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Question about how to pass on a preorder?

Read here.
Read everything there. If a shop is not mentioned use this as a guide and look through their FAQ. I don’t have time to sit down and type this out every single time I get asked this, so please read everything.

I also do not work for ANY shop so I cannot speak for them about certain policies or restrictions they have. Therefore, if you have a question like that I will either ignore the PM or give you the link to their FAQ/Contact Forum.


If an item is in my "♥ wonderful gifts ♥" or "♥ my grails ♥" list it is not for sale. Stop asking.


♥ Trinity Blood Abel and Esther

♥ Black Cat Eve Figure

My shop is kept as up to date as possible! If I miss something I apologize in advance. I also have a "selling" list! However, there are certain items that I cannot list here. So to see everything I am selling please visit my Depop..

I am open to doing transactions through here, just keep in mind that if I have a sale going on that it'll only be applicable through Depop only.







omg wait...I knew I recognized your profile! I've talked you on Depop before. Thanks for getting back to me though!
23 days ago
Hi there! I was wondering if your White Rose Arthur was still available. I saw your comment that you had one for sale for $50 I think it was. If so, just let me know asap!
23 days ago
Thanks for letting me know. Ive cleared some space
3 months ago
Hi there!

I saw that you were looking for Clamp figures on the CLAMP fanclub page and I happen to have Black Cat Sakura Nendoroid Co-de and Angel Crown Sakura Nendoroid Co-des for sale. I'm currently selling mine for 100 each (willing to haggle) If you are interested, feel free to PM me!
3 months ago
Bought a 1/7 Kenshin figure from this lovely seller. Great communication and overall a great seller-thanks again!
7 months ago
hey, I got your PM, but can't reply because your inbox is full.
8 months ago
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
11 months ago
Pinokkio Want to be free!
Hi! I just have received my cards today and they have arrived safe and well. Thank You!

Ps: left feedback
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AnimeCowgirl331 year ago#60010514Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!

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Thank you all!! ♥
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Happy Birthday!!
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