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Tekken series, Dark/Demon's Soul's series,
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Such collection!!!
3 years ago
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
3 years ago
Happy Birthday! ^^
6 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
6 years ago
agentsandsHappy birthday bro! Looks like there's no more HNK figures for us! :D

Thank you very much pal! Yeah it looks like Revoltech stopped their HnK line. Maybe Some other company will take over the licence.
6 years ago
Happy birthday! (sorry I'm late LOL)
7 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Have a great day
7 years ago
agentsandsHello, my friend! How are you? About the Kenshiro figure, my friend showed it to me the other night. I was going to log in here and send you a message too! You just beat me to it! lol!

And yeah, I hope it opens up a new line. At least we know that the HNK revo line is still somewhat alive. I just hope they don't release re-hashed figures just to base it with the new HNK game. (I'm betting the next figure will be the HNK game version Raoh! lol)

What we need is Yuda! YUDA! Goddamn Kaiyodo! Haha! Seriously though, if I just get a Yuda figure, then I'm contented. :)

Take care, K-mu! Let's hope that new HNK figs come through after the game version Kenshiro. ;)

Hi! I'm happy you replied so quickly! For this new line, thanks to katakana I could barely understand they're gonna make this Kenshiro, Raoh (lol, Indeed) and Rei. On the scan, they wonder if Mamiya is gonna be made too... It seems, the line begins this autumn.

And Hell Yeah, Yuda IS in the game, so he definitely has a chance to be one of the next shelf resident!

Take care!
7 years ago
Hello my friend how are you?
Did you see that?


Hope it's gonna open a new line!
7 years ago
Thanks for your comment on my profile. Too bad no one knows any informations about HNK revoltech's future. Like you, I hope they're just taking a break.

Thanks for the different links you gave me. I know the two japanese review blogs, I used to read them a while ago and sometimes, I come across them. As for the recolored editions I was searching informations about for some weeks. From what I've seen they're just exclusive and can't be found in the stores...Not that I like recolored figures, but I'm a little bit frustrated to think I'll never put my hands on these. -___-
For the last link, ooh yeah, this guy's really talented, Yuda is badass indeed! I like his custom of Shin's outfit too!

I just received my Yuria yesterday, just about an hour after I left the first comment lol. In my opinion, she's really a good figure, too bad the legs are a bit limp. It's a bit hard to make her stand but the color quality is ok.

For me, the least good figure in terms of quality is the Nameless Asura. The trousers' grainy white color looks like it has been painted by a child and the worst is that paint flake off on the pelvis side due to the legs friction. Plus, the skin needed some shades. Maybe this is all due to my personal copy of the figure... but compared to the prototypes, it looks much lower.
8 years ago
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