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anime90 (4 years ago) #2749407Thanks for the welcome ^_^
Well I recently started collecting, like from 2 months back and I'm off a good start :)
There are tons of figures I need to order, but I'm taking my time
What sites are you dealing with when ordering?

My pleasure. ^ ^

You are off to a good start! I myself am relatively new in figure collecting (though I've always been into anime goods, even when I didn't know what "anime" technically was as a little kid. xD). Welcome to the world of fresh excitement in mail, waiting, waiting, waiting, burning wallets, and obsessive and stalking tendencies (tracking numbers... it'll happen {maybe}).

I deal mostly with HobbyLink JP and Mandarake. Amiami is good as it has a ton of products that other sites don't, as well as exclusives, but I've heard more than a few negative stories too. And you don't want to cancel any orders or else they'll ban you you pretty quickly. ^ ^;; Hobby Search is another good one. The database has links to partner sites (such as HobbyLink JP and Hobby Search).

Mandarake is a site you'll grow to love and appreciate, as it has a surplus of figures, old and new, and you'll likely find something you want. It's not uncommon to find it at a deal too! If you are a box collector or keep your figures sealed, you might deal less with them though. The boxes tend to be unsealed, while the figure is still sealed inside. Sometimes there's a little box damage too, such as a dent or broken window. I take out my figures for display, so none of that bothers me. ^ ^
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