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Hi there! Just started figure collecting not too long ago and is currently in a complicated relationship with my wallet-kun ^^;

Also, if you're a fan of Okitsu Kazuyuki, you are instantly my nakama.

[TL note: nakama is a word that means your closest friend like in one piece and there really is no English equivalent to how powerful that word is so we have decided to keep it as nakama]

★Starmyu★ Err I also watch a fairly wide range of anime, across multiple genres, as long as it's funny and/or interesting.
Aoharu x Kikanjuu is my favourite. Read a lot of other manga, but nothing horror or gore though ^^;
I own a Macbook Pro. *cries*
Ani-songs, Spyair, Man With A Mission

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:o you use line? Same same! Chibis are really cute!! Nendoroids are really cute but they are really ex so I never get any for now. /o\ Prize figures are much more affordable!

Haha not considered as a lot since I like too much anime stuffs and I want to collect all if possible @@ Just some of anime stuffs like Bleach etc have a lot of products~
Most of the stuffs I gotten them second hand since some stuffs are pretty hard to find @@
20 hours ago
Haha glad to hear that I am not the only introvert around! Your profile picture is really adorable btw! I love chibis /o\ I am also pretty new to collecting anime stuffs haha!
22 hours ago
hihi! Thanks for accepting my friend request too! Hope we can be friends~
1 day ago
Not sure what you consider double for the Morrigan figure, but Mandarake currently has one at 1500JPY + postage, which is about what I paid. order.mandarake...
14 days ago
Hi tuna-chaan I just realized youre a new member! Welcome to this glorious hobby and Im glad to see someone from Singapore too!
1 month ago
atunafish (4 months ago) #27066437Your photos are so great and really unique! If you ever make a photobook, I would love to buy one. ^^
Thank you! You can check more on my flickr.

As for photobook, I am too bad in photoshop which makes it nearly impossible for me to edit a photobook of my own...
4 months ago
atunafish (6 months ago) #24206173Hi there! Found your name on a article about proxy services. Are you still providing that service? There are some things I wish to get from Animate. Or is it better if I pm you instead? :)
Hi! I still do provide the service!
I'll PM you the details. :)

Thanks for the interest!
6 months ago
Welcome to the board atunafish! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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