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Note: Quality over quantity when it comes to collecting high quality figures/statues. So, slow down and save up to buy your favorite characters from anime/manga, video games, visual novels, movies, and comic books into your growing collection.

I don't buy prize figures anymore, but I can still appreciate them. However, I don't mind getting them as gifts or presents.

I'm a anime/furry lover hardcore gamer/collector/geek with a decent job (if I save enough) to buy and play my favorite games on PC, PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, PS4, Gamecube, Wii, Wii-U, 'New' Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo DS.

I love anime and manga during my mid high school years to early college years. But I didn't purchased or collected anything at that time due to having no job and income. I enjoyed what I had at that time, my interests for this didn't manifested until in my late college years well enough for me to begin collecting. But with a stable job, I am able to start buying and collecting my favorite characters from many anime/manga series, visual novels, video games, and western movies.

I enjoy collecting the following things: comics/manga, novels, art books, Anime/Manga figures, dolls, Anime on Blu-ray and DVD, Blu-ray movies/TV shows, Disneyana collectibles, and anthro/furry stuff like comics and books. I enjoy playing video games on consoles, handheld and PC. I should have collected Japanese PVC figures a long time ago; therefore I'm pretty late to the party. I started my Japanese anime/manga figure collecting back in July of 2013 (I'd wished it was still earlier. I am a hardcore collector of high quality scaled figures of my most favorite characters or of interest.
Although, my budget is not too high for that reason, I've a huge wave of interests of many things and genres. So I collect things most 'normal' everyday people are not into. It may cost a lot to others, but to me; it's not too bad if you save up for an expensive hobby. Some people would think I am crazy spending so much money on these, but they're missing out in their life and not having fun or enjoying something that can make their currency enjoyable to use. These are very detailed, decorative, visually pleasing, eye candy wholesome, high-end, and wonderful art pieces worthy to be opened and displayed on your computer desk, table, bookshelves, and display glass stand.

One more time...the thing is, it is so much fun and unique at the same time and you can have a collection that is attention to detail, beautiful, colorful, sexy, and worth displaying. Instead of just watching Anime, I'd also watch movies, live action TV shows, animated TV shows, classic cartoons, and animated films in a wide variety of genres. I'm a hardcore gamer with a decent collection and I don't just leave them there, I actually open the collector's or limited editions and play em.' I read lots of books and enjoying going out of town often as well and by the way I'm a huge Disney/Disneyland fan too.

Both western and eastern cultures interests collide!


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