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A figure collector from Indonesia~

Nice to meet you all! (*´∀`*)



3 years ago
A happy birthday to you! :D

4 years ago
salken sist
4 years ago
bakainu09165 years ago#3837952I'm the one who should apologize, I hadn't checked my messages in ages! >_<
Thank you very much for the birthday greetings!
I got a job as a (part timer) translator so I got quite busy until last month. ^^;
It's a fun job and it really made me feel challenged. I worked for a local TV station and my job was to translate an anime script for dubbing. When I saw the final result on TV, it's a mixed feeling. I felt happy because my work's done but at the same time I felt "Ah! I thought I did good.... I should have done a better job!" ;_;
Also, the assignments for campus kept me busy too. xD
Speaking of game, I still have the dream of owning a PC but for now, I agree with you. Laptop is good in general. xD
I see you're enjoying your new PS3, that's nice. xD
I really like smartphone games lately, I'm playing Love Live game now. And Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls just released their new rhythm game too for smartphone, have you tried it?
Ah, by the way, Anzu's role is getting bigger in second season of the anime (at least she's not always sleeping when we see her). :3
And a little bit about my mom, she did find a job that she liked, she really liked working in a bank. xD
But she quit her job after she married my dad (I think this was a common thing in the 90's?). ^^;

Haha, no problem, everyone can get busy! :)

That's really nice with your work as a part time translator! And I know how it it, as I also had part time jobs that ended up eating all of my free time, haha. xD

And that is absolutely amazing! :O Which anime did you translate? :D

Yes, yes! I'm still enjoying my PS3 a lot! I didn't have much time to game recently, but I pick up my plastic guitar every once in a while to play a few songs of Guitar Hero. xD

Ah no, I don't play games on smartphones or tablets. D: How is the new Cinderella Girls game? I absolutely love rhythm and music games!

Oh man I didn't even have time yet to finish watching season 1 from Cinderella Girls...I'm such a bad person. :< I now looked up some spoilers of season 2 and Anzu is so cute!!!! HNNNGG!

Haha yeah, that was pretty common in the 80's and 90's (make a career until you're married and then stay home for the kids). First both of my parents worked and then when my mom got married and had my sister she quit her job. She then started again after my sister and I were big enough to look after ourselves! ^^ Nowadays you don't see that more and it's pretty common for both parents to be working fulltime and the kids in daycare. A lot of my coworkers are young parents and can't pick the kids up much themselves.

As for my job, I'm still in the same position at work and I'm actively hunting for a better department with tasks that are more close to my liking! ;)
5 years ago
salam kenal sist
5 years ago
I'm super busy so I'm very late with all my messages, sorry!

Anyway, a happy birthday to you! :D

5 years ago
makasih udah di accept FR nya :D
5 years ago
bakainu09165 years ago#2838987Whoaaa! It took me forever to reply, I'm sorry. ;u;
My Internet was dead for almost a month. My previous ISP decided to stop their Internet business. OTL
Speaking of my grades, it's pretty good. Glad that I managed to get through last semester. 8"DDD
It reminds me of my high school! The boys were addicted to Counter Strikes. xD
I do enjoy games but I guess I'm more into RPG games.... FPS games are not for me, I guess....
And agree, anime convention is somewhat a magical place where you can meet new friends. xD
Even talking with strangers are a common thing there, it's like.... people are magically connected with a same hobby! :3
Definitely agree! Nowadays we need both! PC is nice but lately I feel like laptop is a must too. Even some offices require their employees to bring their own laptop so I'm thinking to buy a smaller laptop in the future. 8"DDD
Nice PS3! xD
I wish I can buy game consoles one day. If only I had more budget and space in my room. ;u;
I call that the vicious circle. Everytime I see the information board in my campus I feel sad. They offer jobs but most of them want people with experiences instead of fresh graduate. I can't get a job because I don't have experience and I can't have experience because I don't have a job. That's.... cruel. 8"DDD
That's exactly what's happening in here too! My friend is having that problem too. When she applied to her current company, it sounded as if her job's very difficult and it would require much experience. But she said to me, from the very first day she worked there, she knew that her job is actually an easy job that even a student like me can do it. I guess this problems spread worldwide. 8"DDD
She found one in a bank. She quit because she married my dad but if she didn't marry I think she would have worked there until now. She liked the place too. xD
Anzu.... So far I only see her sleeping somewhere in the corner! xD
Somehow I feel like Rin, Uzuki, and Mio are the center for the anime.

Lol, no problem! I also know what it's like to be without internet for a while. When I moved not very long ago, the previous inhabitants of our appartment forgot to cancel their internet contract which meant we were about 2 months without internet! I was going crazy! xD

I personally only like FPS if it has a nice story and/or environment (because the gameplay is not 100% to my liking). My favorite FPS is Bioshock, mainly because of the story and recently I was recommended to play Crysis, of which I ended up liking the environment a lot more than I expected. xD

Most games I play though, are things were I can explore and/or look around, I like searching for clues and even when I play games that are supposed to be "action, explosions, quick quick quick!" I try to stop and look at all the details. xD Personal favorite games are games like Resident Evil (especially 0 and 1), Silent Hill (especially 1 and 2), Myst games and Viva Pinata (now, that last one you can call out of place!). ;) But yeah I'm really broad with what I like, there are only a few things I dislike when it comes to games. ;)

And yeah, that's what I like about anime conventions too! You can easily talk to anyone and you'll know you always have something in common! Just like talking to people on MFC, haha!

Yeah I think in a while I want a better PC for gaming, but as long as this laptop I now use doesn't break down, I think I will continue using it too! It's so easy with checking my email on the couch, lol!

And yes, my bf and I are really excited with the PS3! (The price of a PS3 nowadays is quite good, with the PS4 being released!) I now also finally had the chance to play Atelier Rorona, which I wanted to do for years! And recently I have been playing Blazblue! :)

I think a problem that happens a lot is that companies want the best people around even if the type of job is really simple. So then at job interviews and when you get trained you get promised a lot of things...and in the end you get an easy job,,, ^^'' My current job said to me that I would get a lot of chances to do stuff with computers, but in the end I'm just doing receptionist/secretary work every day...which is not bad work at all, but not what I studied for and signed up for... ^^''

Oh, one of my aunts works for one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands here! She enjoys her job a lot! Myself, I once applied for a job at a bank, but was very harshly turned down... ^^''

I only watched the first 5 episodes of the Cinderella Girls anime so far and Anzu's role has indeed been small, but I really liked what I saw from her! She's such a cutie, just give Anzu her own series!! xD
5 years ago
bakainu09165 years ago#2637851It went good, I guess. Or at least I hope I did good. xD
Kinda same here. xD
Everything started to change when I got into university, though. I'm in Japanese literature major so there are many people who have the same hobby like me and I met some good friends there. :D
It's nice to meet people who like this anime and figure stuffs, we often discuss about this hobby together. xD
In that case, I think the ultimate way is to have both laptop and desktop? xD
Desktop is good for heavy work but laptop is good to spend leisure time. If only I have more space and money to build a PC I'd definitely do that. xD
That's a nice tip! Plus if I do that I'll gain more experience too, right? My plan is I don't want to be picky for my first job, I just want a job so I can improve myself and make my own money. It's good if I can find a good one immediately but trying different jobs doesn't sound bad as well. My mom actually did that and I'm amazed to hear just how many jobs she had tried when she was young. xD
For me yes, Love Live is easier to play. xD
I basically have no idea what to di in Idolmaster. ;u;
I hope you'll get a free time soon to watch the latest anime episodes! The game may be confusing but Imas Cinderella Girls anime is good. xD

Will you find out about your grade soon? :)

Ahh yes, of course. On universities to learn about Japan language and/or culture there must be a lot of anime fans. xD On my computer-education there were quite some gamers, but most people were into LAN-games (stuff like Counter Strike, Team Fortress etc.) which is completely not my thing at all. :< I play a lot of different types of games, but I'm not that much into co-op or team games. :(

Luckily I meet a lot of people into the anime hobby at conventions I visit and have a lot of fun talks there! ^^ It's unfortunate I don't see those people a lot, but when I see them I have a lot of good talks! :)

Yeah I guess I would be needing both! xD And then do most of my personal things on my laptop and then stuff for work and gaming on my desktop. xD

I would like to save up and build a good PC too! But for now my laptop is good enough for general things and for games I recently bought a PS3, so I barely play games on the computer anymore (I will probably get back to that after I bought and played most of the PS3 exclusives I'm interested in ;) ).

With any type of work you gain experience, so it's always good! The only downside which I'm also noticing myself, is that the field I studied in I only have 6 months of "real" work experience (not counting the 4 years I studied it). All my other work experience is in other fields. So when recently a job came up in my field I was turned down because of not enough experience and that really made me think about that I should actually get a job in my own field...but then we get to this: blogs.dal.ca/cs... Which is a huge problem around here. There are more people than jobs, so even jobs that require low experience, will have overqualified people replying on it. For example that job that turned me down I just spoke about, I met all the requirements, but there were people with even better skills replying...so yeah... *sigh* And the job I currently have is actually a job that lower-educated people can do, but they decided to crank up the requirements so that only higher educated people would reply to the job opening. In the end the people that were hired from that group (including me) thought we were going to have a high-education job, but we are doing work almost everyone can do with a bit of training... ^^''

Did your mom ended up finding a job or field she liked and stay there? :O And yeah earning money and being able to support yourself is something that for me was the most important too. My thought were "first find a job and after that find a good job". :P

Yeah, the anime is good? :O How is Anzu's role in it so far? I'm afraid of her only having a teeny-tiny bit of screen time >.<
5 years ago
bakainu09165 years ago#2630216Sorry for extremely late reply. TT_TT
My final exam is done at last...
Still, I think it's a good thing to spend Christmas with family. xD
Most of my relatives live outside my city so I barely know them. ;u;
As much as I like laptops, I admit that a broken laptop is the worst thing ever. I wish I could have extra space in my room to have a desktop but it's definitely not going to happen. My sister and I have too many stuffs here. xD
Same here! I honestly feel envy to my friends who already found out what they want to be or want to do in their teens. I'm here like.... what am I supposed to do? :")
I chose the major that I like but still, I'm worried about the future. "What if I can't get a job?" is my biggest worry. ;u;
I thought that at first! xD
I mean, hey both are idol thing so it should be similar, right? But it turned out to be quite different. orz
My friend have the game on his phone and I still have no idea how to play it. Love Live is much simpler. orz
And, how about Kancolle and Cinderella Girls anime? I'm watching both of them and so far I like them both. xD

Hey! No problem, I'm also not quick, hahah! How did your final exam go? :)

Ahh, all of my family and friend live far away, so I'm just a lot in the car and public transport. xD Otherwise I probably wouldn't have any social contact outside of my bf and the internet, lol!

Ah, I have enough room on my desk to have a desktop again, but then I would really miss that it's possible for me to put my computer on my lap and sit on the couch. xD

Well it's good and bad I guess. >.< Personally my standards for a job are pretty low, because I'm not really sure what to do yet. I have friends that have this dream-idea, and then get saddened when they can't find a job in that field.

You can do the same as me: do random jobs until you're sure what you want or are accepted somewhere that makes you really happy! xD

Oh lol, seems like I was mistaken too! xD So Love Live is a lot easier, huh? From what I read with Cinderella Girls, it's especially hard to get Anzu motivated to work for you, haha!

I tried to follow both, but so far I only watched the first 2 episodes from Kan Colle and nothing from Cinderella Girls yet! Work is so busy I barely have time! Q.Q
5 years ago
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