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Hi I’m Abi! I’m a UK a figure collector, my favourite figures are nendoroids <3

My favourite anime ranked are:
1. Fruits basket
2. Haikyu!!
3. Toilet bound hanako kun
4. Demon slayer
5. Evangelion
6. Kaguya sama love is war
7. Tatami Galaxy
8. Hunter X hunter
9. Dr Stone
10. Re:zero

Owned - my current physical collection!
Ordered - preorders and orders!
Favourites - ordered but yet to pay for!
Wished - plan to buy!


5 months ago
5 months ago
Hi!! I saw your comment on the senku listing and saw that you’re interested in buying :) I’m currently selling mine :)
5 months ago
order more, dont be poor
5 months ago
Not me just checking that you haven't sold umbrella boi :)
5 months ago
It hurts :,)
6 months ago
Sometimes I come to your profile and laugh and say ha at least I’m not not as broke as this bitch and then realise
6 months ago
8 months ago
11 months ago
Fine I guess [quote=][quote=]
1 year ago
PVC anime figure store.