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Hey there! I'm Rhys.

Ensemble Stars is my main interest right now, and my best boys are Adonis, Midori, and Chiaki! I am mainly undeadP, and I usually go for the latter two in events when I can! I am also very fond of Eichi, Tsumugi and Kaoru.

If you'd like to talk, feel free to leave me a pm or ask me for my twitter!
Please pm me if it's urgent and I'll do my best to get back to you!
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beauty marks, could kill me and I'd let them, tsunderes, peek-a-bangs, rare smiles, uniforms



Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have/had an awesome day! >< Ahhhh we're the same age again hehe OMG did you see the enstar nendos?! I was so shocked but excited! Weird that they started with Kaoru and Kanata though :3
4 months ago
athrunzala (8 months ago) #26800263Oh no, I seem to have missed your birthday ;A; Happy belated birthday my dear friend, I hope you had a good one! And thank you for your concern! I've started to get myself back on my feet lately, just real slowly haha. Man, the revival gacha for each unit....my dias are almost gone and none of my ryuseitai boys came home ;;;; I hope the 3 free 10-rolls treat us better ;; I gotta save up for at least another try for cop adonis and 1001 night adonis ;A;
Oh no! I hope you'll be able to figure out what to do with your minor soon! I'm also struggling to decide if I want to stay for a 5th year to bring my gpa up ;~; Uni is a pain but we'll get through it >.<

Thank you so much X3 I really appreciate it ☆. I'm glad you are getting better!! Omg I still haven't tried the revivals haha. I'll probs freak out when switch gets their's owo. Wish you the best of luck for that though! I really hope you get your special boy ^^ I finally figured out which minor to pick thanks for your concern. I really hope you figure out whether you want to stay on or not. That's a really big deal. I'm always here if you need to talk. :3 But we will definitely get through it
8 months ago
athrunzala (10 months ago) #24510602I'm so sorry for the late reply my friend! I'm in the middle of my final exams for this semester and then I'll be free for a couple of weeks until classes start up again in the fall >.<
Oh that's great to hear! Where did you go if you don't mind me asking :o

Aaah I'm so sorry that I've been gone for so long!! >< I hope your exams went well and your studies now are too. I don't mind at all! (*^▽^*) I went to Sweden and Ireland to see some family and then Japan to visit my host family! (⌒▽⌒)☆ I was a foreign exchange student until last year when a family tragedy happened and I had to leave (´;︵;`) I live with my mother and step-father in America now though~ which is interesting for a European boy like me (ノ>▽<。)ノ I'm probably going to finish up school here and (hopefully) go back to Japan after things get stabilized here. I started up school again here a few weeks ago and it's been T_T tiring to say the least. Now I have to juggle school along with this Knight event ( ̄。 ̄;) Hope you are okay dear friend!
8 months ago
athrunzala (9 months ago) #26142986Sorry for the late reply, I've been going through some personal issues so I haven't really been feeling well for the past month ;; That switch event killed me...I'm kinda mad that Kaoru's rank in the current event again ;;;; Oh well, revival events are there for a reason haha.
How have you been? I hope you've been feeling better than me ;u;
Omg it's no problem I have been busy anyway, and been going through some personal stuff too so I can definitely understand.(.づ◡﹏◡)づ*hug* I really hope you are feeling better now!!! Yeah they switch event drained my dia so much. I'm trying to save up again (つ﹏<。) One day I will do a revival event! One day... I'm back in uni now and I don't know whether to switch my modules (minor) I'm stuck! I'll figure it out I guess >< I really hope you are well!
8 months ago
athrunzala (10 months ago) #24762116Thank you! I just finished my last final exam for the summer so I am now free for the next two weeks before the school year starts again :') Not looking forward to that at all.
I'm so glad you were able to get that biblio Tsumugi; I have terrible gacha luck tbh. The only gacha 5* I have is Agent Mao and the rest of that set from 2015...but I have 3 copies of him so maybe that kinda cancels things out? The rest of the 5* cards I have are all from events...I don't remember the last time I slept properly thanks to this game jfc. Thanks for the gacha wishes but I don't think I'll be able to scout for Adonis or Midori this year after all, thanks to Tsumugi in this event. Revenge of the Tsumugi... I hope you'll be able to get this card one day; I just got my first copy of it and he's just beautiful ;A; The few event story translations I've seen had me tearing up tbh ;;;

I'm really happy for you! Hope you had a good rest kinds >< Thanks! It was pretty lucky that I got a 5* let alone a Tsumugi 5*! I will cherish him TwT. Yeah this game has killed my sleeping pattern my gosh XD. Tsumugi has all my dia so I understand you not doing the birthday scouts. I glad at least one of us got it! Shame I couldn't with you, but I will try revival!!! Need to strengthen my team!!! Aww I look to see the translations ><
9 months ago
athrunzala (10 months ago) #24510519Ah I really must apologize for being so late with my replies HypedSniper! I've been swamped with reports and essays and I'm in the middle of finals for my summer classes now >.< I think I like Jun and Hiyori, though it might be Hiyori's voice actor that's making me more biased towards him haha. I got both their cards, but I didn't go for Hokuto because I've been too busy ;;
I WAS SO UPSET.....HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO TSUMUGI ON HIS BIRTHDAY...ESPECIALLY AFTER HIS VOICED LINE EVEN SAYS HE HOPES HE WON'T BE UNLUCKY ON HIS BDAY ;A; I didn't scout from his birthday box because I'm currently playing the deadmanz event and I have to save for the last 3 days of my revival event for Midori.... I'm also saving for Midori and Adonis' birthdays at the end of the month so...I hope Tsumugi isn't upset... BUT I AM SO GLAD BIBLIO TSUMUGI CAME HOME FOR YOU T3T At least one of us now has him so please take good care of him for me as well~

Best of luck with your essays and reports!! I understand how it feels having all that work a very little free time so it's no biggie ^^ I know right my poor child's birthday got ruined. ╥﹏╥ Oh the irony, that was probably his most unlucky day... But thanks for congratulating me! It feels great finally have a 5* Tsumugi. He's my second 5* ever too (☆ω☆*) I promise I will look after him so no worries TwT gotta work on his idol road♡ I hope you get an awesome Midori or Adonis!。゚ ヾ(‘∀`=ヽ)※.;,Oh but I am super conflicted with the current event. That Tsumugi tho... *sob* ಥ_ಥ even though it's points it's so unattainable
10 months ago
How are you doing Athrunzala?? How have your summer classes been? Did you like Jun and Hiyori? I personally really like Jun, but Hiyori reminds me of Tori and I hate him.
Luckily I miraculously ended up getting Jun's card! Awesome!! Tsumugi's birthday on the 7th. But they royally messed it up >> Of all the people... At least his birthday got extended ^^;;;. OMG I'm so happy though! I managed to get a 5* Tsumugi in his birthday scout!! In particular the one originally from the Biblio scout a while ago. TwT ・゜・* ヾ(。>д<)ノ *+:。.。: I wanted to cry. Remember when I said that I didn't do the biblio scout! Did you participate?
10 months ago
athrunzala (11 months ago) #22923943Hey there~ That's so sweet of you to ask, thank you! I'm tired from school but that's how I always am xD I hope things have been good on your end as well ;u;

No problem! c: I hope school isn't wearing you down too much;; Sending all the luck and good wishes your way! (^з^)~☆
Mine has been a wild ride these past few months, but nothing unbearable ^^ I flew to a few countries to spend some time with family and now I'm staying with my mother until things settle down a bit ( ̄∀ ̄)
11 months ago
athrunzala (11 months ago) #22923918Sorry for the super late reply, its been hectic with the summer classes (as you had guessed) as well as the convention I went to at the end of May!
Ohhhh BA Animation sounds neat! Tbh I'm not having fun with my biology major haha.
Omg, Madara is something else. He's been in like. every single event since he was introduced LOL. He's great though, we need that positivity from a 3rd year!! I got the same 5* agent Mao from the free 10 scout. He's the only gacha 5* I've ever gotten. and now I have 3 copies of him ^^;; OH MAN DID YOU MANAGE TO GET TSUMUGI'S GACHA 5*?!?!?!? He didn't come home for me, but at least the 3* Midori from the set did :')

Don't worry about the lateness I figured you would be busy ((*´∀`*●))ノ゙. Ooooh you went to a convention! How was it ヾ(゚∀゚`*)ノ゙. BA Animation is okay I guess but University/College will always take the fun out of the things you love in my opinion. Yeah Madara has been in every event but he is a good guy so it's all good! Yeah we did need a really happy 3rd ^^. Oh man Tsumugi's Biblio gacha (-﹏-。) Following the advice of a friend I completely refrained from using my dia on that gacha and decided to wait until it's Tsumu's birthday. It was so hard *sob* ;´༎ຶਊ ༎ຶ`; But hopefully it will be worth it. Nice one for getting a 3* btw!
11 months ago
Hi friend! ^^ Hope you're well and everything's okay! •u•
1 year ago
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