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I buy Figures of Characters I like. I might buy the cast to a series I like, but it's rare. Feel free to post any comments or questions, I'm nicer than most people on the internet. : )

I actually don't watch much anime or have ever read manga.

This site is a good place to check for information and photos on figures.
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YaR1030 (10 months ago) #24125110Hey MugenTenshinFRD,
WonFest revealed a Kasumi figma. Hurray!
also a renewal to the max factory Kasumi statue.
: )

Hi YaR1030,
Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday at the time of your comment.
Yay! Great news! I was on holiday for just a month and out of the blue several Dead Or Alive figures get announced; Figma Kasumi, Max Factory Kasumi C2 renewal, Plamax Minimum Factory Kasumi C2 kit, Max Factory 1/5 Marie Rose up for pre-order. Suddenly this year's summer became better! :D
7 months ago
YaR1030 (10 months ago) #23180939Hey green knight. Just wanted to say that it's really cool that you own all these classic statues of fighting game chars. These were the rare type of statues I thought I'd never see again or would anyone believe me that they ever existed if i told them. I used to see some of these on ebay many years ago. But is really cool to finally see them in clear photos. Like world heroes Janne lol.

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I really loved (and still love) the fighting games, especially SFII. I started out building and painting the GKs of all these characters because back in the day there weren't too many prepainted figures and GKs were the only way to go, provided you were lucky enough to find them without the aid of the internet. :) Fortunately I met a person who owned a hobby store in Pittsburgh who had a contact in Japan. I could phone him and ask him to ask his Japanese contact if he could find any GK from current issues of Hobby Japan that I wanted. Usually he was able to get them for me. It might not have been as convenient as the web but you made do with what you had to work with at the time. :)
10 months ago
YaR1030 (11 months ago) #22837702Sup stingray? Is always cool to find another fighting game player/fan. : )
Nice collection. We both got the same Dizzy and Kasumi Lol.

FGC for life. Diggin' the DBZ and Sailor Moon collection you got going; straight fire. You playing any fighting games right now?
11 months ago
YaR1030 (11 months ago) #22193882Thanks for the post.
You got a great collection yourself too.
We got some similar things. lol

Thank you ^_^ I noticed the similarities as well. There are so many that you have that I want as well! One of these days... XD
11 months ago
You have a very nice collection! I do the same, I buy figures I like ^_^
11 months ago
YaR1030 (1 year ago) #17826529Thanks. I saw the sample post you linked me. Guess Sailor Mars is too rare lol. Hope you had fun seeing the movie again. I'm going to buy it when it comes out on blu ray. x)
You're welcome. c: well sailor characters can be rare if at different theater places.. ^^;; Who knows. c:
1 year ago
Hello, I went to movie place again.. to picked sailor moon in mails.. I opened if another Sailor Mars..sorry I have some few double Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus.. :T I showed you this picture of sample twitter.
1 year ago
this is a little random, but i saw you post about the sailor moon figuarts' skin tone differences-- could you maybe do a comparison of the ones you own? i own rerelease sailor moon and runs of venus, mars, and mercury that i haven't identified, but the different coloured plastic for the flesh has bothered me for ages.
1 year ago
YaR1030 (1 year ago) #16404461Hello. I like your s.h. figuarts photos of the Sailor Moon chars. Your photos look so much better than Bandai themselves. : )
Thank you! Being able to play with these figurines is a great pleasure - a Sailor Moony haven on earth. ;}
1 year ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
3 years ago
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