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atimidtempest9 days ago#84763010Thanks! Aw, that's so sad for your students. I have no idea how the young children are supposed to handle school right now. I saw one of my favorite middle school teachers say on social media that she was thinking of quitting teaching because of this year. :( Well, my uni is in LA, and the numbers have not been good, so I don't have a lot of hope. But we'll see!
Choosing a project was the most frustrating part. All of the projects I wanted to do required being in the lab actually physically building and testing. I also ended up in a group of people I have never met in person. So after many rejected proposals, we're designing a hand-crank powered back-up phone battery+case. Basically if you need to charge your phone, there's a handle on the phone case that you can crank for power. It may end up being bigger and heavier than anything anyone would ever want, and I'm not that excited about it, but that's what we're designing haha.
Oh wow, I didn't know the price had gotten so good for those! Yay! I bought ITEM #331626 for super cheap, from Barnes and Nobles of all places lol. It makes up for the ones that lost value haha. I bought ITEM #142 before the re-release, and now ofc the price has plummeted. At least now I have an excuse to keep my Kino! I may also keep ITEM #143923 now that I see that somehow a re-release was JUST announced haha. I bought it off the last re-release when it was insanely expensive, and now here we are for re-release number 2 lol. I am very much a hoarder unfortunately, which makes figure collecting maybe not great for me??? But since I don't know where I'll be moving to when I graduate, I really need to have less stuff in general.
Hehe Asahi and Kisumi are cute. I want more Kisumi for sure! I've gotten even less Asahi since the only place I saw him was the High Speed! Starting Days! movie. Well, I'll probably pick up the Kino nendo regardless at some point. I think I'm mainly disappointed I missed out on the GSC bonus LOL. The red flower scene was super important in the original anime. I've also now read the re-make wasn't that good. Boooo.
It's all good haha. I know right, I should have planned better. Planning for a global pandemic should have been my first priority. :P Regardless, I don't regret it. It was a very fun job. I'm not sure what I really want to do. A lot of the fire I had has died to be honest. I have a few friends I can ask around for recommendations from, and some ideas of what I DON'T want to do, and hopefully I'll land a decent job somewhere. Not super picky at this point.

I agree about young kids and online teaching! It's so hard because it's definitely safer to keep them at home, but I know it's difficult for working parents. There's just no winning in that situation, sigh. I don't blame your former teacher for wanting to quit. I'm kinda surprised you still keep in touch with her though haha! There's only one teacher that I still talk to, and she taught me in uni so that was much more recent. I'll hope along with you that you can have a normal graduation!

I actually think your project idea is neat! It'd be so helpful for outdoorsy people, don't you think? Or doomsday survival people, whichever demographic you want more haha. If things were normal, what project would you have chosen? You saying you're not excited about it reminds me of when I had to design a product as part of one of my classes in uni. I am entirely uncreative and couldn't think of anything that would help language learners that didn't already exist. I ended up making some garbo app that was completely useless and I wasn't proud to present at all, but I got a good grade so meh.

I'm so jealous you got Kusuriuri fig for cheap! I wanted it for a while cause it's so amazing, but I couldn't get past the second episode of the anime lol. Did you ever finish it? Oh God, buying something when it's expensive right before an unplanned rerelease is the WORST. I remember I paid a ton for these two PICTURE #856902 before they were rereleased, then they binned and their prices never went back up. Great... So yeah keep the Miku and Kino till they get expensive again lol.

Asahi and Kisumi both have more screen time in the third season if you ever get around to it! Is the Kino nendo with the bonus piece a lot more expensive or hard to find? I feel like remakes are rarely ever good lol, though I have heard positive things about the new Fruits Basket, and I'd KILL for an updated Ouran anime. Anyway, you should def watch the new Kino series and judge for yourself! Just maybe lower your expectations lol.

Yeaaaahh I'm super unmotivated these days too. I feel like almost the entirety of this year has been pretty much wasted, and it's hard to think that it's going to be like this for a while? Sigh. Do you want to apply in your area?
7 days ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest10 days ago#84693408
Okay, trying to quote now!
Yes, I'm in my last year of uni online. It's absolutely horrible. I study engineering, so I was supposed to be designing and building my senior design project. It's just not something that was ever meant to be online. Just trying to get through it!
I think I will be getting rid of most of my scale figures. The only one I might keep is Tamayorihime, seeing as it's also not worth all that much nowadays haha. Also most of my nendos. (Although someone asked me about Lion Dance Miku, and I suddenly wasn't sure if I could let her go LOL.) I have kind of an insane amount of Free! stuff, especially Sousuke and Rin (my og otp haha). I'm not sure what the market for that kind of stuff is anymore, and I'm not super well-versed in selling? But we'll see. Sousuke truly is best boi. *~* It's actually wild that Free! is still going strong! Actually, it's been crazy how many shows I've lost track of. Kino's Journey was my favorite anime of all time and I completely missed the remake! (and also the Kino nendo T_________T)
I'm right there with you on the jobs. So much recruiting happens now, but I just don't have time! I'm so jealous of my classmates who have return offers from companies they interned at. I interned at an airline so... that one didn't pan out unfortunately haha.

LOL I used to mess up quotes and other bbcode things all the time on here. Then I got decent at it and realized basically no other website uses the same settings...so sad.

So you'll be graduating June 2021 then? I hope corona things are cleared up by then so you can have a real graduation while feeling safe! I was super bummed we couldn't do a graduation for my sixth graders at the end of last school year, as they were kids I had taught for two years. Oh wait, yeah you mentioned in your last comment that the last time we talked I was teaching, but back then it was second grade! After that year I went on a taught middle school. A step up lol. Anyway, what's your project on? My step dad is an engineer, but I am just not good with that kind of stuff at all, so please, eli5 lol.

Oh man, I do the same thing when I look at things I want to sell sometimes. I'm like, is this even worth enough? Half the time it's not, so I just chuck it in the bin lol... You should get some good prices for a lot of your stuff though! ITEM #331626 is really expensive now, along with ITEM #527496. I'm really surprised Tamayorihime's price didn't shoot up. She definitely looks like the sort of fig that'd do that. Yooo I can't believe you wanna sell ITEM #143923 That's the GOAT Miku imo! LOL can't relate to you not wanting to sell something when someone asks, cause I'm the complete opposite. People can ask me about things I wasn't even considering getting rid of to begin with, but I'll be like yeah buy it. I've been having more luck on ebay with large things (like scales) but for smaller things it's better here. But I'd try both for anything you wanna sell.

Is it weird that Sousuke is my favorite, but Asahi and Kisumi are my OTP? They both don't get nearly enough screen time smh. Tbh it's super hard keeping up with stuff, and I felt that way even during qurantine, aka when I wasn't doing anything else. There's just TOO MUCH out there. Are you planning on getting the Kino nendo now, or is she too expensive?

LOL I am so sorry but I actually laughed at you saying how your internship didn't pan out. It's like, what were the chances that you'd had to intern at an industry that was directly affected by the virus? Really sucks to hear. Are you thinking of trying something else?
9 days ago
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atimidtempest10 days ago#84690040Ah that's incredible! You know, I think I stopped logging in once I started getting busy with school, and since the layout change. Let's see if I can get familiar with the layout again haha. Where in California will you be headed?
Man, Free! sent me SPIRALING down this whole figure collecting thing, so it was only fitting haha. I still haven't caught up to the new season! In the next month or so I am probably going to start selling a huge chunk of the collection though. It's a beast, idk how I'm gonna get it done haha.
Are you in the US now? Last we chatted you were teaching in Middle East right?

Ugh yeah the layout...nothing's been fixed or ever will be, but at least we have dark mode now :'). Are you still in uni? How's it going? Ooohh, your classes must be online now yeah? I had to do a bit of online teaching and tbh I think I had it pretty easy, but I haven't heard anything good about this semester so... I'm going to SF! Last year I went to San Jose which isn't that far off, but my sis moved so SF it is. Which part are you in?

I can see why?! I want SO many things but all I've gotten so far are two small Sousuke items. He's really the best boi btw. Oh oh, did you know the new movie is coming out next year? Also I can't believe you didn't watch the third season yet. It's so addictive lol. At least you can binge it when you're not busy. Yeah, I sold a bunch of doujinshi but I feel like it's never enough...there's still so much on my shelves. What were you thinking of selling?

I actually just came back to the states a month ago! Looking for a job in SF now, maybe in education? But not sure yet. Actually tbh I haven't even started looking yet lol.
10 days ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest11 days ago#84638424Oh my gosh, I finally logged on here for the first time in literal years and now I'm all heartbroken I didn't reply to these messages. T___T I see you also haven't logged in in months, but if I do get a reply, I'd love to chat again!

Hi! I actually just had to log back in cause I got a figure and wanted to add it to my collection lol. It's so funny that you're messaging me now, as I'm visiting Cali again next month and I'm still looking for recs of things to do _(:3」∠)_ . Btw, I have to tell you that since we last talked I watched ALL off Free and finally recognize where your avatar is from lol.
10 days ago
Hey, happy birthmas!
8 months ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! I know we haven't talked in 482839 years, but I'm gonna be visiting CA soon, so if you have any recs for what to do, I'm aaalll ears~
1 year ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey, happy birthday! Hope everything is well~
1 year ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest3 years ago#27619117Oh yeah, wow this is super weird... I hope I did it right!
Yes, I saw them at High and Low Festival in San Bernardino! Saw a ton of other great bands too so it was great. I have some pics I can upload, but they're not great. They did an encore of "Soco Amaretto Lime" that I got a little bit of video for! Oh man, I was so surprised, I never thought I'd get to hear it live!
Woah that's awesome! Are you teaching in the states, or overseas?

You did! I hope they change it soon. Apparently there's a lot of other bugs now too, but I haven't noticed many since I'm not on here a lot anymore.
Who else was playing? I wonder if I'll even recognize any names lol, I'm so bad with music now. Whaaaat? Really? I feel like they never play that, though tbh it's not my favorite slow song of theirs so I can do without. Is it one of yours? Lol, my pics from their shows are never great either and that's why I was asking if you had any good ones. I only have one total from last time, and it's kinda meh.
You think so lol? I'm teaching overseas! Second grade :'). The class is small (thankfully) but they still drive me a little crazy, and now I'm like "why did I want to be a teacher again?" lolol. At least they're not as bad as the HS class I had for my practicum.
3 years ago
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atimidtempest3 years ago#27584403Windsor! How are you? It's been a while. Wow, MFC is really different now. o_____o
Anywayyyy I just wanted to tell you about something! That happened a while ago but still.... I GOT TO SEE BRAND NEW LIVE! omg they were incredible! Haha I was just thinking about how you're also a fan. :)

Hey! Good to hear from you. Did I tell you I started teaching? I've been so ugh lately because of it (-_______-). I hope you've been better! And yeah it's SO weird now! Especially because I can't reply...? I had to copy and paste your quoted comment lol.
AAAHHHH thank you for telling me!!! It was their most recent tour right? GAH I'm SO jealous!!! I heard about it but the dates in New England were when I wasn't going to be there! Noooooooooooo. Pics?! Videos?!
3 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest3 years ago#24242343Haha, I think I can understand that too. My friend who graduated this year was like, "I've been in school since kindergarten, and now I'm just not..." But yes that's awesome! What's next for you?
Awww, thank you that's very comforting! <3 My uni is one that has a LOT of school pride, so it's been really hard telling people I don't feel comfortable here. LOL well that certainly describes the sororities and fraternities.... What GoT episode are you on? Basically we're known for being extremely rich, and kinda "buying" our prestige. We even have the right colors! (gold and red) We're also a huge party school. So yeah, everyone acted like it wasn't that big a deal, and also people were confused about why the LA Times had it out for us. One guy I know was like, "What, do we not pay the LA Times enough money?"
Apparently the president of the university had been receiving complaints about this dude for YEARS and the LA Times had been pestering him for over a year after getting footage of him smoking meth and popping ecstasy pills in his office. But NOTHING was done because the dean of medicine had done such a good job fundraising and increasing the prestige of the medical school. The LA Times article is here if you're interested for some reason LOL. No pressure, it's long, but it's also insane...
This is my second summer WF. Haha, well I think I went really crazy really quickly with figures when I started so I'm trying to slow down! Also my mom has kinda been bugging me about the boxes in my room... I really need to figure out how to display my figures before getting anymore!
Lemme go back in time and buy that figure from you... xD Omg I swear I always see it for like $300-$400. One time I saw an Ebay listing for like $200, but it was in Australia and then shipping would have been crazy. If I can just get something nice for under $200 then I'll be a happy camper. >_<
Yeah New Game was a sleeper hit! I liked the first season a lot, it was very cute. Haven't started the 2nd yet. Definitely a slow slice-of-life though! Hehe well a cheongsam is just a traditional Chinese dress and I'm Chinese. Although I grew up with Mandarin so I'm more used to word qipao. Cheongsam is more common in English for whatever reason though.
Yessssssssssssssssss you have to watch Zootopia! Have to have to! It's my all-time favorite movie! (Which has led some people to judge me, but whatever!) My friends wanted to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and I'm basing my character off of Judy sort of. xD

Gaaaahhh I wrote this whole thing and then accidentally went to another page TWICE (-________________-).

Well, my (shoddy) plan is to keep applying for jobs until around December, at which point if I don't have one I'll come back home and get my TEFL certificate, which takes around three months, and then travel and head back and start applying for jobs again. Don't know how that's going to workout, but that is my plan so far lol. Very well thought out, I know.

I'm glad I could help, even if just a little! I just watched 6 today, so no spoilers! Actually, my sis just spoiled something for me the other day with a really random comment. I keep reminding her that she ruined me. Ha, you're not painting a very nice picture of your fellow classmates. There's got to be some people who are more grounded right? I mean, how can you say something like that? Ugh...people. Also WHAT?! How in the world does that guy still have his position? It's so sad that he can be that corrupt with no repercussions. Lol, this is going to sound super lame, but it reminds me of an old Good Charlotte I know (-_-;) song that had a lyric along the lines of "if you were caught smoking crack, McDonald's wouldn't even want to take you back, but you could always run for mayor of D.C." Too true lol.

Oh right, we talked about your first one last time, didn't we? Lol, I'm so sorry for forgetting! Can you tell it's my worst habit? I think everyone goes through that "buy everything" phase when they first start. I know I sure did. Though, now that I'm looking at your collection...you already have more figs that I do! Ah! Am I just a really slow collector? I mean, I know I am but jeez, didn't think it was that bad. Btw, did you buy ITEM #396832 for the Halloween parts? If so, I want her for the same reason. Also I love that you have ITEM #321897, aka gay Miku, ordered. I hope the final product comes out as lovely and colorful as the proto. Do you keep all your stuff boxed up? I hear you about finding ways to display figs. Do you have enough room or will you need to do some creative tetris? I like the way all my figures are set up, except the four I have on one shelf. They don't match at all and it drives me crazy, but I have nowhere else to put them! Ugh, I hope you don't have these problems lol.

Haha, hey don't worry! I'm sure that Enma's price will go down once all the new stuff starts coming out. Nothing stays expensive forever, right? Lol, can I still be impressed you knew the name of that dress, or should I consider it "cheating" :p? Have I already asked you if you speak Chinese? I probably did, yeah?

I will I will! I'll need to write it down or something, cause I never remember it when I'm thinking of movies to watch. LOL, do they think you're a furry or something? Omg that is so cute! Let me know how your character turns out.
3 years ago
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