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Hi! I am acid and have been a collector for over 10 years now! in addition to anime figures and other anime merch, i collect gaming consoles and have an interest in personal tech, specifically cellphones.

i'm a big fan of deals, and like to stalk mercari and rakuma looking for cheap bundle lots and boxless figures. i particularly like prize figures and pre-2010-ish scales.

my tragic backstory:
View spoilerHide spoilerat the start of 2020, i sold off my collection because i thought it was time for me to "move on" and be "normal". as someone with autism, i have always struggled with accepting my interests and overall self. i re-joined shortly after, but have continued to struggle with self-acceptance, having occasionally denied myself cute/childish things since then. this is why i have changed my username/overall aesthetic a lot in the past.

While I do not consider myself a lolicon, I do discuss the culture/philosophy of lolicon a lot, and am interested in a lot of figures/merch of lolis. Because of that, if you are a) a minor and/or b) uncomfortable with such discussion, please add my username to your blacklist so you can have my comments hidden by default! I understand that not everyone is comfortable with seeing loli stuff, and do not take it personally. :)

However, I have zero tolerance for users who are immaturely hostile towards any subset of the community, and blacklist anyone who I see making judgement against people because of their collections or preferences.

The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


the venture bros, all other adult swim shows to some extent, what we do in the shadows, youtube video essays, jerma985
usually just whatever's popular and The Classics
silent hill 1 - 3, nintendo, yume nikki, as well as general niche forgotten stuff from 6th & 7th console generations
MOE Point(s)
sukumizu (school swimsuits), otaku shut-in girls, mascot characters, the long chunky bright hair that a lot of 00's anime girls had
rock from the 60's to 00's. david bowie is my idol