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nice vivian profile pic!
4 years ago
PineappleSkewer4 years ago#8742369Are you being cheeky, Pik? :v How did you even find me on MFC?!
That's quite the nice collection you have, too. I didn't know anyone else on the team besides me and AJB likes figures. I'm super jelly of you getting that new Link Figma.

Yeah, lol. By coincidence actually- I scrolled down to the comments on some figure, saw your icon and went "oh shit"
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty hyped for that new Link figma too. Also considered getting that Toon Zelda that popped up a few days ago, but a man's gotta has his limits
4 years ago
Feels like I know you from somewhere
4 years ago
Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
You're very welcome! I kept seeing your avatar and just had to ask because it made me smile every time I saw it. ^.^ I actually checked your DA right after posting the comment, lol...but your art is lovely! I absolutely adore your style! Makes me want a little chibi Sora. You wouldn't happen to do commissions still? XP And aha! Maybe! :p He's a boy and looks slightly different, but does wear lolita dresses and hold his tail like that. <3 Anyways I'm rambling now. Orz sorry!
6 years ago
Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」

Just have to ask, did you draw your avatar? It is flipping adorable! Reminds me of one of my OCs XD;;
6 years ago
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
:DDD Happy Birthday PineappleSkewer!! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with fantastic things. ^___^
8 years ago
Happy birthday!
10 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
10 years ago
Happy birthday !!!
Have a good day :-)
10 years ago
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