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My motto is: No Loli, No Life. I pledge my love, soul, and body to all forms of lolis for all of eternity. I love collecting anything related to lolis, but mostly dakis and tapestries. The lewder the loli, the better. <3 I also love to browse Japanese websites and blogs about loli daki reviews and post pics here for other MFC users to see. Moreover, I love to contribute entries to the MFC database about loli dakis and tapestries if I don't see any listings for them yet. I welcome FRs from loli worshipers. Lolicons unite to take over the world!!
Loli hentai >:D
HALO, Destiny, WARFRAME, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, IRONSIGHT.
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Loli, Flat Chest, Belly, Feet, Ahoge, School Swimsuit, Micro Bikini, Randoseru, Kindergarten Uniform, Training Bra, Yaeba, Spats, Knee Socks, Bobby Socks, Stockings, Tan Lines, Tsundere, Twintails, Bloomers, Shimapan, School/Gym Uniform, Uwabaki Gym Shoes
J-Rock/Pop, Visual Kei, Alternative, Rock, Power Metal, Metal.
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