for the invite! I adore Nia and she certainly needs more love. Which is why I'm so happy there's a club for her now. xD

Yeah, I was surprised that there wasn't any fan club yet..
Thanks for the comment btw :D
9 years ago
fama226 Micronize me
Hello there Xiao! if you would excuse such a random intrusion from a person such as myself, I couldn't help but notice you like the Katanagatari series, those are quite some impressive tastes, only a few people I know are aware of it, and of the people I do know who have seen it unfortunately can't stick around because of all the......dialogue, nevertheless its good to see another fan such as yourself! Have you by any chance read the original Katanagatari light novels or the Maniwari ninja's special spin off Maniwagatari?
9 years ago
So it appears you like Nia :)
Wanna join my club?

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Also, would you care to give a comment on my banner?

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XiaoHey! Thanks for friending me! ^^

Hey there! No problem, happy to be your friend on here! :D Your nendo and gashapon collections are incredible!
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