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Economics/CS Major, Class of 2017

Interests: Anime (duh), Figurines, Basketball (playing, watching, writing/analysis), Smash, Photography, Cinematography, Film Analysis, Food <3

I always loved watching anime as a kid, but fell out of the hobby in my teenage years. During the past summer, I rediscovered the hobby and I've been catching up on all the classics and keeping up with the current season ever since!

Collecting anime figures was always so foreign to me, until I started browsing /r/AnimeFigures and MFC. After buying my first Saber figure, I was hooked Q.Q. I'm definitely not the most avid collector, but I'm definitely going to set aside a portion of my income for figures that tug on my heartstrings.

Anyways, feel free to shoot me a PM or send me a friend request! I'm always looking to interact with the community. If you're more active on MAL, please add me there, too! None of my friends love anime nearly as much as me, so it's nice to have an online outlet to share one of my passions with!

Thanks for reading <3

Also, Shiki a cute. https://31.media.tumblr.com/c2822fdc847d37e40c144a83c5447390/tumblr_mp4jzxb7cI1qbvovho1_500.gif



_JY5 years ago#2421240Been meaning to watch a couple of the shows recommended before getting back to you, but in the meantime I found this XD.
If only they had something like this in Chicago.

Feel free to get back to me at anytime, I'm sure you're busy with school work (as am I) lol

Yeah I saw that Ufotable cafe before. Apparently they air their shows live as new episodes come in. So jealous that Japan is willing to create a bunch of cafe's based off of their shows :/ If I end up going to Japan one day I'll definitely be checking out that cafe
5 years ago
Hi! Are you still online? Please check your messages and sorry for be late! Thanks a lot for your help ;__;
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2414722Sorry for the super late reply! Balancing a torn Achilles and school is no fun :(. Hopefully, your semester is going well and midterms aren't giving you too much trouble ^^. By the way, what's your major? I'd love to know what you're studying, and get some recommendations on topics to take a class in/search up myself.
Anyways, I'm back to watching anime and fawning over figures I'll never have. All is well in the world :P. I've only had time to watch a few things in the last two weeks, but they've all been great choices.
Redline is stunning, and a definite must watch when you find the time. Get the biggest TV possible and stream it in 1080p or find the BD. The story is a tiny bit lacking and totally "anime", but the visuals and action sequences are so gosh darn gorgeous. If you do end up watching it, there's a brief scene with nudity, so keep that in mind if you're watching in a lounge or w/ friends. Anyways, I could gush for hours about Redline, as it instantly became one of my favorites.
Aside from Redline, I finally got around to finish Neon Genesis Evangelion. Oh my. I put off this "classic" because I can never get into the Mecha genre. Safe to say, I'll probably give TTGL and Gainax another shot after how much I loved NGE. It was just so emotionally engaging Q.Q, and it's usually pretty hard to get me emotionally invested in an anime and its characters. And I haven't even watched End of Evangelion yet! I won't say anymore to avoid spoilers, but let me know your thoughts on the series if you've watched it.
For this season, I've only watched the pilot episodes for Psycho Pass 2, Chaika, and the Twintails show. Psycho Pass 2 seems decent enough, Chaika(s) a cute, and Twintails... I don't know what to say. Aside from F/SN, what shows have stood out for you? I'll probably pick one up and we can discuss it week to week if you're up for that.
As for figure purchases, I can't believe it took me so long to find Amazon JP. Low prices + cheap, fast shipping = <3. I'm about to buy the Mikasa and Ryuuko Nendos, and I'll have them in just a couple days! I also caved and snagged a pre-order for the Alter Asuka. It never feels great to spend $110~ on a figure +shipping, but I couldn't pass it up. Deeper down the rabbit hole I go.
How's the 2014 Halloween Miku and other purchases? I'd love to hear about what you've received/pre-ordered recently. Haven't been scoping out new figures, so I'm counting on you to show me all must have pre-orders :P.
Anyways, reply to this wall of text whenever you have the time ^^. It's always fun seeing what you have to say.
Haha don't sweat it. Ouch, how'd that happen? Like many other people, I actually don't have a major :P In that period of time where I'm completely unsure of what to do. This semester I was seeing how I'd like cinematics studies but that didn't turn into anything. Starting next semester I'm going to take some Graphic Design classes since I enjoy drawing. I hate technical classes like Math and Science so I feel like I have a pretty limited major pool lol. As for recommended classes, I say taking a film class can be interesting. That can fill a humanities/literature requirement if you need it.
Which figures will you never have lol? Holy grails?
I'll definitely be downloading Redline when I free up space on my laptop. Tbh I've only got 30GB left so I've got to be careful. I've already watch NGE but that was when I was really young so I've got to rewatch it because I didn't understand it back then :P As for the Rebuild movies, they're amazing! The second rebuild movie is probably my favorite anime movie of all time. And YES you should watch Gurren Lagann! Don't know if I said it but it's my favorite anime, yes even more than Fate.
Haha Twintails.....yeah I tapped out of that show in the first episode, too weird for me :D
I'm watching:
Amagi Brilliant Park - Overall I'm enjoying this one a good amount. It's done by Kyoto so their animation is definitely up to par.
Inou-Batttle wa Nichijou-kei Naka de - Not sure how I feel about this show atm. For now it's worth keeping up.
Kiseijuu - This is Parasyte if you don't know. I really liked the manga so I'm just checking out how it goes and so far it's okay but getting better. (manga surpasses it though)
Nanatsu no Taizai - Probably one of my favorites this season. It's just a shounen story and is easy to follow. The main character is pretty badass :D
Psycho-Pass 2 - Watched S1 and liked it so I'm watching S2 lol
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Another one that I think will be a favorite for the season. It's a romance story and the first episode was a great set up.
Shingeki no Bahamut - From what I've seen so far the story seems pretty standard but the animation is fun to watch and the character designs are different from most shows (which I like).
AND FINALLY I'M DONE! Yeah if you want to discuss the season's anime week by week I'd be totally down for that. Right now I'm actually behind a week since school has been giving me hell. Wrote like 5 essays in the past 2 weeks and had 3 exams.......
I was actually looking into buying a couple artbooks from amazon jp a couple days ago but I wasn't sure how to sign up for an account. Is it easy?
I haven't gotten a chance to look at all my new figures :( I get all my figures sent to my home and not my dorm. So all my preorders end up waiting in my room til I get back. And yes the wait kills me.
As for new preorders I haven't ordered anything but just today GSC showed off more pictures of their 1/8 Satsuki in Senketsu picture/1126182... and apparently preorders start next week so I'll probably end up getting that.
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2394682Wow, congrats on snagging Saber Alter for $82. Brag ahead, that's an awesome deal! I had to settle for the Nendo version, but it's still good enough.
It's fitting that you mention buying your first BD. I started buying anime merchandise, because I felt the need to own hard copies of my "favorite" series. Ended up wasting so much money on series that I discovered right as I started watching. Shows like Bakemonogatari, Psycho-Pass, Bebop, and plenty more all seemed top 5 worthy, which should have tipped me off that none of them really were XD.
I'm still trying to resell some of the BDs I purchased, in particular Bakemonogatari. Never even took off the plastic shrink-wrap. I can't believe I spent $150 on this thing. Aniplex BD releases are so expensive, and their extras aren't even that amazing. With that being said, I'm still on the verge of purchasing Fate/Zero, because I'm a sucker for packaging and the Fate/Zero boxes are so pretty.
Speaking of pretty packaging, the Japanese Ghibli BDs are so tempting. They're a pricy ~$58 each w/ DHL shipping from Amazon JP, but I've already bought Mononoke and Spirited Away. Currently, I have Akira, Eva Rebuilds 1.11 & 2.22, KLK Vol 1, Ninja Scroll, Princess Mononoke, Redline, Samurai Champloo, Spirited Away, and Yu Yu Hakusho on a bookshelf. Let me know if you want to borrow any, as the animation is gorgeous. I suggest Redline if you've never watched it. 7 years of entirely hand-drawn animation :O.
Here are the Ghibli BDs I'm talking about:View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/GihRk.jpg
Anyways continuing... I thought figures had no utility, and that I would eventually regret blowing so much money on a statue. But silly old me forgot that my primary enjoyment, from any anime, comes from how endearing the characters are. I would have still liked KnK regardless of the cast, but Shiki's character made the overall experience 100x enjoyable. I'm going to rewatch the series figure out all the intricacies that flew over my head, but really, we both know I'm watching for Shiki. Speaking of KnK, I'm totally jealous of your Shiki from Kotobukiya. It's a figure that I had my eye on, but never found at the right price. Eventually, eventually...
I should wrap this up, so basically I got emotionally invested in Saber after watching Fate/Zero, agonized over whether to buy Golden Caliburn or Distant Avalon, and then proceeded to realize that figures do have utility because they make me happy just by being there XD. And now I'm feverishly trying to snag someone's pre-order for Alter's Asuka... Things really do change fast, haha.
Holy crap $150 for Bakemono? Aniplex's prices are really ridiculous but for some unexplainable reason people still buy them up. That's why I'm limiting the only BD's I'll buy to the favorites (Fate/Zero, Gurren Lagann). That said they'll probably end up releasing Ufotable's FSN so that'll be another $300 I'll most likely spend (-_-)....

Thanks for the offer on letting me borrow your BDs but nah. I don't feel comfortable borrowing stuff long distance because who knows when I'll give them back. I'll definitely take suggestions on what to watch though! I'll just end up streaming or downloading them on my computer. Those Ghibli BD's look really nice though. All follow the same design and look super neat next to each other. To be honest I haven't watch too many of Ghibli's works. Which is weird considering the only one I saw (Princess Mononoke) is one my favorite anime movies. Call it one of my anime sins haha. Will definitely have to check them all out one day.

Yeah I've definitely got to rewatch KnK again. I think the second time around I'll watch it in chronological order. Regarding the Shiki figure, I really like the figure but I've got some pet peeves with it. Her pose seems a bit weird because she looks like she's leaning unnaturally. I also don't like it's Shiki with the white Kimono because she's rarely in that outfit. I just wish someone would make a decent figure of her in her traditional Red Jacket, Blue Kimono. Cmon its her main freaking OUTFIT! Sorry lol I just want the perfect Shiki figure and I doubt there will be any in the future :P If I had to pick, I'd go with this picture as inspiration because its simple and but really cool looking
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://static.zerochan.net/Ryougi.Shiki.full.1737333.jpg

I was in the same boat as you except I started with simple Gundam model kits which were really cheap and one day I was just browsing HLJ when I saw promotional pictures for Cuirassier Saber. Back then I had no idea what character or series that figure was from but was completely into the design. I never knew scale figures could look that cool and detailed....but then I saw the price lol. Back then $150 for a figure was ridiculous, so it went to the back of my head. That was the first time I paid any kind attention to scale figures.
Eventually during the time I was really into One Piece I ended up buying a couple of those because they were relatively cheap compared to other scales but slowly I got into the idea of spending more money. This was also around the time I looked into "deeper" anime than One Piece etc. Then one after another I got obssessed and now I'm too deep into the rabbit hole to get out :( Have to say though, the day I eventually did end up getting Cuirassier Saber was nostalgic in a way. I remembered the day I saw her on HLJ so clearly and now I got to the point where I was able to buy her haha
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2393659Ugh, if it's following the VN so closely, I'll probably end up watching it :P. Add that to the list, along with the rest of the Kara no Kyoukai movies. I'm so vexed that there is no NA Blu-ray release of KnK. The JP box set has tempted me once, but I also want to eat, so... Wait, I forgot. I'm buying all the Kill la Kill LE Box Sets, so I'm not eating anyways.
And haha, Nendos are pretty fun. I've never listened to more than a couple Miku songs, but the 2013 Snow Miku was so cute I just had to. Still haven't unboxed it yet, as I'm thinking about making a video later. I also have the Shiki Nendo from a couple years back. I found it for $45 on Amazon, opened, but it was in perfect condition!
I have those two boxed, tucked away in my dorm, and I have a few petites of Saber and Katanagatari characters displayed on an unobtrusive shelf.
Let me know how the Halloween Miku looks! The packaging on the seasonal Mikus has been top-notch for the last couple years. I'm still on the fence about Sakura Saber, as I really don't need a fourth scale of her... ... ... But still >.> it's such a good design. Maybe, I'll end up selling my Golden Caliburn to create the justification, but I can't imagine parting with my first figure ever. Please make Sakura Saber a Nendoroid GSC.
Final Tangent: You have the GSC Saber Alter - Vortigern, right? I was going to buy it for $230, as I love Saber Alter... Then cooler heads prevailed, and I'm hoping, fingers-crossed, for a re-release after UBW finishes airing.
Haha yeah...unless NA releases their own copies of KnK BD there's no way I'll be spending that kind of money. It's like $600? NO, NEVER! That said I actually ended up buying my first anime BD just the other day (Fate/Zero S2). Paid like $120...still hurts lol. I'm also going to buy the recently announced single BD's for Gurren Lagann.

Yeah I'm not too much of fan of Miku's songs but I really dig a couple of her designs. 2013 Snow Miku in particular I have a soft spot for because she was the one that caught my attention for Nendoroids. It's just that I don't feel justified to spend $80 on such a small figure :P Yeah I'll definitely let you know what I think of Halloween Miku! In the process I'll probably tell you how much money I'll burn on Nendoroids :(

I definitely don't recommend selling any figures you have any doubt in selling. You will regret it for sure, especially if she's your first figure! I suggest not preordering because nowadays preordering isn't really that useful. Most GSC scale figures don't sell out immediately and a lot end up lowering in price. I honestly don't mind buying the different Sabers because her designs are so radically different that each one gives off a different presence.

Yeah I have Saber Alter! I hate to be the guy that brags but I ended up getting her for $82 on eBay! Was completely shocked that someone sold it for that price lol. She ended up being in great condition too :D That said, I think there's a good chance she will be rereleased. Not because of UBW but Ufotable is also making a movie based on Heaven's Feel and she only shows up in that route.

Btw how did you end up getting into figure collecting? It's always interesting learning how people get into this wallet burning hobby haha
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2393310Haha yea, I'm not worried about judgement or snobby elitists, just giving a bit of background on my perspective of the medium XD. Thankfully, it seems like both of us are pretty level-headed when it comes to the different parts of the fandom.
I actually have not seen the first episode of F/SN! Besides trying to find the time, I'm not sure if I want to watch the anime before finishing the VN, haha. I only finished the Fate route over summer, and I wanted to experience UBW in its original form. Oh well, I'll probably cave soon and start watching :P.
I'm not following that many shows this season, actually. Probably only Psycho-Pass 2, Chaika, and maybe F/SN. I'd rather get caught up on my backlog of "classics." I just started NGE and I'm working my way through a list of classic movies. Stuff like Akira, a bunch of Ghiblis, Sword of the Stranger, Kara no Kyoukai 6&7 (heard they're kinda fluff compared to 1-5), and more.
As for figures, I've got the Sinon Nendo pre-ordered, but nothing else D:. I'm trying to snag the Alter Asuka Jersey ver. coming out next week, but it's pretty expensive >.<. Also, I have no place to store them in my dorm, haha. I left all my Saber scales at home, as there's always at least a little bit of stigma from people unfamiliar with the hobby.
How about you? (Both shows and figures, haha)

Hmmmmm....picking between the ufotable adaption and the VN. I actually just finished all the routes this past summer. Honestly, you could probably go either way with the anime or VN. Based off what I saw from the first episode they are following it extremely closely. Ufotable is really good at adapting the source material. But of course I understand going with the original content first, more information and context :P

I'm following a ton of anime this season, maybe too much haha. I say that because right now I have like 560GB of unwatched series that need to be watched on my computer. I would definitely say that KnK 6 is fluff compared to the others but 7 isn't fluff at all. Also be sure to watch the recently released Knk: Mirai Fukuin, I thought that was better than a few of the main movies.

I was thinking of getting the Alter Asuka too, but my impulse buying helped prevent that from happening lol. As for figures I actually have coming the new Halloween themed Miku Nendoroid is in the mail. This'll be my first nendoroid, so I'm expecting to fall deep into the Nendoroid rabbit hole.....ugh. I've also got the 2 new GSC sabers for preorder, can't resist the Type Moon x GSC magic :/ Other misc. figures are ITEM #97003 and ITEM #198412 simply because they're cool designs. It's a lot of money but all are coming out next year so I'll have plenty of time to save up money lol.

Man, don't even get started with leaving figures at home :( I'm in the same boat as you. The only figure I've got at my dorm is ITEM #86378 since it's not moe and just a cool looking monster to my friends. I don't even want to imagine anyone touching my Saber figures if I brought even 1....That said the feeling when you get home and see your figures is great! What about you? I know you didn't bring your Saber scales but did you bring any figures at all?
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2393032Thanks, haha >.<. But don't downplay UIUC! There are tons of people on your campus far smarter than me, with more life experience and insight to offer.
Haha, yea. I can see how the Midwest wouldn't be the ideal location for cultivating an anime hobby. As for myself, I didn't really take advantage of the Bay Area. I actually thought there wasn't much outside the Big 3, until I SAO after finals last year. (Totally not an SAO hater btw, I loved it at first. Now, after watching more series, I'm still fond of it while understanding its flaws.
And then I remembered coming home every day to watch G Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho, and all those classics when I was in grade school, haha. Never been to a Con or an Expo :X. So by every definition I'm a newbie.
Regarding Smash, I've played Melee casually for ages, but just recently discovered the competitive scene. I haven't attended any meet-ups for our Smash group, but that will change very soon!

Well it's not just you that started with the Big 3, tons of people in the USA (me included) started with them. It usually just takes one anime other than those to convince people that there's more to anime than that. Big examples would be Death Note, Attack on Titan, and SAO like you mentioned. So glad you have that opinion of SAO though, lots of people around me think its the greatest show ever, when in actuality it's just okay...

Haha I remember those shows. I miss the days of Saturday cartoons :/ I haven't gone to any cons/expos either but there's apparently a small one in Peoria around January so maybe I'll end up going. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you're a "newbie", sure there are some elitist who have a superiority complex, but at the end of the day we just like anime lol.

Tell me how that Smash meet up goes, I remember getting my ass handed to me before actually getting good :P

Btw have you watched the newest episode of Ufotable FSN? What do you think of it?
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2392942Haha, now that would be an even bigger coincidence. I'm actually about ~30 miles away at Northwestern. Still really close, though.
Are you a Chicago native? I'm originally from the SF Bay Area in California.
Edit: Speaking of fighting games, do you by any chance play Smash with any regularity? ^^

Woah Northwestern, you must be smart haha
I'm actually from the middle of nowhere Peoria, IL, where anime does not thrive at all...
I don't play Melee but play Brawl pretty regularly. Although to be fair I've been playing mostly Brawl minus and Project M. I'm actually part of club here that plays Smash nonstop lol
5 years ago
_JY5 years ago#2392926Nice to meet you man, haha. I guess we have pretty similar taste on the surface XD.
Oh wow, I just noticed. Totally don't mean to pry, and don't answer if you feel uncomfortable, but do you also go to college in Illinois?

Nice to meet ya! I was actually thinking the same thing lol. Both 19, Illinois, and Type Moon fans haha
Yeah I go to UIUC, don't tell me you're on my campus too?
5 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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